30 Things To Do in Krabi, Thailand

30 Things To Do in Krabi

Featuring mesmerizing inland and sea sceneries, Krabi is the perfect getaway holiday or honeymoon spot that you must be flying to next. The province of Krabi is located between Trang and PhangNga, somewhere down the west coast of Southern Thailand. With an area of 4709km², Krabi is the hub of both Exotic turquoise water and white-sand beaches.

While at Krabi, you will enjoy the privilege of accessing hundreds of islands that span throughout its 150km long coastline. If you are craving for a non-chaotic destination to travel to, Krabi is the right spot. Because Krabi is located far away from Phuket it is less crowded and less developed, hence the serenity.

A vacation in Krabi allows you to choose from a wide range of family fun leisure activities. Also, being the home to two great natural mainland national parks, you certainly won’t run out of things to do here. To make it more convenient for you, In this article, we list you our top 30 things to do in Krabi. Keep reading further into the article until the very end to know everything one should know before visiting Krabi.

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30 Things To Do in Krabi – Thailand

1. Take A Quick Stroll Down Ao Nang

Ao Nang in Krabi
Source: Hotels.com

Ao Nang is a small town located in the province of Krabi that is dominated by beach resorts. Ao Nang has become Krabi’s most lively tourist spot owing to its small size and beach attractions. If you are traveling by road, the small town of Ao Nang is only 20 minutes away from Krabi province. There are readily available taxis and buses to guide you from Krabi to Ao Nang. Each trip will charge around 500-600baht. Inside Ao Nang, one main street connects to every corner of the small town. This main street features local hubs that cater to all your needs. Moreover, you will find a range of businesses here from shops to restaurants. All of these businesses are aimed at tourists. Furthermore, there are longtail-boats available on the beach that will make moving to other islands easier for you.

2. Experience Rock Climbing at PhraNang Cave Beach

PhraNang Cave Beach Rock Climbing
Source: isa Student Blog

A cave that marks as a tribute to princess PhraNang, local boatmen regularly visits this beach to make offerings. However, a boat ride is the only resort to get to this destination. You will need to board a long tail-boat from local Krabi beach that will cost 100baht and 10minutes of your time. After paying a small entry fee, you will be able to access all breath-taking sights of this cave beach. You can experience rock climbing as well as kayaking here. Apart from that, the caves provide an exceptional view for some terrific photography, so don’t leave your camera behind. The best times to visit this beach would be before 9 am and after 3 pm. It is often more crowded between 9 am and 3 pm. Because of the radiant beach, you get to indulge here, visiting PhraNang beach is one of the must things to do in Krabi.

3. Attend a Thai Cooking Class in Krabi

Cooking Class in Krabi
Source: The Tubkaak Boutique Resort

Over the course of 3-4 hours, you will be given a professional cooking class by a bilingual instructor. Although, uou can easily book a class online using trip advisor, prices usually start from 1000baht with a maximum capacity of 10 participants. The agency will make the necessary arrangements to transport you. First, it starts off with hotel pickup, followed by an excellent cooking class in a traditional home-style environment.

While booking your course, you will get to choose between 3 different categories of classes. The available options are regular classes, special classes A and B. Each class has a different set of menu that will also be available while booking. There are even vegetarian classes for which you have to request whilst making your reservation. Your designated instructor will educate you on the history of the ingredients used and how to balance flavors. The class in its entirety is an A-plus experience as you indulge in everything Thai, a must thing to do in Krabi.

4. Climb to the top of Tiger Cave Temple

Tiger Cave Temple krabi
Source: Luxury Retreats Magazine

A worth it stair climbing experience that leads you to the top of a mountain blessed with a breath-taking view and a giant golden Buddha. The temple serves a place of worship for monks mainly, also featuring a network natural of caves. To begin your journey, board a public bus for 150baht from Krabi. Upon arriving at the temple, you will need to climb an extensive fleet of stairs to get to the ultimate experience. The stairway to the summit consists of 1260 stairs, some stair risers being over a foot high. It is best to visit the temple before 9 am as its more refreshing and less crowded. You will need to be aware of monkeys at the lower stairs, as they often bite. From the shrine you will be able to view the whole town of Krabi, which is why visiting this temple is one of the must things to do in Krabi.

