10 Awesome Temples to Visit in Thailand

If you are fascinated by beautiful architecture; Thailand is the ideal destination where you should head-on. A tour around Thailand will certainly satisfy your sightseeing interests. 

You will be an amazed to know that Thailand holds over 40,000 Buddhist temples in its various provinces. That specifies that Thailand is a country that follows the Buddhist religion and the temples are very protuberant parts of their life. 

So, whenever you are heading to Thailand, you must explore some of its temples which will also enlighten you about Thailand’s culture and norms. Here we have gathered round 10 awesome temples to visit in Thailand for your ease.
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10 Awesome Temples to Visit in Thailand

1. Wat Arun

source: wikimedia

Wat Arun is one of Thailand’s most famous temples, from where you can start your temple exploring journey. This gorgeous temple’s spires are ornamented with trifling Chinese ceramics and tinted glasses.

The colorfully vivid decoration of this temple is very eye-catching and draws numerous travelers every year. It is one of the renowned landmarks of Thailand with the tallest spire altitudes near 70 meters.

2.Wat Suthat

source: wiki media

The very scenic Wat Suthat is amongst the oldest temples in Thailand. As you enter, you will see a huge red swing standing over 20 meters high. The Buddha’s huge gold statue is one of the most highlighted views of this temple.

In addition, its interior is intricately carved, and its designs are very elegant and its exterior walls contain numerous images of Buddha. And, all these together make this temple a worth visiting site.

3. Wat Phra Kaew

source: lonelyplanet

Wat Phra Kaew temple is renowned as the most significant temple around Thailand as it adorns the most sacred Emerald Buddha. This magnificent Emerald Buddha is the most fascinating attraction here, which was created by carving Jade.

If you visit this temple, you will also find a chain of holy shrines, gratified Buddha’s statues and some attractive pagodas. A walk around this sacred shrine gives you great insight into the traditions of Thailand.

4.Sanctuary of Truth

source: wiki media

Sanctuary of Truth is a wonder temple that is solely made of wood. This magnificent temple is housed in Pattaya, thus it stands with the admirable ocean sights. This temple is twenty storeys with full of startling views.

Each storey is adorned with the carvings of holy Gods and Goddesses. The most interesting part is these Gods and Goddesses are not representing any single religion rather they are built inspired by Hindu and Buddhist myths.

5. Wat Lan Kuad

source: homesthetics

Wat Lan Kuad is a very exceptional temple that you probably never have viewed any temple of its kind. You’d be surprised to know that it has been built from recycled bottles of beer. About a million bottles were used to complete this extraordinary temple. You must put this temple in your list of places to visit in Thailand as this temple is guaranteed to give you a very unique memory.

The monks began collecting beer bottles since 1984 and when they had assembled so many bottles they decided to recycle them. Later they used them to build this striking temple. As you step into the temple you will see one more wonder and it is a complete Buddha statue made with the lid of the beer bottles.

6. Wat Pho

source: wiki media

Wat Pho is one of the most visited temples in Thailand which is holding the legendary reclining Buddha. This reclining Buddha is famous around the world as it is covered with gold leaf entirely.

The wonderful Buddha statue is almost 45 meters long and the feet of the Buddha have 108 illustrations which are symbolizing the 108 activities that aided Buddha to be perfect. A visit to this outstanding temple will surely give a one of a kind experience.

7. Wat Chet Yot

source: wikipedia

Wat Chet Yot is one of the oldest temples which was erected in 1453 to host the 18th World Buddhist Council. The temple has been named after its seven spires and they have been representing the seven weeks while Buddha was sitting in meditation at the Mahabodhi temple for enlightenment.

This elegant temple is showcasing various influences in its structure including the influences of Indian, Thai, Lao, and Chinese architecture. You will get to see the manifest evidence of it once you are there. Overall it presents a very unique appearance and a tour of this unique temple will surely allure you.

8. Wat Benchamabophit

source: wiki media

One of Thailand’s most gorgeous temples, Wat Benchamabophit is entirely built with marble. And accordingly, it was named as Wat Benchamabophit, the Thai synonym of Marble Temple.

This scenic temple reflects numerous European influences, including the stunning tainted glass windows. Its appearance is so enchanting that travelers all over the flocks here very frequently.

9. Wat Phra That

source: wiki media

Wat Phra That is one of the major landmarks of Thailand. It was built around 1383 at the top of the Do Suthep Mountain. This temple is not only a momentous historical site, it is also renowned as the divine center of Thais.

It is still used as a monastery since its inception. It is locally known as Doi Suthep, which now you know is the name of the mountain where it is situated. If you are heading to sightsee this temple, you will also encounter a lanky golden spire that is standing in the center of this temple.

10. Wat Mahathat

source: wiki media

If you are an enthusiastic Buddhist or you possess some sort of interest in Buddhism, Wat Mahathat is the ideal place where you should head to. This temple is the headquarters of the monastic order of Thailand. 

For this, individuals who are aspiring to learn meditation and also Buddhism swarms here. Initially, this temple was put up to place a large relic of Buddha. While traveling to this magnificent temple, do not miss to learn your destiny by the monk there.

In Conclusion, head to Thailand, if you are fascinated with ancient Buddha temples and want to learn more about Buddhism. To help you out we have put together the 10 awesome temples to visit in Thailand.


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