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The kick scooter is a popular toy made for kids years ago! However, they have made a comeback and not made for children anymore. But before you head out and buy just any kick scooter, you need to know that not all of them are alike. So whether you want to join your kids or need one for commuting, you can look at the best adult scooters reviewed here. To help make your decision easier, we have a unique adult scooters buying guide with the reviews to make choosing one even less uncomplicated.

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Best Adult Scooters to Buy

1. Razor A5

Razor A5

With the folding design of the Razor A5, you get one of the best adult scooters money can buy. The deck is low and made of aluminum for comfort and ease of use. Furthermore, it is equipped with 200 mm wheels and supports up to 220 pounds. There is no need for laying down the scooter as it stands with a kickstand. On the other hand, the lightweight of 9.4 pounds makes it possible for you to carry it in your hand. The handlebars adjust to different heights while the fender cover on the back wheel serves as brakes. You can buy it in three colors.

  • Deck Size: 13.4-inches by 5.5-inches
  • Extras: Kickstand
  • Handlebar Height: 34.3-inches to 40.2-inches
  • Weight: 9.4lbs

2. Hudora Big Wheel Scooter

Hudora Big Wheel Scooter

For smooth and bumpy roads, the Hudora has 230 mm wheels on the front with a 205 mm wheel on the back with brakes. The secure folding mechanism helps to fold the scooter quickly. Furthermore, it has carrying straps included making transport more straightforward. The maximum weight capacity is 265 pounds while the handlebars adjust to your height. You can buy it in a sleek white or black color option.

  • Deck Size: 17.5-inches x 5.5-inches
  • Extras: Kickstand, Carry Strap, and Foldable Design
  • Handlebar Height: 32.7-inches to 41.9-inches
  • Weight: 11lbs

3. Xootr Kick Scooter

Xootr Kick Scooter

The Xootr is suitable for adults with a slightly larger average-sized body. The max weight capacity is 800 pounds making it one of the best adult scooters you can buy. Furthermore, it comes with a magnesium deck that is durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, it has 180 mm wheels with the option of slowing down with the handlebars or scooter brake on the rear wheel.

  • Deck Size: 25-inches x 7.4-inches
  • Extras: Handlebar and rear wheel brakes
  • Handlebar Height: 25-inches to 38-inches
  • Weight: 10.9lbs

4. Hudora 205 Folding Kick Scooter

Hudora 205 Folding Kick Scooter

The well-known brand is famous in Europe as we have already looked at another model in the range. Furthermore, it has two by 205 mm wheels with handlebar and single-action folding mechanism. On the other hand, it has a carrying strap if you commute to work as well. When you are done riding the scooter, you can use the kickstand to keep it standing up straight. The weight capacity is 220 pounds and only weighs 8.8 pounds.

  • Deck Size: 28.7-inches x 4.4-inches
  • Extras: Carry strap with kickstand
  • Handlebar Height: 31.1-inches to 40.9-inches
  • Weight: 8.8lbs

5. Fuzion Cityglide B200

Fuzion Cityglide B200

For the best adult scooter with an attractive design, you will love the Fuzion Cityglide B200. The midnight blue looks cool and has two different types of brakes. You get a handgrip control with a traditional brake on the rear wheel. Furthermore, it has a folding design and supports up to 220 pounds but does not come with a carry strap included. However, it remains a good option for adults to use.

  • Deck Size: 13-inches x 4.5-inches
  • Extras: Hand and rear-wheel brake with foldable design
  • Handlebar Height: 29-inches to 36-inches
  • Weight: 11lbs

6. Hikole Scooter

Hikole Scooter

Here we have an adult scooter with front and rear suspension. The size is small and suitable for children and adults to use. The weight of the kick scooter is 13.5 pounds making it heavy but caused by the added suspension. You find the brake on the rear wheel with a fender. With the bargain price, you get a kickstand and carry straps included. On the other hand, it has 200 mm wheels and supports riders with a weight of up to 200 pounds. The scooter folds up for storage, and the frame comprises aluminum alloy. You can buy it in three different colors to suit your lifestyle.

  • Deck Size: 18-inches x 5.5-inches
  • Extras: Foldable with a kickstand, shoulder strap, and fenderslo
  • Handlebar Height: 35.1-inches to 39-inches
  • Weight: 13.5lbs

7. Razor A6 Lux

Razor A6 Lux

The adult scooter has a height adjustment of up to 42-inches and supports up to 240 pounds. The wheels are from high-quality with wheel bearings. You can buy it in three colors and has a foldable design for transport. You receive the scooter fully assembled with a kickstand but does not have carry straps. However, it does have a rear fender brake making it another great option to buy.

  • Deck Size: 13.5-inches x 4.5-inches
  • Extras: Kickstand with rear fender brakes and foldable design
  • Handlebar Height: 30.4-inches to 42-inches
  • Weight: 9lbs

8. Swagtron Titan Scooter

Swagtron Titan Scooter

For ease of transport, the Swagtron Titan adult scooter has a foldable design. The lightweight design makes it able to carry it with ease when commuting. The frame is aluminum alloy and supports a weight of up to 220 pounds — Furthermore, the height of the handlebars adjustable and equipped with 200 mm wheels. On the other hand, it weighs ten pounds, making it great for taking with you anywhere.

