Best Beaches to Visit in Chicago, Illinois | USA

Beaches in Chicago

Chicago, the city, known for Al Capone, pizza, jazz, and hot dogs, has more than music, gangsters, and food to offer. Here you can find the ten best beaches in Chicago to enjoy a leisure walk, sunbathe, sailing, to fishing. While the city gets cold with snow in winter, the warmer months offer you gorgeous shorelines. So when summer arrives, head to these beaches for surf and sun.

10 Best Beaches in Chicago

10. North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach
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In Lincoln Park, you find a popular destination in Chicago, North Avenue Beach. You can find a wide selection of activities for the whole family here. Furthermore, you get the best view of the city here. For the best lunch head over to Castaways Bar & Grill for burgers and ice-cream on the rooftop. Rent a bike, paddleboard, or wakeboard. Take a long stroll along the beach and find different vendors selling sandals, clothes, and more.

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9. Leone Beach Park

Leone Beach Park
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The beach opens from six am to eleven pm every day and found in Roger Park, Chicago. The strand is one of the largest in the city and great for soaking up the sun. You get two different parking areas with metered parking and offers panoramic views as well. The grass is green and suitable for a picnic or even doing yoga.

8. Foster Beach

Foster Beach
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The beach is not overcrowded and perfect for a day of peace. However, you can find an array of people visiting the place. You can enjoy a picnic in the park or celebrate a birthday here as well. Here you can find unique events taking place such as the Chicago Full Moon Jam with flame dancers, exciting activities, and bands. There is a trail leading to the hill with relaxing spots to view the sunset.

7. Belmont Harbor Beach

Belmont Harbor Beach Chicago
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For a dog-friendly beach, head over to Belmont Harbor. The strands perfect for your pet to run around in the water without bothering others. The beach is not busy as other strands and is excellent for swimming. You find Belmont Harbor Beach within walking distance of Wrigley. Furthermore, it is a perfect place for your pup to start getting used to other dogs.

6. Oak Street Beach

Oak Street Beach
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Head over to Oak Street Beach and feel like you have entered the Caribbean seas. The sands white with crystal-clear water for swimming. You can rent deckchairs or play volleyball as you please. The views magnificent and accessible from six am to eleven pm. Enjoy a superb sunset and there be lifeguards present. You can take the train and get off at Clark or take a bus. Furthermore, the beach is close to town with cafes, bars, shops and restaurants.

5. Ohio Street Beach

Ohio Street Beach
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The beach is perfect for all ages to enjoy the sun and surf. Here you see natural beauty with skyscrapers and stunning views of the landscape. On the other hand, the strand is near Magnificent Mile as well. Here you can swim, canoe, and kayak. The best time to head here is in the week, and you can find restrooms and other facilities nearby.

4. 12th Street Beach

12th Street Beach
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For a pleasant stroll, take a walk on this beach located in Burnham Park. Nearby is the Chicago Museum Campus to explore. The 12th Street Beaches opens from May to September for swimming. Here you will find paid parking with restaurants selling the best hot dogs. There are restrooms and the waters always calm for paddleboarding.

3. Rainbow Beach Park

Rainbow Beach Park
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For beautiful views of the skyline, visit Rainbow Beach Park, Chicago. Here you get free Wi-Fi while relaxing on the beach. You can enjoy swimming, as there are lifeguards present during the summer. Unfortunately, you cannot take Fluffy with, but the kids will adore the surroundings and wildlife. Take your basket of food with and enjoy a BBQ with family and friends. There is a handball court, gymnasium and fitness center in the vicinity as well.

2. Kathy Osterman Beach

Kathy Osterman Beach
Source: tripadvisor

In the northern part of Chicago, you find the Kathy Osterman Beach known as the Hollywood Beach. The strand is one of the biggest in the city to relax. Here you can enjoy cycling in the bicycle park. There is a fishing pier, benches, bathrooms, and the waters shallow for swimming. You can find different attractions taking place here during the summer as it is close to Lincoln Park.

1. Montrose Beach

Montrose Beach
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Here are another one of the best beaches in Chicago offering free Wi-Fi. You can relax on the beach while doing your work. Furthermore, you can rent a jet ski or kayak to enjoy the water or laze around on the beach. Enjoy lunch with a cocktail out at The Dock with live music. On the north side of the beach, you can even take along your pup for some running in the water. If you prefer bird watching, head to the south side instead.

These are the best beaches to visit in Chicago. So pack your picnic basket, put on your swim trunks, and enjoy some refreshing time in the water and sun.


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