10 Best Places to Visit in Northern Thailand

The Southeast Asian country, Thailand is becoming one of the top tourist popular countries endways. Many tourists have fallen deeply in love with the beauty of Thailand on their first trip that they keep returning over and over again.

A country with rich culture and tradition, enormous historical sites, countless beautiful natural attractions and of course oodles of lip-smacking foods.

There is so much to explore in one country that in this article we are going to focus only on one part of Thailand. Here we have assembled 10 best places to visit in Northern Thailand so that you can get to explore all the best available places in Thailand.
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10 Best Places to Visit in Northern Thailand

1. Sukhothai Historical Park

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Starting out with our list of top 10 best places to visit in Northern Thailand, we suggest you visiting Sukhothai Historical Park first. The prehistoric Sukhothai Historical Park is home to about 20 historic historical sites along with five large ruined reservoirs inside its old walls. 

These ruins of this park are acknowledged as the most imposing World Heritage sites of Thailand.  A walk around the Sukhothai Historical Park will surely enchant you and enlighten you on the rich history of Thailand.

2. Nam Tok Thilawsu

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Next, we would recommend you to head to Nam Tok Thilawsu, the most beautiful waterfall in Northern Thailand. It is placed in Um Phang a wildlife sanctuary, this no doubts tenfold the beauty of this waterfall.

It is considered the largest of its kind as it is almost 200m high. Locals and tourists both crowd here very frequently for enjoying its beauty and vastness. Moreover, it has suitable swimming pools which also attract fun-loving people here.

3. Tham Lot

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If you love adventure, you must head to Tham Lot cave to get a very unique adventurous experience. Tham Lot is situated in the northeast of the village Soppong, and is renowned as the largest cave in Thailand. 

Upon reaching here, you will find that there are three distinct chambers in Tham Lot cave. The Column Cavern, the Doll Cave and the Coffin Cave.  To explore the cave, you need a professional guide as well as a lantern to be safe. This cave exploration is confirmed to give you a very unique experience, so make sure to visit Tham Lot on your trip to Thailand.

4. Phu Chi Fa Mountain

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Phu Chi Fa Mountain is one of the great attractions of Thailand. Tourist of Northern Thailand never misses visiting this beautiful mountain at least once. It is mostly enjoyed in the early morning when fog gently slopes up over the peaks.

To relish the best of Phu Chi Fa Mountain, set an alarm before sunrise and reach Phu Chi Fa Mountain to witness the sunrise. Witnessing the sun rise from the top of Phu Chi Fa Mountain will sure to give you some great memories to cherish forever.

5. Doi Pha Tang

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Doi Pha Tang is basically a mountaintop lookout location on the border of the Thai-Laos region. It is well known for offering panoramic sights of the neighboring area. This is definitely a must-visit place to look for in authentic local life in Thailand.

Tourists from all over the world see this surveillance point to get a glimpse of the unique insights into rural life. Goofing around Doi Pha Tang will surely give you an amazing experience. We greatly recommend you to visit Doi Pha Tang to catch a sight of the local life of Thailand.

6. Doi Inthanon National Park

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Doi Inthanon National Park in Northern Thailand is one of the famous tourist spots in all over Thailand. This extremely beautiful park is renowned as “the roof of Thailand”.

This park is very beautifully decorated and well-equipped that people prefer to go for a family picnic here. This park also holds Thailand’s highest peak Doi Inthanon, which adds another reason to explore this park.

7. Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

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If you are eager to explore Thai cultural life, Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center is an unavoidable place for you. It arranges a traditional Thai dinner along with their traditional dancing show. 

This dinner is locally known as Khantoke dinner, where guests sit on the ground around a stage and enjoy the performance of a local dance and music show while eating. We highly recommend you to attend this event when you are in Thailand.

8. Anna Farm & Eatery

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Anna Farm & Eatery is one of the finest restaurants you can ever find around Northern Thailand. This restaurant is located in the paddy fields and is surrounded by attractive mountains.

Sitting in the middle of nature and dining with your loved ones is so precise to make your Thailand tour an amazing memory. People flock to this restaurant from every parts of Thailand to grab this one of a kind experience.

9. Ping River

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Ping River is another tourist popular destination in the Northern part of Thailand. It offers a great activity of kayak boating to explore the river and its nearby tropical forests closely. 

Once you get there, you will be allured by seeing profuse birdlife and the very mysterious tropical nature of Thailand. A kayak boat excursion is certainly one of the unique and bold things to explore in Thailand.

10. Le Vintage coffee house

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While you are traveling around the Northern part of Thailand, stop at Le Vintage coffee house for a refreshing break. It is placed near the northern mountain range and possesses an elegant golden era vibe.

We can assure a stopover at this classy coffee house that will certainly uplift your mind and soul. While here do not miss to grab a delightful iced mocha or a fresh passion mix fruit juice.

In Conclusion, there are a variety of attractions in Northern Thailand that should be visited once in a lifetime. We have listed the top 10 best places to visit in Northern Thailand which you should not miss out on!


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