10 Best Beaches in South Korea

Going to South Korea any time soon? With summer ahead of us, you’re probably clueless about where to go. How can you get the best out of this trip? Let’s get you started on the best way to have fun under the sun by taking you to the beach!  So, pack your beach essentials because we are about to explore the 10 most beautiful beaches in South Korea.

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10 Best Beaches in South Korea

1. Haeundae Beach


The most popular beach to visit in Busan is Haeundae beach. If you don’t mind crowds, you must go see what the fuss is all about! On the weekends, this white sand beach is always jam-packed during beach season. That is why you may face restrictions with swimming. Otherwise, during the off-season, you can enjoy the best swims at any time.

In this long stretch of a charming coastline, you can relax with your family. Throughout the day time, you can sunbathe, sip on your drink, and have a romantic getaway.

2. Eurwangni Beach


Eurwangni is a serene beach that looks dreamy. It is a smaller beach in comparison to the others in South Korea. Sit and relax on its white sand as you gaze into the marvelous vastness. Enjoy the sun even if you don’t want to swim. If you like walking, do so during low tides and you enjoy a bit of beer to accompany you. For an elevated experience with a loved one, take a climb on the rocks and enjoy fresh clams.

3. Hyeopjae Beach


A paradise in South Korea and what many would call is the most beautiful beach in all of Korea! The Hyeopjae beach is a dreamy white sand beach with clear waters. It has lava rocks that cave out little coves. Because of this, there seem to be several private beaches next to the main beach.

You can get away from the crowds into these private waters and snorkel around as you wish. Words wouldn’t be enough to explain the thrilling experience you would have in person!

4. Naksan Beach


This is a summer destination to enjoy in groups near Seoul. Naksan Beach is a typical sandy beach. It is a wide beach so you can build sandcastles and run along with the shallow tides.

If you love taking strolls, it has a walkway. If you walk towards the northern part, there is a beautiful rocky shoreline. From there you can get to Naksana Temple as well. Overall, if you are looking for a fun and soulful getaway, visit on a weekend or any time in June or July.

5. Jeondongjin Beach

Jeondongjin Beach
Source: traintokitezh.com

If you are actively trying to avoid trashed beaches, you should definitely pay a visit to Jeondongjin Beach. It is a neat beach for the eyes and its blue soothes your soul. It is a beautiful beach that is in a wonderful touristy spot. There is a museum and a peddle train around it. You can also choose to walk instead of taking the train and experience its nature.

6. Sangju Beach

Sangju Beach
Source: ttnotes.com

Another extremely popular and attractive beach is Sangju Beach in Namhae. Usually one would prefer to visit in winter. There are still some great summertime activities to engage in such as fishing during the evenings from the islands. You would have a relaxing time under the shades of pine trees lined across its shoreline. Moreover, you can witness the incredible hues of sunset at the Geumsan Mountain behind Sangju Beach.

7. Muchangpo Beach

Muchangpo Beach
Source: livingnomads.com

Muchangpo Beach is full of mysteries! First of all, prepare yourself for a mystical walk by packing sturdy walking shoes and a lightweight jacket. Your curious mind would be fulfilled if you take this mysterious walk through the hidden pathway that appears more or less in the afternoon.

There is also an underwater bridge, that you can walk along between May and September. Apart from the curious things to do, watching the low tides being at their highs and lows while sitting on the sand would make you want to stay until dark.

8. Gyeongpo Beach

Gyeongpo Beach
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For wonderful swims in blue water and birdwatching opportunities between the prime months of April to October, the Gyeongpo Beach is a great tourist spot. You can also spend quality romantic time. This ever so dreamy beach happens to be between the ocean and the Gyeongpo Lake. If you’re staying at a hotel nearby, you would get a wonderful view of the lake too.

It is also well-facilitated with showers, restrooms, and parking spaces to keep you away from worries as a newcomer.

9. Haemdeok Beach

Haemdeok Beach
Source: trip.com

Can you imagine a scenic beach with white sparkling sands and soft lava rocks amid emerald waters? Jeju’s most popular, Haemdeok Beach, is exactly as we describe it! It is surrounded by green hills and a hill overlooking by the bay making it falls under the list of the 10 best beaches in South Korea!

Have fun catching small crabs with your children along the lava rocks. Enjoy swimming in the clear turquoise water. Moreover, you get nice restaurant options to go to eat after a day of relaxation.

Stunning views, good food, and promising walks – what more could you want to sign up for a day-long trip to this heavenly destination?

10. Daecheon Beach

Daecheon Beach
Source: trazy.com

Build sandcastles in the typical white sands or walk along the long coastline of Daecheon Beach. Rent tubes and float across the water. There is peace in the winds that flow, in which you can take long walks. At the end of the day, watch a beautiful sunset and witness the vastness of the sea even in the dark hours.

If you are visiting in July, you might be able to experience the Mudfest, a great festival in South Korea.

To sum it up, these were only 10 of the beautiful beaches across South Korea. People might think it’s all about the winter, but summers are enjoyable too. So don’t forget to pack the most comfortable sandals, a good sunscreen, and the most stylish pair of shades you own to rock your beach days.

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