Top 10 Best Beanie for Men & Women in 2020

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Winter is cold, and you need the best beanie to keep your head nice and warm. Here we have selected the warmest beanies for men and women to wear. With one of these wool hats, you can tackle any freezing environment indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, if you want to know what makes a great beanie, make sure to read our Beanie Buyer’s Guide at the ends.

So which beanie do you like? Find out here!

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Best Beanie for Men & Women to Buy

10. Minus 33

Minus 33 Beanie

For the best unisex beanie to wear, the Minus 33 has a Marino wool ridge cuff that will keep you nice and warm. The beanie is super soft and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, wool is breathable, moisture-wicking, fire, and odor-resistant.

Furthermore, you can wash it in the machine, and it is dryable. On the other hand, it has a circumference of 17-inches to 25-inches with a height of 9-inches to 12-inches and fits most heads. The fabric is flexible and ideal for any winter activity.

The beanie is lightweight, and you can cuff it to wear at 0° temperatures.

  • Color: Vast selection available
  • Machine Wash: Yes and dryable
  • Material: Australian Merino Wool
  • Measures: 1 (H) x 5 (W) inches
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Weight: 18.5 micron – 230/m²

9. Columbia Sportswear Beanie

Columbia Sportswear Beanie

The Thermarator beanie has a polyester fleece design with Omni-Heat reflective technology. The fabric is breathable and offers both men and women a snug fit. You can buy it in two sizes from large to extra-large or small to medium. Furthermore, it is machine washable and makes for a great winter cap. On the other hand, you can even keep your ears warm at the same time.

  • Color: Six colors
  • Machine Wash: Yes and dryable
  • Material: Polyester with Omni-Heat 280g and Thermarator Fleece
  • Measures: 21 to 22 inches (S/M) and 22 to 24-inches (L/XL)
  • Size: Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large
  • Weight: Lightweight

8, Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research Beanie

The Gradient hat offers you everything you need to keep your head warm. The fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, and has a warm fleece lining. The beanie has a boiled wool structure and available in funky colors. However, the sizes do run a bit small, and you need to hand wash the hat. Furthermore, if you are allergic to wool, it is best not to buy this beanie.

  • Color: Five Funky Colors
  • Machine Wash: No
  • Material: Boiled Wool with Fleece Lining
  • Measures: 8-inches (H) x 9-inches (W)
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Weight: Lightweight

7. Yukon Chunky Beanie

Yukon Chunky Beanie

The beanie is made for men, but it does not stop women from wearing it as well. The Coal beanie is trendy and functional for winter wear. On the outside, it has a crossed cable-knit made of pure wool. On the inside, it is lined with polyester and a fleece band.

Even the logo is stylish and displayed on a suede tag. With the snug fit, it covers your ears and keeps you warm at 25° F temperatures. However, if you are allergic to wool, it is best to stay clear of this beanie.

  • Color: Wide selection of colors
  • Machine Wash: No
  • Material: Wool and Polyester
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Weight: Lightweight

6. Arcteryx Stripe Hat Arcteryx Stripe Hat

While this hat is made for men, it does not prevent women from wearing it. The beanie has an oversized slouch with a classic look. You can buy it in 18 colors and pulls down comfortably over your ears. Alternatively, you can roll up the brim and made of moisture-wicking wool to fit comfortably under a helmet. You can wear it in 10° F weather to keep you warm. Furthermore, to prevent it from losing its length, you need to hand wash and air dries the hat.

  • Color: 18 Colors Available
  • Machine Wash: No
  • Material: Wool and Acrylic Blend
  • Measures: 20-inches perimeter
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Weight: Lightweight

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5. Under Armor Beanie

Under Armor

Here we have the best beanie for men to keep them toasty warm in winter. The ColdGear has infrared elements with UA Storm Technology fabric that is water repellant. On the inside of the hat, it is coated with the ColdGear to absorb and retain heat.

Furthermore, it is comfortable to wear under a helmet and available in 14 colors. Another neat thing is that one size fits all and feels that even women can benefit from wearing it. However, if you want ear coverage, this is not the hat to buy as it sits on top of your ears.

