10 Small Towns to Visit in New York

The state of New York is famous for its lavish big cities and streets. But it is also very well known for its stunning beauty, numerous lakes, and small communities. There are a handful of small towns in New York that are equally rich in scenic beauty and culture. If you were tired of being stuck in heavy traffic, then you would not need to go very far to take a break from your hectic life. If you are looking forward to finding a destination for your upcoming vacation, this list of ten small towns in New York might come handy. So, without further ado, let us dive in and find out!

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10 Small Towns to Visit in New York

1. Seneca County

Seneca County

This is a village filled with a rich historical context that is pleasant to visit at any season of the year. This village will educate you on the Women’s Rights Movement in America as the Women’s Rights National Historical Park and Museum are here in this village. The National Women’s Hall of Fame is also what makes this village special.

If you are not a history buff, you should know that the legendary classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” has a connection with this village as well. The walls flaunt murals depicting different historical movements. As an additional bonus, you can find good food at a reasonable price and a good atmosphere for a perfect vacation.

2. Greenport

Source: Alicia Valeo and Kevin Breslawski

This neat and clean town is lovely in every way possible. This town is also rich in historic attractions. The rows of houses with big yards and galleries that are full of fresh arts are aesthetically pleasing. The inviting beaches make this place perfect for a vacation with your loved ones. Besides, the dishes that the restaurants offer will definitely tempt you.

3. Aurora  -Small towns in New York

Source: Timothy Valentine

Aurora is located in the town of Ledyard. This small village has a very small population, most of them being the students of Wells College.  This village is best known for its serene environment with big fields and green trees. If you want to take a few days off from the hectic life and crowded traffic, then this village is a nice match for you.

4. Sharon Springs 

Sharon Springs 
Source: Valerie Petrie

This is a tiny village with a population of fewer than 600 people. This village might be small but it has every facility a vacation destination should have. From bars to restaurants, antique stores, and even spas, you will find everything you are looking for while you stay at Sharon Spring. This village is a perfect place to spend a cozy windy afternoon with your loved ones.

5. Cooperstown

Source: Steven Cook

This town is not different from the National Baseball Hall of Fame. This village has developed over the years and, now, it is a popular vacation spot among the tourists. Cooperstown is especially famous for its therapeutic effect on writers and artists. So, if you are having a writer’s block, you know where to go.

6. Woodstock  -Small towns in New York

Small towns in New York
Source: Michal Berc

Woodstock is quite an old town that is popular for its Woodstock festival. This is a center for arts and music and serves as an ideal place for enthusiasts thereof. There have been umpteen numbers of artists and musicians who were drawn to the natural beauty of this tiny artistic capital.

7. Saranac Lake -Small towns in New York

Small towns in New York
Source: herron-realty

Saranac Lake looks as lovely as a canvas of a beautiful drawing. This is a place that is fun to visit at any time of the year. In the summertime, the lake is pleasantly windy with an alluring scenery. But in winter, Saranac is the most crowded as the Winter Carnival takes place, adding lots of amusements.

8. Westfield

Small towns in New York
Source: Kathy Moncrief

Westfield is one of the best small towns of America, situated on the edge of Lake Erie. This mesmerizing town is mostly known for its vineyards. Westfield is also famous for its excellent agronomy of grapes. You can taste locally made wine while visiting Westfield. Art galleries and local wineries have made Westfield tempting as a destination.

9. Palmyra

Small towns in New York
Source: Ken Lund

The village Palmyra is known to be the birthplace of the “Latter Day Saints Movement”. If you are looking for a beautiful place where you can spend a few days and do tons of shopping, this place will be a nice fit for you. From clothes to ornaments, the stores have a wide range of products that you will not find anywhere else. It is best to visit this place during Christmas, as you will be able to buy unique holiday gifts for your loved ones.

10. Canandaigua  -Small towns in New York

Small towns in New York
Source: Daniel Case

Canandaigua is a native word for “The Chosen Place”. Located beside the Canandaigua Lake, this town draws tourists for its cultural diversity and colorful gardens and farms. The gardens and the roads look drop-dead gorgeous when the flowers bloom. Apart from farms and gardens, Canandaigua is also renowned for its wineries and waterparks.

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Finally, now that you have the list of ten best small towns in New York, pick out your favorites and make plans for your next vacation!


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