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Beaches in Key West

Key West is a luxurious place with some great beaches and characteristics. Here you can find beaches for the family with shallow water to a strand offering you a lively atmosphere. Some you can do watersports while others provide you with the best sunset or sunrise. The majority of strands you find on the southern shore clustered along the coastline. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to this beautiful place, we have selected the top 10 best beaches in Key West for you to visit.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Key West

10. Smathers Beach

Smathers Beach
Source: cityofkeywest

One of the most popular beaches in Key West is Smathers Beach. Here you can enjoy swimming or walk on the shoreline that stretches for two miles. There is plenty of things to do here from cooling down in the water to paddling. The amenities are in tip-top condition and you can even enjoy some volleyball on the dedicated volleyball courts. Here are food vendors and rental shops to hire shade umbrellas, chairs, kayaks, and more.

9. South Beach

South Beach
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Another excellent beach for the whole family to enjoy is South Beach. Here you find shallow and calm water that is ideal for swimming. However, you will not find plenty of rental shops, there are lounge chairs, towels, and refreshment stands available. Here you can find small cafes to public water fountains. The biggest drawback is the lack of public restrooms especially if you have kids.

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8. Higgs Beach

Higgs Beach
Source: fla-keys

Walk along the wooden pier when visiting Higgs Beach. Here you find lovely public spots with gardens and restaurants. Rental shops are offering you the basics from snorkeling equipment to beach chairs. There is a playground for the children to play and you can even take your four-legged friend with to the dog park. Parking is free and you will appreciate the public restrooms with showers.

7. Rest Beach

Rest Beach
Source: cityofkeywest

In the same park as Higgs Beach, you find Rest Beach loved by all Key West residents. You get the best views of the sunset and sunrise on the strand. However, if you prefer a lively spot, you can head over to Mallory Park that is close to Rest Beach. Furthermore, you can take part in the yoga classes on the deck as well.

6. Fort Zachary Taylor Beach

Fort Zachary Taylor Beach
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For the most authentic experience, visit Fort Zachary Taylor Beach in Key West. Here you have a natural shoreline with ground coral and several plants and animal life. Here you can explore under the water to see reef dwellers, sea creatures, dolphins, turtles, and more. There are scenic nature trails or you can take guided tours to see Fort Zachary.

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5. Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park
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Do you enjoy camping out? The best place to do this in Key West is Bahia Honda, State Park. You can access the park via road or boat. Here you find camping facilities from electricity to freshwater. There is a concession shop open during the day. The soft white sand offers you a great place to get some sun and the waters shallow enough for the kids to enjoy. Here you can see barracuda, sharks, and rays in the surrounding reefs.

4. Dog Beach

Dog Beach
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For one of the best beaches in Key West where your canine friend can run freely, you need to head over to Dog Beach. Your pet can run around and play in the water with kids. Explore the rocks for treasures with the family and enjoy some fun in the sun. The only problem is the beach you cannot find easily as it only has a small sign available. If you are uncertain where only asks Louie’s Backyard, that is a pet-friendly restaurant.

3. Dry Tortugas Beach

Dry Tortugas Beach
Source: drytortugas

To visit this beach, you need to plan a full day to visit it as you can only access the strand by ferry. The palm-lined strand is a paradise to relax, swim, and play. There is a massive coral reef to explore when snorkeling. Furthermore, there are loads of activities and excursion sites and tours available as well. You can buy a ticket with meals included or pack a picnic basket. You can even spend the night at the campsites available.

2. Casa Marina Resort and Beach Resort

Casa Marina Resort and Beach Resort
Source: booking

Between Reynolds and Simonton Street, you find the best paddle boarding spot known as Casa Marina Resort & Beach Resort. The only drawback is that you need to be a guest at the resort to visit the place. There are wooden piers with white sand beaches and sand sculptures. You can find loads of water activities from paddleboards to jet skis here. You can even enjoy a cocktail with the bar service available.

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1. Sunset Key Beach

Sunset Key Beach
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For an unobstructed view of the sun, you need to experience this at Sunset Key Beach. The island is found on the other side of Key West Harbor and only accessible by ferry. You can get a day pass to spend the entire day there. Here you can find restaurants or relax on a chair and swim to your heart’s content. Indulge on a sundowner and watch the sun appear, making its final appearance as it goes into the Gulf.

So the next time you plan your vacation, make sure to visit the ten best beaches in Key West for a fantastic day with family and friends.


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