10 Best Things to Do in Kalaw

10 Best Things to Do in Kalaw

Kalaw is a hill town located in the Shan state of Myanmar. Recently, Kalaw is becoming one of the more popular places in Myanmar. The place filled with scenic beauty and delicious food. It might not be the biggest city or packed with attractions, but owing to its beauty and the best place for trekking and exploring, this place is becoming popular. Once you have gone there, it is tough to go back. Here’s a top ten list of best things you can do while you’re in Kalaw.

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1. Admiring the Architecture

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Like many other countries, Myanmar was also under colonial rule. Kalaw was a famous town back in those colonial times with the British. You can find many relics from the British architecture in Kalaw. 

When you walk about the streets of Kalaw, you will find many buildings built in the style of British architecture. These architectures wouldn’t look as out of place if it were an English village.

You should also check out the Christ King Church. The Christ King Church is known to have employed the same priest for the last sixty-nine years.

2. Supporting the Local community at the RDS Shop

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RDS stands for Rural Development Society. Rural Development Society owns the RDS Shop. The shop helps the local community of Kalaw.

You will find clothes, textiles, and things made of paper at RDS Shop, which are made the local artisans of the hills. Aside from shopping, you can also book for trekking in the surrounding countryside here in the RDS Shop. All the revenues that the RDS Shop generates are donated towards helping and empowering the villagers of the Shan and Pa-O village. The RDS has several development projects in Kalaw to allow the villagers.

3. Visiting the Kalaw Mosque

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Despite recent events, Kalaw has a notable Muslim population, and many people were surprised to know that. The Kalaw Mosque is the central and main Mosque in Kalaw of the Muslim community. It is the central place of worship for the Muslims of Kalaw. You can visit the Mosque when there is no prayer taking place. However, you must dress respectfully to enter the Mosque.

4. Traveling to Myin Ma Hti Village

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Just outside Kalaw is the charming Myin Ma Hti Village. From Kalaw, the village is thirty minutes far.

Myin Ma Hti Village is one of the surrounding countryside of Kalaw. You can rent a bicycle to get around the village. You will find elegant temples around the village. This makes it a great spot if you want to visit the countryside of Kalaw. The main attraction of Myin Ma Hti Village is the large cave.

5. Trekking to Inle Lake

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Most people come to Kalaw to trek to Inle Lake. The Inle lake is the most significant attraction spot in Kalaw. It usually takes three days and two nights worth trekking to reach there. You can choose to hire a guide to help you trek to Inle Lake, and you decide when it comes to hiring a guide. It will cost you around US fifty dollars to hire a tour. The tour will also include meals. While trekking to Inle Lake, you can visit the monasteries and farms that fall on your path.

6. Shopping at the Local Market

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Another main attraction of Kalaw is the local market over there. The central market is also known as Kalaw Market.

What’s interesting about this central market, it’s that the market changes where it sits every five days. The rotation takes place between Kalaw, Pindaya, Aung Ban, Heho, and NyaungShwe. You will find many things on the market. You will find fresh fruits and vegetables, arts, and crafts by the local artisans there. Most of the items sold there are brought there by the local artisans and sellers. These artisans and sellers live in the surrounding mountains. You can also find textiles, jewelry, and street food in the market as well. So, while you’re in Kalaw and the market sits there, be sure to check it out.

7. Taking the Train to Thazi

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Myanmar is known for its breathtaking train journeys. If you’re arriving or leaving Kalaw, the best way to do it is by taking a train to Thazi. Taking the train to Thazi, you will witness the scenic beauty of Myanmar and slowly take in the vision.  Since you only get to have this experience if you’re traveling by train, this beauty is often missed by most travelers.

8. Visiting Hsu Taung Pye Paya

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Located nearby, the Kalaw market is the Hsu TaungPyePaya. You will find many beautiful temples over there. The temples of Hsu TaungPyePaya are known for its many stupas. The temples also have a fantastic history attached to it. Once the temples were in dire condition, and those were crumbling down. But, thanks to the donation of Buddhist pilgrims, the temples had been restored.

9. Watching Fishermen at Inle Lake

Fishermen at Inle Lake
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Watching the fishermen at the Inle Lake is a must if you’re visiting Inle Lake. What makes these fishermen so unique? Well, the fishermen of Inle lake don’t row their boat like your usual fishermen. The fishermen at Inle Lake use their legs to row the boat. You should visit the lake at sunset to witness scenic beauty.

10. Admiring Aung Chan ThaZedi

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On the heart of Kalaw lies a beautiful and colorful temple. What makes the Aung Chan ThaZedi temple so unique is the glittery stupa. When the afternoon lights hit the mosaic, it’s a sight to see. What’s more interesting is that the mosaic is made out of gold and silver. This makes the temple look very vibrant design-wise. If you’re in Kalaw town, you definitely should visit the temple.

In conclusion, if you’re in Kalaw, you should not miss these activities. Despite everyone going to Kalaw for Inle lake, Kalaw has much more to offer. Be sure to experience it all on your next visit to Kalaw.


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