5. Go on a James Bond Island Tour

James Bond Island Tour Krabi
Source: thrillophilia

Being one of the most popular things to do in Krabi, the James-Bond-Island tour can be quickly booked on the internet. It will cost you as low as 1200baht to 3900baht, depending on the type of boat you choose. However, touring with speedboat is highly recommended. The island is named as a special tribute to James Bond after his movie on this very island. The trip to this island begins as a hotel pick up at 8am. As all journeys come to an end, this amazing one does to at 5pm. One of the stunning sceneries is the one of rock resting by slim base over greenish waters. You are also given the choice of merely kayaking around the island waters. Enjoy yourself, as you canoe around the graceful scenes of water and limestone caves.

6. Take a ride on Sunset Dinner Cruise

Sunset Dinner Cruise in Krabi
Source: GetYourGuide

Mostly directed towards couples, this sunset cruise is a romantic date experience taken to the next level. Featuring a cruise around the 4 islands of Krabi, this cruise sails you smoothly on an elegant cruise boat made of golden teakwood. These cruises are much available online and start off at around 2300baht, with a capacity of 10 tourists. The cruise is not limited to boat ride only, you are free to swim in the refreshing island waters. You will also be able to enjoy snorkeling blessed with an intriguing variety of marine life.

The underwater view of coral reef with your significant other is in itself bliss. Finally, the core detail that makes this activity one of the must things to do in Krabi is the sunset dinner. A delicious Thai dinner served on the deck of elegant cruise boat all fueled by an exotic sunset view.

7. Submerge in Klong Thom Hot Springs

Submerge in Klong Thom Hot Springs
Source: Krabi Magazine

The feeling of warmth is simply in itself a therapeutic sensation. Nothing screams stress relief better than a long soak in warm, naturally occurring hot tubs. Klong Thom Hot springs are located 70km away from the province of Krabi. To get to this hot spring, you can either book a tour online or simply hire a taxi. The car ride takes approximately 40 minutes to arrive at the destination. To enter the hot spring, you will need to pay an entry-fee of 90baht per person.

You also have the option to upgrade it to a 200 baht ticket for accessing crystal pool and a natural reserve. Klong Thom hot spring is open to all from 7am to 6am. You will need to carry towels and other amenities. Warm water directly descending from thermal springs and its aftermath makes Krabi hot springs a must thing to do in Krabi.

8. Explore Ban BorThor’s Amazing Mangroves and Caves

Ban Bor Thor
Source: yourtripthailand

Book yourself a super fun kayaking activity through the lush green Mangroves of Ban Bor Thor. Along with which you also get to enjoy the beauty of limestone caves. The walls of the caves showcase paintings which were once drawn by ancient people. You will find that the walls of these caves shimmer with weathered down seashells. These seashell bits belong to the prehistoric period and yet shine brightly. Located in the North of Krabi town, Ban Bor Thor enables you to explore its majestic caves and Mangroves. A tour can be easily booked online, starting from a price of 900baht.

The service ensures that transport is available for you, for both pick-up and drop. They also provide lunch while in Ban Bor Thor of satisfactory quality. Remember to carry ID, towel, sunscreen and a fresh set of clothes to wear after the water activities. Owing to its stunning beauty, Ban Bor Thor is a must thing to do in Krabi.

9. Relax in a Thai Boossabakorn Spa

Thai Boossabakorn Spa Krabi
Source: Krabi Dir

There is no way you would leave a city known for its massages without actually indulging in one. An energizing traditional Thai massage is one of the mandatory things to do in Krabi. Stroll down to Ao Nang town to treat body, mind, and soul with an authentic blissful spa massage. As Aromatic oils deeply massaged into your skin for ultimate relaxation and peace, you will experience significant relief from pain. This professional spa lasts for an hour, whereas the most exotic massage lasts for 2 hours and a half. Ticket price starts at 1700baht per person each session; however, you are able to upgrade it for a longer session. While booking your ticket, you have the chance to choose between 3 different options. Only available for tourists aged 12-60, this spa provides each session at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm only. You can reach Boossabakorn Spa via taxi for 600 Baht.

10. Party Down at Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands nightlife
Source: Hotels.com

Gaining popularity ever since the release of the movie, The Beach, Phi Phi Island’s clear waters and sparkling beaches have been attracting tourists from all over the world. Phi Phi Island is one of the calmest islands you will find. Dominated by turquoise waters, this island’s serene beauty is almost obsessing. Apart from its excellent sceneries, you are able to partake in several fun activities here too. Snorkeling, kayaking, rock climbing as well as hiking, they have it all. Phi Phi’s nightlife is one of the vibrant ones ever; Lots of young tourists party hard down in these night clubs that stay open all night.

