Apsara River Cruise, Bangkok Thailand

Apsara River Cruise

Bangkok is not only limited to mainland fine dining; the country has a long history with water transportation. Apsara river cruise is a combination of the country’s traditional way of transport combine with gastronomic creativeness and together make an amazing dining cruise on traditional thai vessel “Apsara”.

You can enjoy a romantic dining experience on the cruise that sails along lit monuments such as the temple of dawn and relish the headlong skyline of the royal Grand palace. As a matter of fact, the cruise offer a 5-course dining experience including tasteful curries, seafood, soups and desserts that best signify Thailand’s well-known cuisine. If you have any type of allergies or dislikes, the food can still be adapted so you shouldn’t worry about this at all.

Apsara River Cruise, Bangkok Thailand

Apsara River Cruise
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Price Range and Business Hour

The lowest price for this 5-course dinner starts from 100 USD as of currently. There are services included in the Apsara River Cruise package which includes welcome drink, carefully crafted Thai-set menu as well as romantic background music. As the departure time is 7:45pm, it advises guests to arrive early and have their tickets ready. Furthermore, the dress code for the Apsara River Cruise is smart casual.

Travel Itinerary (Environment)

Apsara River Cruise
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Apsara River cruise dining is an experience that shall not be missed. The cruise is a dining destination that navigate along the Chao Phraya River. Firstly, the visitors can book from the hotel direct for the dining cruise and a shuttle bus will take you there from Banyan Tree hotel. The cruise starts at 8 pm. At that time, the cruise is going to pass by monuments including The grand palace, Temple of dawn (Wat Arun), Rama VIII bridge, Royal Barges National museum, Asiatique the Riverfront, ICONSIAM, Phra Sumen Fort and Wat Rakang Kositaram. Finally, the journey will end at River city Bangkok. Therefore, the duration of the cruise is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Cuisine and Menu at Apsara River Cruise

Apsara River Cruise
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Apsara River Cruise will surely be an elegant experience and visitors can dine delicious Thai food that are being served abroad. A customary Welcome drink will be given upon visitors’ arrival. Then the food starts with appetiser such as small bites of chicken and dumplings. After that, hot and sour fish curry will serve after appetiser. Next, Stir-fried soft shell crab, juicy river prawn, seasonal vegetable dishes and pork salad with lime and chilli are your main courses. Lastly, Mango sticky rice, green tea panna cotta and pink water chestnuts in coconut milk are the desserts for customers.

Vibe and Writer’s Opinion

No matter how many time you’ve been to Thailand, a dinner on Apsara cruise is an experience you must do. There is just something magical sailing down the river with city lights and classical Thai music playing off the monuments combined with first class Thai dining experience. After all, the Apsara River cruise will surely make your dream romantic dining experience come true.

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