Top 15 Best Beaches in Bali | Indonesia’s heaven in forms of beaches

Bali is undoubtedly any man’s dream holiday destination. It is a scenic island in Indonesia packed with small pieces of heaven in forms of beaches. Get the best of the beach life with the smooth sands, flirty waves and never-ending series of charming landscapes. With sun-kissed skin and salty hair sipping on the cocktails while drinking on the captivating beauty of the sunsets- life cannot get better than this. Every nook and corner of the island is worth a visit which can be an overwhelming fact while planning a trip on this remarkable island. Fret not, here is a list of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia prepared just for you.

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Top 15 Best Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

1. Lovina Beach

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Source: FLickr “Bulindo”

If you are yearning for an extraordinary experience, away from the energetic chaos of South Bali’s Kuta-Seminyak, you should head north to the Lovina Beach in Bali. The word “Lovina” is said to originate from the Balinese words “Love” and “Ina”. “Ina” stands for “mother”. This sea beach is an outstanding option in contrast to the exceptionally well known and frequently packed sea beaches of Bali’s south, like- Kuta, Legian and Seminyak beach.

Situated in the north piece of Bali, it has the greatness of calm seawater and blackish kaleidoscopic sand. Lovina is an incredible area for dolphin watching, swimming and simply unwinding on the beach. It has an extremely loosened up climate and fantastic dusks. Interestingly, Lovina Beach has dulled shaded sand delivered from the first volcanic action that made Bali.

2. Jimbaran Beach

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Source: FLickr “Februadi Bastian”

With a 3-km long stretched white-sand beach, Jimbaran is one of the most scenic visitor goals in Bali. Although daytime is ideal for strolling, the sunsets are also equally magnificent. Jimbaran is additionally a certified town, home to an old sanctuary and fish markets. Being Bali’s seafood hub, you will get the opportunity to taste a variety of freshly-caught fishes here. It is the perfect base for exploring southern Bali.

A great feature of any tour to the island is a dinner at a bistro along the Jimbaran Bay, with freshly served local seafood specialties. The twilight setting while devouring savory fish and the delicate whistling of the waves on the seashore amidst its white sand make Jimbaran beach one of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia.

3. Thomas Beaches in Bali

Source: Flickr “tquist24”

Thomas Beach in Uluwatu is one of the most underrated yet breathtaking beaches in Bali. It offers a long stretch of delicate white sand, moving turquoise waves and a bunch of hidden seashore umbrellas that are waiting to be found. It is well-suited for the surfers, especially the beginners. The overwhelming waves don’t come near the shore, which makes swimming safe.

In addition to that, the younger ones can cheerfully play around the saltwater pools left behind by the current tides. So you can easily enjoy a blissful family day. With the emerging Uluwatu restaurants at the top of the bay, this hidden treasure has started to gain some attention. It is still one of the most relaxing beaches and undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia.

4. Balangan Beach

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Source: Flickr “Reinardt Gilfillan”

If you are a surfing-enthusiast or even if you are a more laid-back kind of person, Balangan beach is one of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia which will cater to both types of tourists. Although a bit underdeveloped, this 200 meters white sandy coastline along with its natural riffs and cliffs creates an astonishing sight for the viewers. Moreover, it has a widely inclusive point of view of the Indian Ocean.

Beach babies can splash some water while playing with the waves on a surfboard. And the others can soak up the sun rays lying on the sand or help themselves with some chillers available in the aesthetic Indonesian restaurants. With the long and low strand at the base of the cliffs secured with palm trees and fronted by a lace of white sand beautifully speckled with white sun umbrellas, Balangan Beach is a genuine find.

5. Kuta Beach

Source: Flickr “Mikhail Mikhailov”

While listing the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia Kuta is sure to secure the top position in it. It is probably the most popular beach in Bali, packed with clubs, bars and malls. Although it can get crowdy most of the time, that is the beauty of the place. The blasting music from the bars and clubs along with the magnificent view of the sunset makes Kuta the liveliest beach in Bali.

Kuta Beach, for the vast majority of the travelers, is the focal point of Bali attractions. The iconic Kuta also has a swinging nightlife scene that keeps going till the wee hours. The seashore offers bewildering white sand, phenomenal dusk scenery, and an extraordinary wave for the individuals who love surfing.

6. Sanur Beaches in Bali

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Source: Flickr “Sandi Lesmana”

Sanur is known for being an attractive beach town in Bali that offers visitors a more settled cut of the island. Far away from the crowds on Kuta or Seminyak, various families keep running here for the tranquil atmosphere and the cheerful beaches. If you are looking for a calm and relaxing experience, Sanur is a more appropriate option than Kuta.

It does not have a large number of attractions here like other beaches, yet the few of the interests are enchanting. The motivation to come here is to unwind and value the ordinary greatness of Bali. The waves here are milder and suitable for swimming. The ocean is clear- you can even spot sea animals like starfish while strolling along the seashore.

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7. Seminyak Beach

Source: Flickr “Marco Vannozzi”

If you are looking for a quiet yet thrilling experience in the white sand beaches of Bali, Seminyak is the best beach for you. Away from the hustle and bustle of the comparatively busier beaches, Seminyak will provide you the adrenaline rush while still giving you scope for relaxing. You can start the day with the best coffee in Seminyak at Revolver, and after that, you can check out the astonishing arts at the Nyaman gallery.

Go to an adventurous scuba diving trip or catch the marvelous sunset while riding a horse along the coastline. Seminyak is full of exhilarating adventure sports if you have a heart for it. It also has a wide range of best beach bars in every direction.