Located 46km away from Krabi, you have the liberty to choose between speedboat or a ferry to get to Phi Phi Islands. The ride takes about 90-120 minutes depending on the type of transport. Likewise, visiting the Phi Phi is an extraordinary thing to do in Krabi.

11. Hike up the Hang Nak Mountain

Hang Nak Mountain Krabi
Source: StephMyLife Travel

One of the most worthy things to do in Krabi, Visiting the Hang Nak and further climbing into clouds will daze you with its stunning view. Providing one of the best sky views in Thailand, Hiking on Hang NakMountain3.7km long hill trail is not to be missed out. You can easily get to the mountain via a taxi for 300baht each trip from Krabi’s Klong Moung. The hill access is restricted after 4pm.

Staying longer than allocated time would result in fines. It will take you around 5 hours for the whole trip given that you climb in 2 hours. Since the hill trail opens at 8am, it is wise, you set out earlier from the hotel. Try to lather yourself in some mosquito repellent as the mountain is beamed with mosquitoes. Wearing the right shoes and carrying enough water is highly crucial.

12. Dip in the beautiful Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool Krabi
Source: Places of Juma

Featuring the pristine waters of Krabi, Emerald pool is an exotic attraction for swimming and simply relaxing in a pool rich in mineral salts. Located 50km away from Krabi, the best way to Emerald Pool is via public transport which will cost you 200baht. Upon Arrival, you will be charged a total of 200baht per head as an entry fee.

However, for children, it costs only 100 baht. Before reaching the pool, you will have to hike a 1.4km road trail, which is worth the pool experience. Do remember to carry appropriate shoes to hike swiftly. Open from 8 am to 4 pm, the pool is often crowded at peak hours of the daylight. It is wiser to visit the pool earlier to get the most out of it. Solely for its scenic views, swimming in the Emerald pool is the most refreshing things to do in Krabi.

13. Ride on Elephants in KhaoPhanomBencha National Park

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park
Source: Airpaz

Featuring caves, waterfalls, and indigenous plants &wildlife, visiting this national park is an enthralling thing to do in Krabi. It is only through means of private transportation you can reach to this park. Round trip taxi rental will charge you approximately 2500 baht. The entrance fee per person is only 100baht. While in the park, you will be able to access several amenities. There are many trails to hike inside the national park, each leading you to a mesmerizing view. You can also soak in the natural ponds where there are a handful of elephants. You have the liberty to play, bath, and spend time with these elephants. Do remember to pack snacks and water for hydration. It would be wise to carry an extra set of clothes to wear after the water activities.

14. Cheat day at Chao Fah Night market

Chao Fah Night Market
Source: Krabi Tourism

Located just opposite to Krabi pier, Chao Fah Night market is dominated by food and drinks stalls. They have all kinds of seafood available here. Especially, the stalls sell great high fishes and delicious Thai dishes for a low and reasonable price. For one night, forget about your restricted diet, simply eat your heart away as a day like this doesn’t come every day. To experience a full-blown Krabi tour, a feast like this is a must thing to do in Krabi. Locals mostly hoard this place to enjoy the view of the beach while indulging on tasty food. One Pro tip would be trying one item from every stall so that you can get the most out of Chao Fah Market. Plenty of tables to sit on also provides parking space.

15. Take in the beauty of Railey Beach

Railay Beach Krabi
Source: Hotels.com

Featuring the most beautiful beach view of the earth, Railey Beach enables you to indulge in its beauty without any restrictions. Although inaccessible through the mainland, you can only access the beach via a tail boat. Tall limestone cliffs separate Railey beach from Krabi acting as a blockage. These cliffs are, however, an exotic attraction for rock climbers. To reach the beach, you will need to hire a tail boat to Ao Nang for 600baht first. From Ao Nang, it is a 15-minute sail for a price of 60baht per person to Railey Beach. When in the beach you are welcomed by white sands and serene blue water, viewing which you are bound to feel euphoric. This Beach provides you with snorkeling, swimming, and rock climbing facilities. To thoroughly explore Railey, we suggest you stay at a resort on the east side.

