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Top 30 Beaches in Panjim, India
Source: Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash
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Top 30 Beaches in Panjim, India 

Goa is often referred to as the ‘pearl of the ocean’, for its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural background. The state was established during the early days of colonialism by European sailors who decided to settle here. The state is known mainly for its beaches, ancient architecture, food, and culture. And Panjim, or more commonly known as Panaji, is the capital city of the state. In this blog, we will tell you about the most beautiful beaches in Panjim, with information about how to get there and where to stay. Hop aboard!

Best Beaches to Visit in Panjim

1. Ozran Beach

ozran beach - Beaches in Panjim
Source: mapio

The little picturesque beach located between other big beaches is famous for its landscape views and the small hill that stands proudly looking over the sea. The beach is a popular gathering site for picnics, barbeques, and parties with the setting of the coastline in the background. At one corner of the beach, there is the face of a lady carved on a large piece of rock facing the sea. This was done by a French sculptor and now is a popular spot for clicking photos and selfies. If you are looking for a place for a gathering, then Ozran will be the best choice among all the beaches in Panjim.

How To Get There: It takes about an hour to reach Ozran beach by bus or rental bike or cab from the Kadamba Bus Terminus, which is only 20 kilometers away.

2. Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: goa-tourism

The Dona Paula is a beach located just 9 kilometers apart from the Panjim Kadamba bus stand. The beach has a very touching back story attached to it. Legend has it, that Dona Paula De Menezes, the daughter of a messenger of the state fell in love with a boy belonging to a neighboring Anglo-Indian family. But her parents did not permit the courtship, so she took her life on this beach. Some people say that she can still be seen on the beach on moonlit nights wearing a pearl necklace gifted to her by her beloved. The beach looks beautiful during sunsets and full moons.

How To Get There: You can catch a bus or take a cab from the Madgaon Junction Railway Station to reach the beach, or you could also take a scooter, or a jeep to reach the beach.

3. Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: goibibo

The Miramar beach is even closer to the Kadamba bus station and is one of the best beaches in Panjim for bird watching. The beach is just 8 kilometers away from the Kadmaba bus stand and is known for its beautiful view of the Mandovi river meets the Arabian sea. The beach has a beautiful coastline and is also a popular housing area for the upper-class people of Goa.

How To Get There: You can take a bus or taxi from the Kadamba bus station to Miramar.

4. Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach
Source: holidayiq

Situated in between the shorelines of Sinquerim and Calangute, the Candolim beach is one of the busiest beaches in Panjim. It is a bustling hub for tourists and music enthusiasts. The reason for this is because the 3-day long Sunburn Festival is held here. The Sunburn Festival is India’s largest festival for Electronic Dance Music or EDM for short. The beach is 11 kilometers away from the Kadamba bus stand.

How To Get There: You can take a can or hire a bike to get to Candolim from the Kadamba bus station.

5. Polem Beach

Polem Beach
Source: goa-tourism

Polem beach is one of the longest beaches in Panjim. It is about 700 meters long and has a soothing, tranquil aura in its atmosphere. If you want to spend some time alone with a book or your favorite music, then this quiet little beach is where you ought to be heading.

How To Get There: Take a municipal bus, or taxi, or auto-rickshaw from Panjim to reach Polem.

6. Hansa Beach

Hansa Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: agoda

Hansa Beach is another beauty among the beaches in Panjim. She lies with a shoreline through the INL Hansa Naval Base and is known for her cleanliness. The navy force cleans up the beach and its adjacent areas regularly so that this beauty remains spotless. The beach is close to the Naval Aviation Museu.

How To Get There: The beach is 29 kilometers away from the Kadamba bus terminus, and busses are always available for going to Hansa from there. You could also grab a taxi if you want a private trip.

7. Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach
Source: flightnetwork

Just like the name, Butterfly beach is one of the most colorful beaches in Panjim. The beach is a popular tourist attraction especially among naturalists due to its dolphin population. Other sea creatures that rule the thin translucent water and occasionally wash up on the shore to greet the visitors are goldfish, sea cucumbers, crabs, and sea urchins. The beach is a standout for its clear waters.

How To Get There: Butterfly beach is a bit far away from the Kadamba bus stand, but busses go there all the time. It’s better if you take a bus instead of a cab because the fare might be higher in a cab due to the distance.

8. Coco Beach

Coco Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: irevacations

Coco beach is located at the mouth of the river Nerul and is a cove of the river Mondovi. It has a beautiful view of both the rivers crashing into the Arabian Sea, with tall palm and coconut trees standing across the beach. A beautiful place to sit back, relax, and writes in your journal.

How To Get There: Coco beach is close to the Kadamba bus stand and can easily be reached by bus or taxi.

9. Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach
Source: Photo by Adithya Kabbal on Unsplash

The Vagator beach a standout among all the fortifications in Panjim due to the Chapora Fort which is located here. The age-old fort was built by a Muslim ruler named Adil Shah. The place got its name from a derivation of the word Shahpura, meaning ‘Shah-town’. It is one of the most historical beaches in Panjim. If you are into history and archeology, then Vagator beach has in store for you some really interesting landmarks including old the infrastructures of Anjuma and Mapusa.