8. Nusa Dua Beaches in Bali

Source: Flickr “Ariff Iskandar”

Considered as an untouched piece of paradise in Bali, Nusa Dua is the best beach for honeymoons or family trips. Not only the tourists but it’s a favorite of the locals also. One of the main attractions of the beach is its 18-hole golf course. Besides, it has an impressive collection of water sports as well, including snorkeling, jet ski, diving, parasailing, white rafting, etc.

This beach is all-in-all a resort area filled with 4-star and 5-star hotels, adorned with stunning palm trees and green lawns. Among the best natural sights of the beach, Water Blow is one of the must-visit ones. It is a large blowhole which will give you the view of the seawater erupting from the sea into the sky, magnificent.

9. Echo Beach

Source: Flickr “Ellaine Cruz”

You might want to pay a visit to Echo beach, one of the trendiest best beaches in Bali, Indonesia if you are a modern nomad or enjoy a cool crowd. Once a quiet barbeque hub has now become a stylish oceanfront with chic bars. It has numerous surf spots which make it a popular choice for surfers. You can sunbathe on the beach or go for a stroll by the coastline.

The beach is lively and cheerful in the day time where you can enjoy the clean blue wave crashing against the black sand. At night time, you can indulge in the party spirit and dance your way in the vibrant clubs and bars of the beach. Don’t shy away from bringing a guitar on the beach and finding your groove.

10. Suluban Beaches in Bali

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Source: FLickr “Fitri Yohanto”

Otherwise known as the Blue Point Beach, Suluban is a hidden treasure of nature surrounded by stunning limestones cliffs. It is certainly a destination goal that has made the Single Fin bar world famous. What makes this beach a magical experience is, it reveals itself during the low tide.

The turquoise ocean amidst the enchanting cliff setup makes it a perfect place for a relaxing swim. You can also enjoy sunset bonfires while camping out in this picturesque environment. Reaching the beach is an adventure in itself. You would have to walk down a few steps before discovering this natural miracle, but the view is worth it.

11. Karma Beach

Source: Flickr “Yani Darliani”

Karma beach is an astonishingly beautiful private beach, part of the Karma Kandara resort. This intimate beach can easily be considered as one of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia. Embellished with cabanas and rather a pricey crowd, the luxurious beach has an exclusive vibe.

While the impeccable azure blue sea waves are sure to captivate anyone, the sparkly soft white sand makes the tourists want to take a stroll on naked feet. You can lie under the large sunshades and sip on fancy cocktails or play a game of volleyball. Taking a slice of the wood-grilled pizza, freshly served from the natural bamboo restaurant, you will certainly feel like being on the piece of paradise on earth.

12. Pasir Putih Beach

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Source: Flickr “Hendry Yapriadi”

Pasir Putih Beach in Karangasem, East Bali, is one of the island’s remote “covered up” seashores. Still remarkably undeveloped, ͞this beach offers enamoring views of the gleaming ocean and spotless white sandy seacoast. Around the seashore, there are lounges, restrooms, cafes and rental speedboats. The beach is constantly packed during the vacation season and is considered one of the most loved go-to spots. You can loosen up while swimming on the clear blue water and drifting to the Condong Island. Formally known as “Virgin Beach”, Pasir Putin is a great discovery for the tourists.

13. Blue Lagoon Beaches in Bali

Source: Flickr “Fajar Nurdiansyah”

Blue Lagoon beach, cradled with rocky hills, is a semi-circle blue bay in the eastern part of Bali, hidden from all the buzz. You can relish a serene panoramic view of the azure blue sea while lying on the white sands under the protection of the palm trees. The lush green surroundings, in contrast to the calm blue ocean, create an almost unrealistic scenery.

With cordial accommodations such as hotels, spa, and restaurants, Blue Lagoon is a treat for the tourists. The marine life residing under the blue bay is a perfect spot for snorkeling. You can explore the vibrant coral reef life underwater with fishes of different shapes and colors, starfish and tropical fishes.

14. Legian Beach

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Source: FLickr “siswanto_p”

Legian beach is a 2-km stretched white sand beach buzzing with clubs, bistros, malls, and restaurants. Although the beach is an extension of Kuta beach, it is much less hectic than the other parts of the island. You can enjoy a beach day on the lovely coastline or hop from one art shop to another situated on the boardwalk of the Legian beach.

At night endeavor the luxurious Balinese cuisine in the lush hotels and sway into the hip nightlife at the local clubs. The ocean water is moderately wavy, which is suitable for the surfers. There are several surfing schools in the area as well, where you can brush up your skills under the supervision of the experts.

15. Balian Beach

Source: Flickr “Surf Jam”

Balian beach is truly a surfer’s haven where all your surfing fantasies can come true. It is indeed the best beach for having the best of the ocean waves. The rugged waves are not so much friendly for beginners and certainly not appropriate for swimmers. But that does not strip away the beauty of the place. The towering cliff face on the front with an overview of the majestic ocean makes a perfect postcard backdrop.

Moreover, the bohemian vibe of the beach will make each of your pictures Instagram-worthy. You can walk along the sparkling black-sand, the luscious greenery around the coastline offers the opportunity of enjoying peaceful and quiet nature strolls. The waterfront is always bustling with cool crowds chilling on the boho cafes, bistros, and restaurants.

To Conclude, now that you have a salty fresh list of the best beaches in Bali, Indonesia; grab your passport and pack your bags- the beach life awaits. Don’t forget your sunscreen and beach-wears!

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