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Beaches in Sri Lanka

One of the most desired country for travellers in Asia, Sri Lanka has a variety of places to visit. However, the most phenomenal tourist venue often start with the beaches in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy the clear water and the earthy smell of the sand along with a beautiful view. The beaches of Sri Lanka are well equipped with onshore and offshore activities both. You can jet ski, paraglide and do multiple other activities when you are at the beach. If you have a group of friends who want to experience beach life in Asia, they must come to Sri Lanka for that. Talking about experiences, Sri Lankan cuisine is unbeatable. They have some exotic dishes which are served on the beach. If you are an unstoppable and crazy seafood lover, there are lots of treats waiting for you to devour in the best beaches of Sri Lanka.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

1. Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay
Source: ShaLanka

This is not only of the best beaches in Sri Lanka, but it is also the best turf spot in the country. It is an average-sized beach but undeniably is a pocket-sized powerhouse. As a tourist, you will be able to avail the scenic beauty of the beaches and also be able to surf through the challenging waves at the bay. Moreover, there is Pottuvil near the beach. It hosts a varying amount of ancient ruins which are impeccably mesmerizing. It has a lagoon so if you are a fan of lagoons, do check it out. You will be astonished to see the Mangrove Ecotourism this beach offers. You will be able to witness a fantastic combination of wildlife creatures such as monkeys, crocodiles and much more.

2. Unawatuna/Galle

Source: Nerd Nomads

Have you ever wondered how life would be like on an isolated land with nothing but stunning, natural elements and mouth-watering dishes? If yes, you must visit Unawatuna. Unawatuna is one of the finest beaches in Sri Lanka with shiny sand, clear water and an arena of palm trees. You will be able to avail sunbeds for a relaxing tanning or vitamin D exposing session. After that, you can unlock your spiritual senses by visiting the small pagoda from which you can get a view of the entire beach. Moreover, you can also get authentic Sri Lankan souvenirs at the Unawatuna centre which is really popular for tourist shopping. Luckily, this beach also has a variety of accommodating hotels within an affordable price range. Hence, do add this beach to your bucket list!

3. Hiriketaya

Source: The Common Wanderer

Beaches at Sri Lanka tend to be very crowded. However, Hiriketaya is one of the coolest beaches in Sri Lanka when it comes to finding peace and solidarity with the view of a sea. This beach is not ideal for surfing but thanks to the entertaining restaurants and dazzling cafes, it is a very pleasant place for a day out. Furthermore, there is the infamous Salt House. Salt House is an impeccable place for yogic souls. Even if you are not a regular yogini, you must go ahead and try it out. It truly is one of a kind. Hiriketeya also hosts the tallest lighthouse Dondra which was built in the last 19th century. The best part is, you get to enter it for free.

4. Bentota

Source: Orange Smile

Bentota is a beach with a serene atmosphere and there are tons of activities which you

can indulge in. If you enjoy ancient architecture, you must visit the Brief Gardens. This place is incredibly appropriate for an excursion since it was once a rubber plantation and then a museum and now a tourist spot; you will be able to see the changing architecture of that place. On the other hand, Galapata Vihara is a perfect example of an ancient relic. It is a beautiful temple and there are multiple underground tunnels which connect the other temples of Bentota with it. You can take aesthetic pictures and have good exploring session too. Last but definitely not the least, you can check out the Sea Turtle project. The large turtle collection will surely make your heart melt!

5. Mirissa

Source: The Globetrotter GP

Mirissa is an amazing beach filled with a variety of attractions. Are you a sportsperson who loves challenges? If yes, you must try out the water sports at Mirissa. You can go for underwater snorkelling which obviously will give you an interrupted view of the marine life of Sri Lanka. Have you ever heard of whale watching? If you have not, this is your chance to do it. It is a treat to the eye as the whales put up a show of their own as they jump and rotate inside the sea. You will be awestruck to see the whales and dolphins mingling in the heart of the water. Lastly, the food and accommodation at the Mirissa beach are budget-friendly too!

6. Uppuveli

Source: TheIneffableTravels

Are you trying to forget all your work stress and are willing to embrace a different culture for a change? If yes, you must visit Uppuveli beach. This beach has aromatic sand which gives out the smell of freshness. You will be able to swim all day long as the conditions on the coast are very good. The most intriguing part about this beach is that you get to mingle with local Sri Lankans who are incredibly amicable and accepting. They will vibe with you just like they would vibe with local people. You will also have a great time chasing the beach dogs as they are very fun loving and they are fond of playing with the visitors. There are some ordinary cafes near the beach which have some filling snacks for you when you are hungry.

7. Wijaya Beach

Wijaya Beach - Beaches in Sri Lanka
Source: Monica Pizzuti Occhipinti – Trover

Wijaya Beach is the most popular beach of Sri Lanka when it comes to hosting seaside parties or dining in posh restaurants. If the budget is something you are not that concerned about, you must not skip out on visiting this beach because it has a lot to offer. Starting from tangy cocktails to never ever heard of before dishes, you will be able to devour it all. The crowd will make you feel very energised and rejuvenated. You can spend the entire day swimming at the beach or taking a sunbath filled with vitamin D and reserve the night to party with your friends, loved ones or even just by yourself! This is the beauty of getting lost in an unknown land.

8. Trincomalee Beach

Trincomalee Beach - Beaches in Sri Lanka

A beach famous for its past, Trincomalee Beach signifies the great trade between the Europeans and the Asians during the medieval age. This beach is an ideal combo of everything Sri Lanka has incorporated in its’ beach life although there is one attraction which is very uncommon and that is the marble beach. The marble beach is just an eye relaxing destination for travellers as they get to see the natures fine play of solidified art. You can also snorkel into the deep water or dive towards a shipwreck, the choice and liberty are completely yours. Furthermore, you can also play kite surfing into the true blue sky of Sri Lanka. Hence, if you do plan to visit Trincomalee Beach, make sure you spend the day there because it is so worth it!

9. Koggala Beach

Koggala Beach - Beaches in Sri Lanka
Source: Oddviser

Are you in search of nature’s finest gifts? If yes, you must visit Koggala Beach. This beach is one of a kind as it has a stream of birds hovering around the beach, making it look like a movie. As beautiful as the birdlife sounds, Koggala also offers you a rocky series of stones with some mangrove trees to make your seaside treat much sweeter. Moreover, you can also opt-out for motorboat or catamaran rides to surf through the waves and turns of the sea. You might as well visit the cinnamon plantation nearby to the beach as the smell is quite irresistible. It truly is an impeccable experience!

10. Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa Beach - Beaches in Sri Lanka
Source: Destinationless Travel

Hikkaduwa is an underrated beach with so much potential to make your visit to Sri Lanka more interesting. As a beach, it has every component which makes it one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka. From Scuba diving to fine dining, you will be able to enjoy it all. You will also be able to witness the coral life very closely during your visit to the coral sanctuary. The clear water will make you swim until your body gives up and the honey beige sand will make you want to never go back. Hence, Hikkaduwa is a must-try for you if you are an adventurous person trying to make nature your ride to a great experience!

Beaches at Sri Lanka are incredibly beautiful and they deserve to be exposed a lot more than they currently are. Some places are not that budget-friendly but the activities make up for that and vice versa. You must visit the beaches in Sri Lanka to see for yourself!


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