10 Best Things to Do in Da Nang | Vietnam

If you are planning a Vietnam trip, have Da Nang the tourist hub of Southern part in your consideration. With its beauteous beaches, prodigious marble mountains, fine island resorts, and classy restaurants, Da Nang offers an all in one package for a complete trip.

Da Nang is also popular as one of the most important ports of Vietnam, which still carries reminiscences of the French colony. So, Da Nang constitutes a perfect tour with the combination of ancient and modern touches.

No matter, whatever your outing fantasies are, we can assure you that a trip to Da Nang is guaranteed to boost your energy up. Read along to learn a few amazing things about Da Nang.

10 Best Things to Do in Da Nang | Vietnam 

1. Be Amazed by the Son Tra Mountain

Be Amazed by the Son Tra Mountain
Source: Sarah-Jane

To start off the list, we recommend you sightsee the Son Tra Mountain. It is located almost 680 meters above the sea level, and the expansive mountain view is a lavish treat for the eyes.

Alongside the natural view, you will get an unusual experience of seeing monkeys around you. In fact, the name of the place is derived from its profusion of monekys—Son Tra translates to “monkey”!

2. Go for a Relaxing Tour at the My Khe Beach

Things to Do in Da Nang
Source: THAO DO

Beaches are no doubt the best places to relax for a bit, but it’s hard to relax if it remains crowded. My Khe beach offers relaxation in its truest sense. The white sandy beach stretches to the yonder edges that you will easily get a vacant space for yourself.

As My Khe is Da Nang’s longest beach, thus relaxing, lying on a rental bench or sunbathing is very popular here. If you are touring with your family, plan a picnic here which will strengthen your family bond.

3. Enjoy the Sight of the Hai Van Pass  -Things to Do in Da Nang

Things to Do in Da Nang
Source: Thua Thien Hue

Hai Van Pass is one of the most visited tourist spots in all of Da Nang. It is renowned as the highest pass which is located above 500 meters of the sea level. Stopping by this Hai Van Pass is definitely among st the best things to do in Da Nang as from here you can get the most panoramic view of the city.

Besides, on your way, you’ll also get to see some prominent historical landmarks of Vietnam. So, spare time to pop into Hai Van Pass; we can guarantee that it won’t disappoint your expectations.

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4. Accept the Challenge to Climb the Marble Mountains

Accept the Challenge to Climb the Marble Mountains
Source: hiddenhoian

The Marble Mountains are among Da Nang’s greatest wonders. The Marble Mountains consist of five discrete mounts, which are mainly made from limestone and a combination of smooth marble. Take the challenge of climbing the Marble Mountains while you’re at Da Nang which will certainly leave you in awe.

5. Hang around at Asia Park  -Things to Do in Da Nang

Hang around at Asia Park
Source: Nguyen Van

If you are searching for a fun place, Asia Park of Da Nang is the best place where you should jump off. This park stretches to an enormous area, and divided into three sectors which are Central Zone, Cultural Park and Amusement Park.

The parks offer oodles of amazement including several rides, shows and many cultural activities to keep you busy for an entire day. One top attraction of Asia Park is the Giant Sun Wheel which rises to an altitude of 100 meters. A trip to this park will surely enhance your Da Nang travel enjoyment.

6. Catch the view of Dragon Bridge

Catch the view of Dragon Bridge
Source: JA Sterling

Dragon Bridge is not only the center attraction of Da Nang but also one of Vietnam’s most visited destinations. This wonderful dragon bridge covers almost 600 meters and has gained popularity as the longest bridge in all Vietnam.

The bridge is designed to resemble a dragon’s shape, which symbolizes goodwill for the Vietnamese. An amazing show is displayed here over the weekends when the entire bridge is lit up, with fire bellowing from the dragon’s mouth—a truly breathtaking sight to behold. While you are here, grab this amazing opportunity to enjoy a Dragon Bridge show.

7. Look around the Han Market 

Things to Do in Da Nang
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Han Market is known as the hub for Da Nang city’s souvenirs. It is a bustling indoor marketplace with thousands of traders vending clothing, footwear, local artefacts and handicrafts and all kinds of accessories.

This is certainly the best place to pick up some local goodies as this city’s souvenirs. You can also try local foods from its food carts at the cheapest cost.

8. Dine at La Maison 1888   -Things to Do in Da Nang

Things to Do in Da Nang

La Maison 1888 is the first Da Nang restaurant that serves French cuisine. The restaurant was built after the fashion a French colonial palace, and the overall interior decor will leave you overwhelmed.

Some delicious French items you can try are a poached octopus, suckling pig, roasted oysters, and roasted veal tenderloin. You will also find a few varieties of whiskies and wines. During trip, try to spare time to dine at La Maison 1888.

9. See the sights of Cham Museum 

Things to Do in Da Nang
Source: Anders Blomqvist

Da Nang is home to several museums, among which Cham Museum is the most popular with tourists. As it is the only Cham museum across the world, tourists, researchers, anthropologists crowed here very frequently.

This museum preserves everything that is reminiscent of ancient Vietnam’s Cham civilization. A trip to this amazing place will enlighten you about the primitive era of this world.

10. Enjoy a Night Party   

Things to Do in Da Nang

Night parties at Da Nang are another of their most popular attractions. Along with locals, travelers of all kinds attend a night party at least once on their trip. Sky 36 Club, Seventh Saloon, are some of the places where you can have the best party fun.

Their unique dance styles, song tastes, and quality drinks will surely impress you. Your tour at Da Nang won’t be completed until you enjoy a night party, so make sure to attend one.

In Conclusion, Da Nang is a gem city in all of Vietnam. We suggest you do the 10 best things in Da Nang, make sure to check all of them out.


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