16. Dive into the Marine Life at Koh Lanta

Marine Life at Koh Lanta
Source: Hotels.com

Located in an isolated remote location 70kms away from Krabi, Koh Lanta promises an exotic experience that you’ll love. The marine water is beaming with life and color, you only get to best experience it here. To get to Koh Lanta Island from Krabi, you can either board a ferry or hire a taxi for 250baht. Since there are a wide range of activities to do here, it’s wise if you check into their luxury resorts. Relaxing on this island for a while would be one of the finest things to do in Krabi. Go snorkeling into the Andaman’s clear water that runs deep. The beauty of marine life becomes exhilarating when you first dive into the serene waters of Koh Lanta. The vibrant coral reef is just another highlight of Koh Lanta.

17. Go on a shopping spree in Maharaj Market

Maharaj Market
Source: Thailand Life

Exploring one of the world’s most significant tourist hot spot and returning without gathering souvenirs? Since Indulging in light shopping is one of the everyday things to do in Krabi, there is no way you will miss out on this fun activity. Located in the heart of Krabi province, Maharaj Market is right beside the pier. It is advised to start out as early as 7am in the morning as there are lots to see. Maharaj Market is an excellent hub of local commodities all under one roof.

The plus point is that you will find everything Thai right here but for a mind-blowing cheap price. Partly a wet market as it has a section for meat and fish. Pieces of jewelry that add essence to your beach-y outlook are also readily available here. It is wiser to wear slippers to this market as your expensive shoes might get spoiled.

18. Take a break at Tonsai Beach

Tonsai Beach

An exotic representation of the word “bohemian” this beach is everything aesthetic. Located closest to Ao Nang town, Tonsai Beach is decorated keeping one specific theme in mind. To access this beach simply hop on a long tail boat from Ao Nang port. Each Long tail-boat ride costs 150baht per person with the capacity of 10-12 persons. Compared to other beaches near Krabi province, Tonsai Beach is relatively cheaper. The resorts, as well as the food and other activities that are available here, are pretty cheap. Not to exaggerate, staying at Tonsai Beach would be one of the low priced things to do in Krabi. Lucrative activities like Island Hopping, rock climbing, scuba diving, kayaking, etc. are all available here. Additionally, Tonsai beach is home to some real hippy beach bars with excellent sparkling drinks.

19. Take a walk inside Wat KaewKoWararam

Wat Kaew Ko Wararam
Source: Marcus Danz – flickr

A temple located near Krabi walking street, featuring Thai architecture in a simple religious temple. WatKaewKoWararam is a stunning temple with white serenity. Serving mostly as the largest site for worship and tourism, entry to Wat Kaew is free. Sites formerly made for worship shouldn’t be paid for, and that is what this temple represents. Unlike other temples, Wat Kaew is not really crowded as you imagine it to be. It has steps, not too many, just the right amount, leading you inside the temple while delivering an experience. If you are in the mood for some local engaging, explore behind the temple. Around the back of WatKaew, sits a monk school with jolly hospitable kids. An exceptional glimpse for all the people who fancy kids. Striking a pose amidst blinding white temple scenes is a must thing to do in Krabi.

20. Visit Krabi Shell Cemetery

Krabi Shell Cemetery

Lots of modern-day scientists consider Krabi shell Cemetery to date back to almost 40 million years. In the entire world of wonders, there are only 3 kinds of these cemeteries. One of which is in Krabi and hence you should consider yourself lucky for that matter. Utilize this rare opportunity to explore a beach that rots with dead seashells. Unlike most white sand and turquoise water contrast of beaches in Krabi, this one is unique. Located 17km away from Krabi main town, public transports are available to travel to the Shell Cemetery. Upon arrival, you will be charged 200baht per person as an entry fee to the cemetery. This place is mostly for the geography-intrigued people out there. Regardless, visiting Krabi Shell Cemetery is one of the chauvinistic things to do in Krabi.

21. Romantic Dinner at Grotto

Grotto krabi
Source: Rayavadee

Great food combined with mesmerizing view and most exceptional of it all? The person you love most. All in front of you at once. Utterly surreal and lovely, isn’t it? A day in Rayavadee Resort portrays the former description. Grotto restaurant sits at the edge of Phranang Beach under the limestone engraved cliffs forming a shed-like caricature. Grotto serves some delicious cocktails that integrate with the view. Without being a hotel guest, they still allow you to experience the Grotto restaurant. Guests receive a complimentary free transfer to the resort, whereas non-guests have to sort to other means of transport. You will need to travel to Ao Nang and then sail a long tail boat to reach Phranang’sRayavdee. Even then, the exhilarating dining experience is one of the romantic things to do in Krabi.

