365 Coffee, Phnom Penh | Cambodia


365 Coffee, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

365 Coffee offers customers the best drinks and mouth-watering food. It is not new to see people complimenting how nice it is to be at the coffee shop. Firstly, the quality and taste of the food encourage the customers to have a good impression of this place. 365 Coffee makes sure each dish is tasty and healthy for everyone. Adding with their utmost care, it creates the topnotch dishes to serve. Additionally, it also offers numerously of drinks that is available for everyone’s preference. You can find a variety type of drinks at 365 Coffee which will soon be your favorite as soon as you taste it. In precise, the coffee there is highly made with the best coffee beans and modern coffee maker machine. This ensures that each drink is good and nice enough for the precious customers.

365 Coffee Café
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The atmosphere at the 365 Coffee is very relaxing. First and foremost, when you first step inside, the greatest smell of coffee will greet you. You are able to tell how delicious the coffee is merely by the aromatic smell of it. Furthermore, the tranquility that the shop can offer will ensure the most satisfactory experience for everyone who goes there. If you go in the morning, you can start your day at the coffee shop with a set of breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Source: Facebook “365 COFFEE”

Moreover, the food and drinks come in a really affordable price; thus, you can try any type of food or drink you like there without having a pressure about your expense.

365 Coffee Café
Source: Facebook “365 COFFEE”

Over and above that, the 365 Coffee also gives off a vibe of elegance. The designers invented such a pleasant vibe for the coffee shop. There are many lights being decorated in such a luxurious manner on the ceiling which looks absolutely pretty. Therefore, when you come to the shop at night, you will notice how romantic the lights make the atmosphere be. Moreover, it is also a great place for photographing as well. Due it the creativity of the designers in decorating, there are a lot of spots for you to capture a nice photo.

365 Coffee Café
Source: Facebook “365 COFFEE”

About the shop:

  • Price Range: $2 – $7
  • Business Hour: 7:00AM – 8:30PM
  • Type of place: Luxury
  • Location: Street 484 Corner Street 97, Phnom Penh
  • Type of cuisine served: Western and Asian

Overall, the 365 Coffee is a perfect choice for people who prefer to enjoy the food at a fancy place with a highly delicious drink as well. They also provides everything that the customers could as for. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner in Western style or Khmer style, 365 Coffee can surely serve them to their customers. Over and above that, the perfectly peaceful environment enables everyone to experience a relaxing mind when they get there. The vibe that the shop is able to pull off is also another attraction that you should not miss the chance to experience. We recommend you to check this coffee shop if you want to get the best experience of enjoying the best fancy coffee shop in Phnom Penh.

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