How To Get There: Vagator beach is very close to Dabolim International Air Terminal, and can easily be reached by a cab from there.

10.  Utorda Beach

Utorda Beach
Source: minube

Located in South Goa, Utorda is a beach full of shops and eateries. It is also the ideal place to go for a swim whether you are an expert swimmer or just a learner. The shallow waters make it safe and easy yet fun to swim in. You could also go parasailing or stream skiing along the coastline.

How To Get There: The beach is just 30 kilometers away from the Kalamba bus station and busses go regularly from there.

11.  Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach
Source: famousplacesinindia

Morjim Beach is one of the most homely beaches in Panjim. It has a thin shoreline dotted with palm trees and casuarinas pines. If you want to catch a glimpse of the everyday lives of the local fishermen and buy freshly caught fish from them, then Morjim is the place for you.

How To Get There: It is very close to the Kadamba bus stand and the quickest and easiest way to reach is by bus.

12.  Rajbagh Beach

Rajbagh Beach
Source: holidify

Rajbagh beach is among the quietest beaches in Panjim. It gets its name from the Rajbagh Residency which is nearby. The beach has a five-star hotel and an array of lodges yet does not get many visitors. It is an ideal place for staying in Goa if you like quiet away from the crowds.

How To Get There: The Rajbagh beach is a little far away from Kadamba, but local busses go there all the time.

13.  Odxel Beach

Odxel Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: goanphotos

The Odxel beach is a little beach near the Kadamba bus stand and is known for its Catholic history. There is a very old Portuguese Catholic church located on the right side of the beach, and there is another church dedicated to Mother Mary. If you are religious, or just into history, then Odxel beach is one of the must-visit beaches in Panjim for you.

How To Get There: The beach can easily be reached by bus or taxi.

14.  Sernabatim Beach

Sernabatim Beach
Source: ixigo

The Sernabatim beach is known for its dolphin populace. The thin strip of sand lying 36 kilometers away from the Kadamba bus station is a hotspot for dolphins and also has a very picturesque view of the ocean. The calm and quiet is beautifully contrasted by the playful dolphins doing spins and backflips along the shoreline.

How To Get There: Pack a picnic, and take a rented car from Kadamba for the day.

15.  Bambolim Beach

Bambolim Beach
Source: goanphotos

The Bambolin beach is very close to the Kadmaba bus station. It has lush green vegetation of palm and other trees. The Goa Medical College and the University of Goa both are situated here. The beach is a popular hangout spot for students from both the universities and has an array of affordable eateries along the coast.

How To Get There: Enjoy a bike ride from the Kadamba bus station to the beach.

16.  Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: mapsofindia

The clean and quiet little beach called Mobor is one of the quietest beaches in Panjim. It has a beautiful setting with the mouth of the stream Sal on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. Ideal place for photographers and painters to get landscapes. The beach is also a famous hub for water sports.

How To Get There: The beach is 49 kilometers from Panjim and can be reached via bus or cab.

 17.   Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim Beach
Source: goibibo

Sinquerim Beach is a popular holiday destination for backpackers and international travelers. Located just 12 kilometers apart from Kadamba bus station, Sinquerim beach is another spot where the famous Sunburn Festival is held every year. It is a popular spot for concerts and one of the most happening beaches in Panjim.

How To Get There: Take a bus from Kadamba station straight to Sinquerim.

18.  Cavelossim Beach

Cavelossim Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: holidayiq

Among all the beaches in Panjim, Cavelossim is the one which is beautiful both during the day and night. The beach is also famous for its multi-dynamic water sports like kayaking and surfing. And it looks breathtaking during sunset.

How To Get There: The Cacelossim beach is 46 kilometers apart from the Kadamba bus station and bus fares are quite cheap from there to the beach.

19.  Cansaulim Beach

Cansaulim Beach
Source: goa-tourism

The beautiful beach called Cansaulim is famous for its thick borders of lush green palm forests. The beach is generally a beautiful spot for an outing, a stroll, or even a small get-together with friends. You can easily crash on the beach and let the waves wash your feet after an adventure through the jungle on the island.

How To Get There: You can take a bus or cab from Kadmaba to reach Cansaulim beach.

20.  Ashwem Beach

Ashwem Beach
Source: goa-tourism

Ashwem Beach is a common nesting ground for the very rare Olive Ridley Turtles. The rare species of sea turtles use the shores for their unique way of mass-nesting called the arribada. They nest on the shores and lay eggs together in large groups. The beach is a hotspot for naturalists and anyone interested in marine life.

How To Get There: Take a bus from Kadamba and get there within 30 minutes or so.

21.  Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: justdial

The primary attraction of Bogmalo beach is the various kinds of water sports which range from surfing to scuba diving. The beach is also known for its souvenir shops and eateries with cheap rates. An ideal place for a day out with your friends, family, or someone special.

How To Get There: The Bogmalo beach is well-connected with the rest of Goa, and you can easily get there by bus from the Goa airport or Bus station.