22. Admire The Beauty of Diamond Caves

Diamond Caves Krabi
Source: Krabi Magazine

Experience sharp spikey stalactites inverted from the ceilings of these crabby looking diamond caves.These magnificent caves sit under the limestone cliffs on Railey Beach. Home to over a thousand bats, this cave welcomes you in a dimly lit surrounding gassed with a foul smell. To visit this cave, you will need to board a longtail boat from Ao Nang to Railey. It will cost 60 baht per person and will take 15minutes to get there. Once in Railey, you can easily access this cave, with an entry fee of 100baht.Avoid using flashlights or taking pictures with flash as this might interrupt the inhabitants of this cave. Showcasing stunning rock formations, exploring this cave is one of the insightful things to do in Krabi.

23. Feel Euphoric at The Koh Poda Island

The Koh Poda Island
Source: Hotels.com

Yet another scenic destination featuring white sand beaches and subtle tranquility, you are bound to feel enticed to Koh Poda. Spending a day at the glimmering waters of Koh Poda is just another must thing to do in Krabi. To reach here from Province of Krabi, you will need to hire a shared taxi for 400 baht to Ao Nang. The cheapest option would be to board a shuttle bus that runs on Main Street charging 100baht per head. From Ao Aang, you can easily buy tickets for a long-tail boat ride to Koh Poda for 100baht. On Arrival to Koh Poda, you will be charged 100baht as an entry as the Island falls under a National Park. It is best to arrive here earlier in the morning. Hence, you will be able to explore a rather captivating beach in less crowded surroundings.

24. Private Beach Experience at Klong Muang

Klong Muang Beach
Source: Gumbao – Shutterstock

The underwater view of the Klong Muangbeaches is predominantly characterized by intriguing rows of coral reef. However, Klong Muang hasn’t yet been exploited as a large scale tourist spot. It is one of the most tranquil beaches in Krabi that instills in you a private beach feel. Located 25minutes drive away from Ao Nang; you can comfortably visit this beach via local public transport. Moreover, Klong Muang offers the perfect peaceful retreat with world-class resorts and restaurants. You can be guaranteed authentic Thai experience despite the lack of popularity of this beach. For a laidback and a lazy retreat in the comfort of the hotel room, residing in Klong Muang’s resorts would be the ideal thing to do in Krabi for you.

25. Camp at Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park camping
Source: Jacada

Located between all the significant Landmarks crucial to tourism, Khao Sok National Park sits at just the right spot. Khao Sok is anywhere between the three popular resort towns, Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket. Therefore, Khao Sok provides a unique experience amidst tropical rainforests surrounded by turquoise water. An excellent choice for an overnight stay, if you are searching for a scenic adventure, Khao Sok is just the one. To organize a trip from Krabi, you will need to contact the bungalow operations. Furthermore, they will arrange a hotel pick up and drop in your convenient time. It is then a 2-hour long drive from Krabi to Khao Sok. Blessed with a vibrant range of flora and fauna, limestone cliff and tranquil rivers, Khao Sok is a great place to visit. Surely, canoeing your own raft through the rain forests is a must thing to in Krabi.

26. Test Your Limits While Water Rafting

Water Rafting in krabi
Source: Krabi-Tourism

Feel the adrenaline rush in your body while get carried down by the rapid flows of Songpak River. Available easily online, you can swiftly book a rafting program from prices as low as 1200baht per person. It costs 600baht per child since water rafting is an extreme sport, age limits are highly strict. For safety reasons, children below 6 years are not allowed into this activity. For your convenience, each program includes hotel pick up and drop as well. Safety instructions are given before you set foot on the raft. Though it looks intimidating and extreme, the water rafting experience is itself smooth as rafts glide easily over rocks. For obvious reasons, water rafting is one of the best things to do in Krabi.

27. Go Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Krabi
Source: Sleepy Easy Krabi

A distinctive feature of Thailand’s beaches is it is underwater marine life that attracts hordes of tourists every year. Snorkeling in the local pristine beaches of Ao Nang is one of the mesmerizing things to do in Krabi. Diving into the underwater world is a surreal experience in itself. Once underwater, the sea beds display rows of vibrant exotic corals swaying rhythmically to water currents. You also get the opportunity to swim amidst schools of small fishes that reside just below the surface water. Additionally, visible marine life surrounds you entirely, captivating your soul. Since the currents at reed are easy, anyone can go snorkeling in these beaches. Scuba Diving trips usually cost something between 1300-2500baht per person.

