10 Things To Do In Glastonbury | Connecticut

If you are looking for places to visit with a touch of 17th-century historical landmarks, then you can never go wrong when you pick Glastonbury in Connecticut. A small town in its own right, it gives you the perfect view of hills and woodlands, covered with plenty of greens and fruits on every corner. Without further ado, let’s look into the few best places you can visit you’re in Glastonbury.

Best things to do in Glastonbury, Connecticut

1. Connecticut Audubon Center At Glastonbury

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Located near the Connecticut River, the Audubon center has quite an impressive arrangement of activities decked out for visitors of all ages. There are many hands-on exhibits, a nature store, bird watching station, reference library, an aviary, and let’s not forget the Four Seasons wildlife garden and picnic area. You will surely be kept quite busy checking out these places.

What’s the most interesting is that since the Audubon center is located right next to the Connecticut River, it can provide a unique experience of studying the different species living close to the river. Also, close to this center is Earl Park, which you can visit if you wish.

2. Scotts Orchard And Nursery

Scotts Orchard And Nursery
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Located on top of Apple Hill, this orchard isn’t open all year round. If you like fresh and local produce such as apples, peaches, berries, sweet corn, and then you will appreciate the sweet and fresh seasonal fruits that this orchard has to offer. During summer you can come and pick your fresh fruit and vegetables to take home. During winters you can take home pumpkins, and look at beautiful Christmas trees right from the start of November. If you are lucky you may also observe family festivals celebrated here during the harvest season.

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3. Riverview Farms

Riverview Farms
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If you are thinking of one fun place for every member of your family, then you just can’t go wrong with Riverview farms. Previously known as the Funk Orchard, there was also an old Cider Mill which was used to sell apples from the Orchard. Later on, however, Bill Dufford, the owner of Riverview Farms decided to add a lot of fun features to make the place more enjoyable. During fall every year, visitors can choose from a wide range of activities such as- painting on the face, holding baby chicks, enjoying the petting zoo, and also a 24-feet pumpkin bounce, besides multiple tours of the entire farm. There are also many festivals observed around the place, such as the fall festival, Labor Day, Halloween and so on.

4. Max Amore

Max Amore
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Sister location of another well-known restaurant named Max A Mia situated nearby, Maz Amore was founded in 1995. In the center of Glastonbury, this restaurant will not disappoint if you are a fan of Italian cuisine. A restaurant that specializes in dishes specifically from Northern Italy, Max Amore has also received several awards for its high-quality taste. Ranging from pasta made from scratch, pizzas baked inside a brick oven, and a wide variety of beef, pork, and seafood recipes, you won’t be disappointed in the dishes made with the freshest ingredients and the best of techniques. If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for some fine dining experience, then make sure to visit this place.

5. Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park
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A new addition in Glastonbury, this is a well-equipped Park located right on the bend in the Connecticut River. There are many facilities such as a public boat launch, as well as boat storage space in the boat. Furthermore, for special occasions such as weddings, parties, and other events, you can also rent out the Glastonbury boathouse. There are even separate spaces especially maintained for playing lacrosse and soccer. The Riverfront Park also includes a fenced-in park, open fields for a picnic, and playgrounds for children. This park even houses a pavilion for shelter. With so many options, we doubt you’ll be unable to find something interesting to do.

6. Welles-Turner Memorial Library

Welles-Turner Memorial Library
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If you are more of a reader, then you would love this Welles Turner Memorial Library. It offers numerous events and programs for both older and younger visitors. Named after the original owners, this library was initially the house that Harriet Welles and her husband Sturgis, P. Turner built. After Sturgis passed away in 1916, she later married John W. Burnham and willed her house to Glastonbury to build a public library on the spot.

7. Central Rock Gym

Central Rock Gym
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Anyone who has been to Glastonbury will mention this unique gym at least once. The central attraction of this gym is the hour-long belay classes, which allows everyone to experience this unique climbing experience. Every weekend staff is available from 11:00 to 4:00 to assist anyone willing to learn how to belay, without having to join any class. And that’s not all! You can try all the other indoor activities, yoga sessions, and fitness classes just like in any other gym.

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8. Plan B Burger Bar

Plan B Burger Bar
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Also known as B Glastonbury, this restaurant offers food made with the freshest ingredients. The burgers are handmade, with a patty that’s freshly ground twice a day. They also have a beer menu that includes a list of fourteen different kinds of brews, offered on rotation. With one of the best burgers and beer, who would want to miss visiting this place? Well, not me!

9. Max Fish

Max Fish
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If your taste buds long for some seafood, then you’ll be delighted to learn that Glastonbury can offer you a variety of the freshest seafood available in Connecticut. Popular among both locals and visitors, this award-winning restaurant has some of the best seafood dishes you’ll ever taste. And if you suddenly change your mind, then there’s no reason to fret. Max Fish also serves other dishes that aren’t entirely seafood.  So you’ll get to have a good meal no matter your preference.

10. Rose’s Berry Farms, Llc

Rose’s Berry Farms, Llc
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Venture off to Rose’s Berry Farm for a relaxing day of harvesting berries. The people here are very hospitable, and the farmed berries are of very high quality. Spanning 40 acres, this farm is believed to be the biggest blueberry farm in all of Connecticut. Other than blueberries, this farm is also known to grow strawberries, raspberries, apples, pumpkins and so on. If you are only looking for blueberries, make sure to drop by this farm between July and August.

Glastonbury in Connecticut may not be known for the famous Glastonbury Festival, but it does offer a multitude of things to do. You are sure to have a spectacular time with your family and friends here.


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