Angkor Pottery Center, Siem Reap

The Angkor Pottery Institute, also regarded as the National Center for Khmer Ceramics Revival, manufactures traditional and modern pottery, as well as culinary wares. The Angkor Pottery Center is run by Ms. Paruth Hann, an accomplished traditional Khmer / Cambodian potter who was born in the Khmer Rouge era as well as from the Roluos area near Siem Reap, several members of her kin and local female potters.

Paruth Hann established the’ Angkor Pottery Center,’ now ranked among Cambodia’s top five attractions with five-star ratings! Due to its Khmer organic experience, foreign visitors enjoy Angkor Pottery Center. They visit the Center and get away with their soul-made pottery job and Cambodian rural background to learn pottery making on the “Kick Wheel,” sculpture & glazing (workshops & courses).

Classes, installations, and seminars are for children and adults alike. The Angkor Pottery Center is located on main road 63, about 3 kilometers from Siem Reap town (Old Market) on the way to Tonle Sap City. Visitors will travel on their 25-minute ride or by Tuk Tuk, which takes 10 minutes and costs US$ 4.

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Angkor Pottery Center

Angkor Pottery Center | Angkor Pottery Center
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When touring Siem Reap Town, the entrance to Angkor temples in Cambodia, everyone should try shooting in the simple art of making Khmer pottery at the Angkor Pottery Centre! Based in the Wat Artwear area, it is far from the city’s crowds and sounds, yet not much out of the route. In reality, it is impossible to miss its inviting gates and nature-friendly studio on your way to the floating village of Tonle Sap Lake.

The workshop is very good to learn this craft under a closed roof shed that effortlessly opens out onto the natural forest around it. But on the other side, the whole view is fitted with an Apsara statue, an antique bullock-cart, a barbeque station made of iron scraps. In addition, there is a large earthen urn with hovering plants, stools and tables engraved from coconut palm stem, a huge entrance gate for bamboo-strips, and kittens and puppies lounging around in their favorite venues.

Workshops that APC Offer

Workshops are intended for people who wish to work on the conventional Khmer Potter frame, or use hand construction methods to create their original work of art! By using the reference bits for feedback from APC’s studio and its experts, anyone here has the chance to create an item that is special to him/her!

The APC invites people and teams to join the Workshops!  The agency loves to work with everybody, especially the college classes. Their work includes working with some of the local organizations that lead youth workshops on a large scale. They would love to interact and work with any party, too!

Workshops that APC Offer | Angkor Pottery Center
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Workshops also include required items including 400gr of clay, along with guidance from mentors. The job will be shot from the laboratory director and should be done within 48 hours. At the Angkor Pottery Centre, you can pick up the finished piece, send it to the attendant’s hotel, or send it to his / her home.

You Can Also Try the Traditional Khmer Potter’s Wheel!

Give it a shot, and also have fun on a traditional Khmer potter wheel tossing your own design!  Know a handful of ways to operate that fun “jump ball” under the administration of your English-speaking mentor. This experience would encourage your companions to observe you working on the conventional wheel, and you will get the chance to see what kind of teamwork to-do typical Khmer wheel-thrown jobs is involved.

The owner could finish your designed item nicely and charge you a bit extra. They’ll bring it to your guesthouse or to your home too! It’ll cost you US$ 7.00 and you’ll have 30 minutes to complete it.

You Can Also Try the Traditional Khmer Potter's Wheel! | Angkor Pottery Center
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Paruth Will Teach You Pottery 

Would you like to make pottery through your stay at Siem Reap on a classical potter-wheel? Join Angkor Pottery Center, during and after your visit to Angkor Archeological Park and Angkor Wat, in any of their daily pottery & ceramic courses. Cambodian entrepreneur and clay artist Paruth Hann will teach you the process and styles of the Angkorian porcelain.

Paruth Will Teach You Pottery  | Angkor Pottery Center
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You will read, in relative terms, how to create Cambodian clay cups, pans, dishes, bowls, amphorae or vases. Cutting, molding, carving, or glazing can also decorate the ceramics. Ceramics are burnt and baked in their wood-fired as well as gas-kilns for a top-quality production. The temperature will go up to even more than 1350 Degree Celsius.

Overall, Angkor Pottery Center is an organization, a pottery workshop, a souvenir store, an outdoor gallery and many more. It’s also just a place where people who enjoy pottery, architecture, music, and creativity can relax.

Who Supports this Traditional Activity?

Donors are supported through via Paruth’s Guesthouse & the Angkor Pottery Centre. The Authority endorses these projects to develop youth employment opportunities in the tiny village in Siem Reap, Paruth. It’s agreeable that hard-working people need the same capacity to develop themselves, regardless of their financial status or requirements.


Craftsmen of the Siem Reap region depended on a very simple technique to break mud rooted in the 6th century. However, as the Khmer Empire approaches its zenith, more recent ways of forming the clay have rendered the ancient practices. Artisans now follow the more recent practices rather than the previous practices.

It is clear that this custom of making pottery almost disappeared altogether as conflict swept through Cambodia. However, it managed to come back, stronger than ever. With classical throwing wheels, local potters can create more models in bigger quantities, generating bigger profits.

Yet, this traditional pot-making form, passed the test of time, disappears completely from the Port of Pots, without careful preservation. But Angkor Pottery Center is determined to bring it back.


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