28. Experience Thai Culture at Illumanorah Show

Culture at Illumanorah Show
Source: Paka Show Park

Illumanorah Show features a vibrant show full of color and passion performed by dancers from Krabi. In the show, a story about a young woman named Naga is portrayed with a wide range of distinctive characters. Tickets available online or at managed by the hotel desk, each ticked costs 650baht per person. Some tickets also come with dinner featuring delicious Thai cuisine that charges extra for the food. The Illumanorah Show takes place at Paka Show Park on Phetkasem Road. Especially, the theatre is designed in such a way that brings out the essence of the stage performance. There are LED lights beamed throughout the theatre, along with that is fog machines and visual effects.

29. Game away at Soi RCA

Soi RCA Krabi
Source: Ithaka

An arcade/retro-themed pub with great amenities catering to single men and women. Soi RCA is located at Ao Nang approximately 250m from the rhythmic beaches. A well-lit neon hub for entertainment, Soi RCA is a popular, lucrative spot for most tourists wandering alone. It hosts 12 bars places for you to choose from. Moreover, you will be able to find beers for as low as 80baht here. Additionally, wide ranges of regular board games are available in almost every corner.

30. Venture Out in Hollow Mountain Adventure Park

Hollow Mountain Adventure Park
Source: scooterkrabi

Home to extreme sports, Hollow Mountain Adventure Park hosts the most daring and taming sports you can think of. The park is located in Ao Nang and can be easily accessed via taxi. Upon arrival, you will be charged a whooping 2400baht as an entry fee. The facilities are all worth your money. However, the park only allows 21year old and above to access their activities. Besides, you will be able to experience extreme sports like zip lining, Via Ferrata and Rope swing all in 6 hours.

Why is Krabi Attractive for Tourists?

Every year Krabi attracts over 20mllion tourists from all over the world. Krabi is famous for both its exotic beaches and a wide span of luxurious resorts that follows it. Therefore, every tropical feature you name is available in the province of Krabi. Waterfalls, white-sand beaches, Tropical forests, limestone cliffs, and busy markets, all favor Krabi to be an excellent holiday destination. There are over 80 beaches that are accessible from the ports of Ao Nang, Krabi.

Additionally, 180 islands overlook the province of Krabi. It doesn’t only end here. Excellent hospitality added to that the rich traditional background of Krabi makes it more respectable. The brilliant exhibition of culture by the local people also adds to its appealing image. Krabi is less crowded when compared to Thailand’s tourist hotspot, Phuket, as it is located away from the capital. Tourists prefer tranquil and serene environments, especially when it comes to tropical getaway for the utmost relaxation. All main attractions of Krabi deliver an excellent tourist experience by simply providing a wide range of fun activities for all ages. Especially, activities like snorkeling, rock climbing, swimming, Kayaking, etc., all add essence to Krabi’s tourism industry.

How to Get to Krabi?

To get to live “The Krabi experience,” you have various options to choose from depending on your present location. If you are located outside Thailand, you have the liberty of flying directly from your local airport to Krabi. Krabi airport features both domestic and international flight terminals to aid tourism. Krabi is located at the south coast of Thailand while two of Thailand’s hotspots, Bangkok is 800km away from Krabi and Phuket, 170km. Lots of airlines fly to Krabi directly. You can also hop on domestic flights from Phuket and Bangkok to get to Krabi. If you prefer the bus, it takes 10 hours to travel from Bangkok south bus terminal and 3-4hours from Phuket to reach Krabi. Since anyone with an international driving license can drive in Thailand, you can rent a car or a bike to self-drive to Krabi and around the province. Especially, bikes are readily available for hire at different locations in Krabi.

Krabi Useful Links

To conclude, the province of Krabi has become extensively popular among people as a go-to holiday destination. People belonging from all age groups and race have continuously been magnetized to the scenic town of Krabi. So much that many tourist attractions are now posed to pollution. Especially in Hong Island, the stunning environment is being degraded due to the careless disposal of wastes and the like. Most visitors are seen to dispose of their wastes on open sand even though there are sign-boards instructing to take your trash with you.

Exotic tropical hotspots like these lose their vigor due to human activities and negligence. Since we are the higher species in terms of hierarchy, It is best if we all avoiding messing and garbaging around the only few beautiful places on earth. With that being said, hope you cross off most of the above listed “to do things in Krabi” on your next holiday to Krabi.

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