10 Things To Do In Windsor | Connecticut

Located in Hartford County, the rural town of Windsor in the state of Connecticut has recently become a prime tourist destination. People come to this town to explore its exceptional cultural heritage, lively atmosphere and scenic parks and riverbanks. Windsor has plenty of museums and historical ruins for you to see, and it is also reputed for making some of the best alcohol in Connecticut. This small town will not fail to surprise you! It always has something new for you to discover. Here’s a list of 10 things you can do in Windsor:

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Best things to do in Windsor, Connecticut

1. Windsor Historical Society

Windsor Historical Society
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Windsor Historical Society is one of the earliest known museums in Connecticut. Prepare to become wonderstruck at the sight of over 11,000 historical artifacts at this spectacular museum. This museum houses numerous decorative and fine art pieces, antique furniture and housewares, ancient machinery, and even Native American objects. Some of these items date back to the origin of this town in 1633. Children can join the History learning center to gain knowledge about the history of Windsor.

2. Windsor Arts Center

Windsor Arts Center
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Windsor Art Center is popular for regularly organizing outstanding art exhibitions, and live concerts performed by both well-known artists and new talents in the block. Other than musical performances, the center also arranges theatrical programs, workshops for children, and many other art-centric festivals and events. Sometimes panels are set up for artists to meet their fans. This museum does not charge any fee for entrance. Moreover, it also houses a gift shop known for selling a multitude of handmade jewelry, art pieces, and so on.

3. Northwest Park

Northwest Park
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Previously a tobacco farm, the iconic Northwest Park of Windsor is currently known for its dense forests, scenic marshes, and wide-open lands. You will obtain an astonishing view of the Farmington River from this park. Additionally, the park is equipped with an organic garden and a butterfly garden. Visit the Nature Center housed inside the park, to learn about Connecticut’s sprawling wildlife and the state’s rich history. Children will be pleased to find a diverse selection of farm animals at the Heritage Breed.

4. Vintage Radio And Communications Museum

Vintage Radio And Communications Museum
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The Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut is one of Windsor’s most interesting museums. This museum showcases a wide array of antique radios and radio accessories dating back to the late 1800s. Other than vintage radios, you will also find some of the earliest known cameras, computers, and communications equipment. Some of their most popular objects include the 1930s Crosley fridge and a 1970s television studio camera. If you love vintage radios, you should definitely give this place a try.

5. Keney Park Golf Course

Keney Park Golf Course
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Situated in Hartford, the Keney Park Golf Course is an admirable country club constructed under the supervision of Devereux Emmet. This 18-hole golf course was originally established in 1927, but it was later redesigned by Matthew Dusenberry to suit modern play style. This place is a haven for regular golfers, and it has one of the greatest views in all of Windsor. In addition, the country club also has an in-house store where serious golfers can purchase the latest golfing equipment and gear.

6. Windsor Green

Windsor Green
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Windsor Green is just as its name suggests. On your visit to Windsor Green, you will be amazed at the sight of well-maintained green fields with tall trees everywhere. The Windsor library and town hall are in this district. Moreover, you will also find a multitude of restaurants and cafes as well. During the summer, live concerts performed by various artists take place. A farmer’s market selling a large variety of organic produce and baked goods is also organized around the same time.

7. Oliver Ellsworth Homestead

Oliver Ellsworth Homestead
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The Oliver Ellsworth Homestead is one of Windsor’s most important historic sites. Constructed in 1781, this place was once occupied by the famous politician Oliver Ellsworth. This luxurious house boasts a wooden frame structure. Currently, this homestead has been restored into a museum, showcasing artifacts, furniture, and housewares from the late 19th century. It is possible to obtain guided tours of this marvelous place upon request.

8. Union Street Tavern

Union Street Tavern
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The Union Street Tavern is one of Windsor’s reputable restaurants, hailed for its vast selection of delicious dishes. This place is perfect for a weekend hang out with friends, or for a small family gathering. Their menu consists of numerous dishes such as pasta, steak, seafood, burgers, and sandwiches. The restaurant maintains its quality by only sourcing its ingredients from local farms. You should try their signature dishes, which include the Trattoria Burger and The Imposter. Union Street Tavern remains open for lunch and dinner every day.

9. Windsor Center River Trail

Windsor Center River Trail
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Are you in the mood for hiking? Visit Windsor Center River Trail is an amazing location to spend an adventurous day outdoors. This trail is nearly 1.3 miles long and is right next to the Farmington River. The paved pathway is perfect for an afternoon stroll. Furthermore, you also get a spectacular view of the surrounding marshes and riverbank. Don’t forget to carry bug spray with you if you decide to visit the river trail.

10. Back East Brewery

Back East Brewery
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Connecticut is popular for making some of the best craft beer in the country. The Back East Brewery in Windsor is one such place. Located in Bloomfield, the brewery has a vibrant atmosphere and is always brimming with people after hours. Remaining open between Sunday and Thursday, this place offers a wide array of alcohol to its customers. You should try their most popular drink, called the Ice Cream Man IPA. Moreover, the brewery also features an outdoor patio, where you can listen to live music while enjoying your drink.

In Conclusion, this list only represents only a handful of things Windsor has in store for you. You will have to explore and discover other recreational activities on your own. Plan a trip to Windsor, Connecticut on your next summer holiday!

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