15 Beautiful Waterfalls in Arizona | United State

One of the best places to visit in Arizona. The states surrounded by mountains, deserts, and landscapes. During the summer, it is hot, and you need to cool off. So where do you find the best place to bring down your body temperature. You visit one of the 15 beautiful waterfalls in Arizona. Many of them you can see in the region of Havasu. Here you can cool down, swim, and enjoy the views of the landscape.


Amazing Waterfalls to Visit in Arizona, United State


1. Hidden Waterfall

Hidden Waterfall
Source: theoutbound

In the reservation of Havasupai, you find the magnificent Hidden Falls. You can access it via the campground located in Supai. The place is ideal for cliff jumping as it has a 50-feet drop and made for the brave at heart to take a leap of faith. However, you can also go hiking to reach the bridge through the campground from Navajo. Once you reach the picnic area the distance from the point of the falls not too far. The waterfall goes over three cliffs that each range in different heights. Here you can visit throughout the year but during winter, you may find more water present.

2. Cibecue Falls

Cibecue Falls
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For a remarkable hike to get a great workout, you can visit Cibecue Falls, also found in the area. To be able to access the waterfalls, you will need to head over to Cibecue Creek Falls in Gila County. Here you will hike for four miles on a dirt road that leads to the trailhead found alongside the Salt River Canyon. The waterfall is reasonably high at 30-feet.

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3. Fossil Creek Falls

Fossil Creek Falls
Source: theoutbound

The waterfall in Arizona you find near Pine. To see Fossil Creek Falls, you will need to hike all the way there. The fall is 25-feet high and the waterfalls into a deep pool. Here you can do cliff jumping but you need to be aware of the water level at all times. In the area, you can find swimming pools as well and need to remember that the waterfall is not a park and has no areas to visit. You will hike for 1.5 miles before reaching Fossil Creek Falls.

4. Seven Falls

Seven Falls
Source: arizonahikersguide

In Sabino Canyon found in the Catalina Foothills is the magnificent Seven Falls. Here you can find a 2.5-mile hiking trail with lush landscapes. The hills are close to Tucson, known as a dry terrain with a forest and the waterfall that cascades into a pool for you to cool off. The height gain is over 900-feet.

5. Ribbon Falls

Ribbon Falls
Source: theoutbound

The beautiful waterfall in Arizona you can find in the Grand Canyon Nation Park on the North Kaibab Trail. The Ribbon Falls secluded but is easy to reach with a daily walk. The hike is about 16.8 miles with an elevation gain of 4,521-feet. Therefore, if you do want to enter this waterfall, you need to be an intermediate hiker.

6. Grand Falls

Grand Falls
Source: flagstaff

For an adventurous waterfall in Arizona, you will love the Grand Falls as it is off-road located. The closest town to the waterfall is Flagstaff and makes up part of the Navajo Nation. Therefore, you will need to get permission to hike the road up to the area that is at the bottom of the waterfall. Now do not expect to see clear water as it is very muddy and rushed from the top over 185-feet from the Little Colorado River and falls into a pool beneath. The best time to visit the Grand Falls is after rain or snowmelt.

7. Pacheta Falls

Pacheta Falls
Source: theoutbound

Near Whiteriver in Arizona, you can find the Pacheta Falls. You can find a wide selection of entrances to the fall. The waterfall also makes up part of the White Mountains, and you will need to access the trail from here. You will need a permit to hike or drive in the region as well. Here you can enjoy an off-road experience and once reaching the falls you can also swim there. The trail of 2.5 miles is not accessible during winter.

8. Ellison Creek Cascades and Water Wheel

Ellison Creek Cascades and Water Wheel
Source: theoutbound

The waterfall you find close to Payson, and it is a unique location with rocks cut away by the river. You start your hike at the day-use area close to the Water Wheel. The path runs along the river and leads you to the waterfall. Here you can swim or cliff jumps if you are brave enough. If you enjoy walking longer trails, you can head over to Bridal Veil Falls from here. The Ellison Cascade waterfall is 80-feet high and you will need to pay an entry fee. You can access the waterfall all year round.

9. Romero Pools

Romero Pools
Source: backobeyond

You find the waterfall near Tucson along the Romero Canyon Trail. To get access to the hiking trail, you need to head over to Catalina State Park and comes with costs to pay per vehicle. The trip is 2.8 miles and becomes challenging to travel. The whole trip is 5.6 miles and the pools fed by the waterfall. Therefore, once you reach your destination, you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool. You can access Romero Pools throughout the year.

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10. Navajo Falls

Navajo Falls
Source: theoutbound

For another beautiful waterfall in Arizona, you can visit the Navajo Falls situated in Supai. You can visit the falls throughout the year, but flooding can happen in the monsoon season. Furthermore, you can camp at the Havasupai Camping Site to access the falls as well. At the waterfall, you have a deep pool to jump from the cliff or enjoy swimming. The hiking trail is 1.2 miles and it is best to visit the area during summer, spring, or fall.

11. Tanque Verde Falls

Tanque Verde Falls
Source: theoutbound

Near Tucson in Arizona, you gain access to the Tanque Verde Falls at the Trailhead. The fall is 80-feet high with a pool below for swimming. To reach the waterfall, you will need a 4×4 and stretches a mile to reach the lower section with a 30-foot cascade. Once reaching the cascade, it is an 80-foot plunge into the pool. However, cliff jumping from here is dangerous as the rocks are slippery and there are strong currents as well. You can do rope swinging for enjoyment as well. The hiking distance is 1.6 miles and rated as medium to severe. The best time to visit is in summer, spring or autumn.

12. Apache Falls

Apache Falls
Source: theoutbound

In San Carlos, you find the Salt River Canyon with the Apache Falls. You will hike for one mile to reach the waterfall. You can visit the region throughout the year and the waterfall makes up part of the river. While there, you can also visit Cibecue Falls but will need to enter through the San Carlos Apache Recreation area. You can also enter the trail from the White Mountain region as well. However, you will need a permit to come from both sides.

13. Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls
Source: theoutbound

For a relaxing holiday, you can visit the Havasupai Campground and head over to Beaver Falls. The waterfall does not plunge but cascades over different boulders into a shallow pool. To reach the falls you need to walk for four miles and suitable for intermediate hikers. You can visit the Beaver Falls throughout the year. Alternatively, you can go via the Mooney Falls path but it is a more extended trip.

14. Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls
Source: theoutbound

Another beautiful waterfall in Arizona you find in the Havasupai Campground known as Mooney Falls. The drop is 200-feet into a pool below. The trail is not easy, but there are chains with ladders to reach it. The distance to travel is 0.5 miles with a 200-feet elevation to reach the top and bottom. The best time to visit is during summer, spring, and autumn.

15. Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls
Source: letsgobravo

The Havasu Falls plunged into a deep pool and found in Supai. The trip to reach the falls is 10 miles, and it has a minus 2,000-elevation gain and situated in a remote area of the Havasupai Reservation. You can visit the waterfall throughout the year and you will be hiking downhill to reach the waterfall.

So if you want to plan a fantastic trip, why not visit one of the 15 beautiful waterfalls in Arizona.


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