  • Color: 14 Colors Available
  • Machine Wash: Yes
  • Material: Polyester with ColdGear Infrared Technology
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Weight: Lightweight

4. North Face

North Face

The Bones beanie is made for active men and offers a slim fitting design. The hat comprises different synthetic materials and great to wear if you have allergies or sensitive skin. Furthermore, it fits comfortably under hoods and helmets plus you can wash it in the machine. However, it is not machine dryable.

  • Color: 10 Colors Available
  • Machine Wash: Yes
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Weight: Lightweight

3. Under Armour Around Town Beanie

Under Armour Around Town Beanie

For the best beanie for women, the Around Town hat is made for a wide range of winter activities. The soft cable knit looks stylish and one-size-fits-all. Furthermore, it is comfortable and looks great with any outfit. On the other hand, the collection has some fun colors available like the Violet Storm and Knock Out Maroon.

  • Color: Vast selection of colors
  • Machine Wash: Yes
  • Material: Different Fiber Materials
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Weight: Lightweight

2. Columbia Cabled Cutie Beanie

Columbia Cabled Cutie Beanie

For a trendy beanie made for women, the Columbia Cabled Cutie is perfect for keeping the head warm. The wicking fabric is great for snowboarding and skiing. On the inside, it has a soft fleece ear band to wear under helmets and hoods. You will have to hand wash the hat as it is not machine washable and is only available in one size.

  • Color: Three
  • Machine Wash: No
  • Material: Acrylic and Fleece
  • Size: 6 ½ – 7 ½
  • Weight: Lightweight

1. Patagonia Cable Beanie

Patagonia Cable Beanie

Another trendy beanie for women is Patagonia made of recycled wool and nylon. Furthermore, you can buy it in two colors and one size fits all. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the mountains, you can enjoy a warm head in the snowy conditions. On the other hand, it fits under a helmet or hood as well.

  • Color: Two
  • Machine Wash: No
  • Material: Recycled Wool and Nylon
  • Size: One Size Fits All
  • Weight: Lightweight

Beanie Comparison Table


Beanie Buyer’s Guide

With winter here, it is time to bring out the warm clothing and get ready for the cold outdoor activities. Whether you snowboard, ski, ice skate, or do sledding, you need the best beanie for men and women to keep you warm.

Now that you have looked at the top brand selection, it is time to make an educated purchase. Whether it is warmth, style, or function we can help you find the right beanie to suit your needs this winter.

Here are some features you can consider before making your purchase.

How thick should the beanie be?

It all depends on your winter needs and where you plan to wear it. Are you planning to wear it alone or do you need to wear it with a hood or helmet?

All these factors will determine how thick the beanie should be. For layering, you will need a thin hat while wearing it on its own the material should be thicker.

Is the color important?

Choosing the color depends if you partake in extreme winter sports. We recommend you choose one with reflective, bright, or neon colors if this is the case. However, if you are only wearing it to keep warm when out, any shade is suitable to fit in with your lifestyle.

The Length

If you do not want your ears freezing up, choose one that will cover your ears. However, if you plan on wearing earmuffs or a headband, you can pick one that sits on top of the ears.

How warm should the beanie be?

If you go out in freezing degrees, you can buy a beanie made with different materials made for a wide selection of environments.

Should you pick one with a UPF Rating?

Do you have a sensitive scalp, or are you bald? Then you need to pay attention to the UPF Rating. The indication tells you how well you are protected against the sun’s rays.

Now that you know what to look for in choosing the best beanie for men & women, which brand should you choose? All of the hats available on the list are made for outdoor activities. But three bands do stand out from the others on the list.

One is the Under Armour that makes their beanie with durable fabric and patented technology. The material used in the design is Primaloft, a lightweight fabric that provides exceptional insulation to keep you warm. The beanie has a thermo-conductive pattern to absorb and retain body heat. Next is the Patagonia brand that uses recycled polyester and spandex yard to make their hats. The product is environmentally friendly and offers you an itch-free and quick-dry action.

Lastly, is the Minus 33 brand that classifies their accessories into three categories from lightweight, mid-weight to expedition weight? The material is soft, moisture-wicking, and fire-resistant, regardless of the material weight category.

We want to thank you for reading our top 10 best beanies for men & women review and hope you find a suitable hat to cover up your head this winter. Alternatively, once you have chosen your perfect winter hat, why not check out our best snowmobile helmets while here as well.

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