22.  Varca Beach

Varca Beach
Source: Photo by Vivek Doshi on Unsplash

Commonly known as a spot for various kinds of water sports and dolphin watching, the Varca beach also serves as an excellent pace for yoga and meditation. It also offers a wide range of hotels and lodging services if you are looking for a place to stay in Goa.    It is one of the most interesting yet quietest beaches in Panjim.

How To Get There: The beach is well-connected to Panjim, and transports from the Kadamba bus stop are easily available.

 23.  Betul Beach

Betul Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: scrolldroll

The Betul beach gets its name since its shoreline is a bay. The triangular piece of the Arabian Sea peeps in through the sweet spot of the little beach turning it into a shoreline which is a perfect specimen of a bay. Of all the beaches in Panjim, Betul beach is the one place where you’d get the best fish and mussels. So, don’t forget to indulge yourself in the delicious delicacies once you get there. Foods are relatively cheaper on this beach as well.

How To Get There: Take a bus from Kadamba bus stop and reach there within an hour at max.

24.  Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: tripsavvy

Agonda beach is an ideal place or sunbathing and swimming. If you want a natural tan, then Agonda is where you go. The beach has a beautiful shoreline with rocky hilltops and clear waters where Olive Ridley Turtles swim and then come nesting in the sands of the shore. See if you can spot them.

How To Get There: Buses go to and fro from Kadamba bus stop to Agonda, or you could even take a beach bike for a change.

25.  Cola Beach

Cola Beach
Source: colabeach

Cola beach is unique among the beaches in Panjim because it is divided into two parts; the North Cola Beach and the Common Cola Beach. The North section is comparatively smaller than the Common section, and the two portions together form a frame around the Arabian Sea. The beach offers a wide range of resorts and cottages for visitors to stay in. Some are even designed to look like grotesque Rajasthani tents.

How To Get There: Bikes or beach bikes are more convenient than buses for getting to Cola beach as the beach is divided into two thin strips of sand, and there is not enough space for a bus to stop here.

26.  Canaguinim Beach

Canaguinim Beach
Source: trover

Canaguinim beach has a shoreline that is confined with a low divider surrounding it. A little channel of the stream Sal also flows through it into the sea. The little beach is known for its unique geographical structure and is a popular place for hitch-hiking. The beach is a wonderful spot for painters and artists who like to draw landscapes and are always looking for inspiration.

How To Get There: Take a beach bike to get a convenient landing straight into the beach.

27.  Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach
Source: darkhearttravel

The Benaulim beach has a mythological history to it. It is said that the great bolt of the Hindu god Parashuram arrived here, by which the whole state of Goa was made. Benaulim is the best place to get rosewood furniture and artifacts among the beaches in Panjim. The beach also holds the church of St. John The Baptist, and Nossa Senhora de Merces. The beach of Benaulim is a popular hub for dolphin spotting.

How To Get There: The beach is an easy bus ride away from the Kadamba bus stop.

 28.  Colomb Beach

Colomb Beach- Beaches in Panjim
Source: mapio

Colomb is a little horseshoe-shaped beach lying along the Arabian Sea on the coast of Goa. The beach stands out among the beaches in Panjim for its unique shape. Colomb Beach is also known for a unique phenomenon that occurs here. It is called Pandava’s Drum. There is a rock on the beach, which makes a unique drum-like sound if you hit it on a particular spot. The beach is also popular for its Bhakti Kutir eco complex.

How To Get There: Busses from Kadamb are easily available that can take you to Colomb beach.

29.  Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach
Source: tripsavvy

Patnem beach has a unique combination of quiet and cozy among the beaches in Panjim. This is the calmest beach in all of Goa. It is never crowded and stays quiet and tranquil even during the holidays. An ideal place for unwinding and gathering your thoughts if you need some time away from the hustle and the bustle of city life.

How To Get There: Just like all the other beaches, Patnem can easily be reached by a bus from any major spot in Goa.

30.   Banana Beach

Banana Beach
Source: dianahotels

Last but not least among the beaches in Panjim is the Baina beach. The Baina beach is unique because it has all the natural beauties that other beaches have, but it is not commercialized like the other beaches. Which is a plus point as well as a downside of this beach? If you want to spend some time witnessing the vastness of the sea, then Baina is the ideal beach for you, but if you are looking for other activities such as shopping and water sports, then this may not be the best choice for you due to the un-commercialized atmosphere of the place. But overall, it is a really beautiful beach, but a little shabby too.


  • If you’re planning to go on any special occasion, for example, the Christmas holidays, or to join the Sunburn festival, it is best to book your tickets and hotels a few weeks in advance as the best places all get taken during the holiday season.

  • There are shops all over Goa that sell almost everything you might be needing on your trip, but it is still a good idea to pack some essential stuff that beaches require like swimsuits and sunscreens.

  • To store every memory you make on your trip, bring extra memory cards for your cell phones and cameras so that you never run out of space. You can always sort the best ones out later.

The beaches in Panjim are each unique in its way, and it is almost an impossible task to sort out just a few where there are countless of them. But we still tried our level best. We hope this helps to make your trip enjoyable.

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