  • Deck: Aluminum
  • Extras: Has a bell with an adjustable stem and foldaway handlebars
  • Handlebar Height: Adjustable
  • Weight: 9.75lbs

9. VOKUL Pro Scooter

VOKUL Pro Scooter

The VOKUL is an adult scooter suitable for kids to use as well. The scooters equipped with 120 mm wheels with a weight capacity of up to 220lbs. Furthermore, it has noise-free brakes with a durable aluminum deck. The handlebars wrapped with soft rubber grips and assembling the scooter is simple. With the snake design, you can glide smoothly over any surface.

  • Deck: Aluminum
  • Extras: Made with scooter brake and one-piece fork
  • Handlebar Height: Not adjustable
  • Weight: 9.75lbs



Here we have the best adult scooters available in three colors. The handlebar adjusts to different heights and comes with a reflective strap making it great to use at night. The durable aluminum construction supports up to 220 pounds and comes with urethane wheels. Furthermore, it folds up for transport and storage.

  • Deck Size: 18.3-inches x 5.31-inches
  • Extras: Foldable with reflective carry strap
  • Handlebar Height: 31.5-inches to 40.9-inches
  • Weight: 9lbs

Adult Scooter Comparison Table

RAZOR A5 LUX REAR FRICTION 13.4″ x 5.5″ 34.3″ x 40.2″ 11LBS 220LBS
HUDORA REAR FRICTION 13.4” x 5.5” 34.3” to 40.2” 11LBS 264LBS
XOOTR REAR FRICTION/HAND LEVER 25” x 7.4” 25” to 38” 10.9LBS 800LBS
HUDORA 205 REAR FRICTION 28.7” x 4.4” 31.1” to 40.9” 8.8LBS 220LBS
HIKOLE REAR FRICTION 18″ x 5.5″ 35.1″ x 39″ 13.5LBS 220LBS
RAZOR A6 REAR FRICTION 13.5″ x 4.5″ 30.4″ x 42″ 9LBS 240LBS
MIAWHEELS N/A 18.3″ x 5.31″ 31.5″ x 40.9″ 9LBS 220LBS

Adult Scooter Buyer’s Guide

Before you go shopping for the best adult scooter, there are some things you need to know. Furthermore, you need to know what type of scooters is available to choose from.

On the other hand, you need to know the height options, wheel sizes, and other features to consider as well. So before picking on the list here are five crucial things you need to know:

Do you need a folding scooter?

You can buy a scooter with two different types of folding mechanisms. The first one is a single action one, while the other one is a three-action one.

The most common one is the three-action folding mechanism that works with a clamp release, moving pin, and a clamp to secure it in place.

A newer concept is the single-action one that skips the first two steps and secures the frame with a pin without using a clamp. Many people feel this design is not reliable, while other users think it offers you more convenience.

Do you need suspension?

The suspension you find attached to the front and rear of the scooter. Typically, it is located on the front stem and helps with shock absorbance.

The advantage of choosing the feature is that it makes your ride smooth and comfortable. The biggest downside is that it does add weight to the design.

Furthermore, it all comes down to preference if you do want it or not.

The importance of brakes

Traditionally, you find the brakes on the rear wheel to push down with your foot. However, you can buy a scooter with brake levers on the handlebar. Therefore, it remains a comfort and convenience feature.

The size of the deck

The deck is where you stand on and comprises two sizes small and large. While the larger decks vary in inches, you do get more standing space compared to one with a small platform.

So if you want comfort and convenience, we recommend one with a considerable deck. However, if you want a lightweight adult scooter choose one where the surface is smaller.

The size of the wheels

You will notice that each adult scooter reviewed offers you different wheel sizes. Some have the same sized wheels while others front and back wheels vary in size.

You can get up to seven different wheel sizes ranging from 100 mm to 230 mm. For more stability, we recommend a larger wheel to absorb the shock.

However, small wheels make it able for you to carry the scooter with ease. Moreover, it allows you to move with speed as well but does not absorb shock.

Other important features:

  • Kickstand – with the function there is no need of laying the scooter down on the ground
  • Carry straps – this feature is for comfort and helps make transporting the scooter when commuting a bit easier.

When searching for the best adult scooter, the features mentioned help you to find a perfect one made for your needs. So once you have decided on the one you want, you can easily share it with your kids, depending on their height. The fantastic thing is that the majority of them come pre-assembled and does not need special tools to put it together. An important thing to remember is that even if it is made of aluminum, it is best not to ride it in the rain or through the water.

Now the last thing on your mind is if you can do stunts with it? Yes, but it depends on the type of scooter you buy as it needs to absorb shock to prevent the frame from buckling. We hope that our buyer’s guide has helped you to make an informative decision to find the best scooter online. Now that you know what to look for, it is time to roll with the kids and enjoy yourself. Oh yes, and do not forget to wear your safety gear!


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