15 Best Beaches in Connecticut | United States

The Nutmeg State, Connecticut, you find in the New England Region of United States. The place offers you history, scenic landscapes, and the renowned Yale University. Here you can find a wide selection of state parks with forests and gorgeous beaches. Therefore, instead of making a list of the state parks, we decided to give you the 15 best beaches in Connecticut to visit. Some of them offer you natural splendor while others have some great attractions nearby.

Best Beaches to Visit in Connecticut, United State

1. Calf Pasture Beach

Calf Pasture Beach
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You find the beach in Norwalk and dates back to the 17th century when the land used to be for cows grazing on the ground. Furthermore, it is a park and you can reach it by road. Nearby is a metro station and you can also find the Norwalk Transit Bus stopping here? Here you can find shaded playgrounds, lifeguards, a boat ramp, restaurants, fishing pier, and so much more. There is a skateboard park with baseball ground as well. Another highlight event is the one held on the beach on 4 July every year.

2. Clinton Town Beach

Clinton Town Beach
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Are you looking for another popular destination to get your feet wet? Then head over to Clinton Town Beach? Here you can laze in the sun while the kids swim. The best time to swim is at high tide, but you can always walk out to sandbars during low tide as well. There is a dog-walking trail, picnic area, restrooms, and other hiking trails. However, you need a Beach Pass to access the beach during summer.

3. Ocean Beach Park

Ocean Beach Park
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One of the best beaches in Connecticut is Ocean Beach Park. The sand has a sugar-white color with a swimming pool, miniature golf, joy rides, and so much more. The kids can keep themselves busy at the video game arcade and it has a food court packed with stalls. Throughout the year, you have different events taking place here from Classic Car Cruises to magic shows. Enjoy the nature walk for bird watching and a splendid view. The beach remains open from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

4. Hammonasset Beach State Park

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The beach stretches for two miles and attracts millions of visitors each year. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of water activities from swimming to boating. You can walk on the boardwalk or enjoy sunbathing. There are hiking trails with some great fishing spots. Along the shoreline, you get different camping sites equipped with electricity. While here, head over to the Meigs Point Nature Center and explore impressive display from fish, snakes, crabs, and more.

5. Harvey’s Beach

Harvey’s Beach
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The beach you find tucked away in Old Saybrook with a fantastic view. The shoreline stretches for miles and has soft white sand. Even the sunset is mesmerizing to see. Here you find public restrooms, shower facilities, playgrounds, food stands, and more. The beach is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day and you will find lifeguards present during this time. Therefore, if you want to do swimming, beachcombing, paddling and so much more head here for the best time in the sun.

6. Hole-in-the-Wall Beach

Hole-in-the-Wall Beach
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You find the beach at McCook’s Point Park in East Lyme. Here you get endless activities to do from swimming to catching fish. However, you do need a boat launch pass for canoeing or kayaking. You can walk along the beach or explore some of the exciting places around. Lifeguards are patrolling the beach during the summer and will need a pass to access the beach between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Furthermore, you can take Fluffy with on leash.

7. Jacobs Beach

Jacobs Beach
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One of Connecticut’s secret beaches is Jacobs Beach. Here you can find peace to enjoy some rest on the sand. You see the beach on Seaside Avenue in Guilford. However, to access the beach, you will need to pay a small fee. The place is excellent for kayakers to enjoy. Here you can find many amenities from grilling stations, restrooms, boat racks, picnic areas, and more.

8. Jennings Beach

Jennings Beach
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Laze on the golden sand with striking views at Jennings Beach. Here you get a stunning view of Long Island Sand. Next to the parking lot, you find the Henry Rowland Memorial Playground for the kids to enjoy. Another fantastic place to launch your boat is at Ash Creek Open Space. Furthermore, there are loads of facilities from restrooms, lifeguards, to concession stands. There is also a skating park and playground in the parking area.

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9. Pear Tree Point Beach

Pear Tree Point Beach
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One of the best beach locations in Connecticut is Fairfield County. Here you find Pear Tree Point Beach made up of two sections. The beach caters for everyone to enjoy a great day in the sun. Here you find restrooms, bathing areas, picnic areas with tables, and more. Furthermore, it has a gorgeous pavilion, and there are lifeguards on duty as well. Here you can do boating with boat launch and use the beach rock jetty as well.

10. Rocky Neck State Park

Rocky Neck State Park
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At Rocky Neck State Park, you have land, water, rocky shores, tidal rivers, and white sandy beaches. Furthermore, it has a historic stone gazebo that dates back to the 1930s, Ellie Mitchell Pavilion. Here you can live up the sun by swimming, crabbing, and fishing. There are picnic areas with observation platforms. Enjoy bird watching, as there are herons, cranes, waterfowl, and mute swans to observe. For the hiker, there are several trails around Baker’s Cave and the Shipyard. Furthermore, there are restrooms, parking spaces, and food stands.

11. Shady Beach Park

Shady Beach Park
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While at Calf Pasture Beach, you can take a short walk to Shady Beach Park in Norwalk. Here you find a sandy beach with spectacular views. There are public facilities available from picnic tables, shaded areas, to splash pads. Furthermore, you get unsupervised and supervised swimming during the summer. Enjoy makeshift food at the concession stands around the beachfront.

12. Sherwood Island State Park

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On the shore of Long Island Sound, you find Sherwood Island State Park made up of wetlands, dunes, woodlands, and a beach. On the Westside of the beach is Sherwood Mill that is detached by ditches and coves. The shoreline stretches for miles and has a combination of white, black, and red sand. Here you can find the September 11 Living Memorial with NYC Skyline. Explore the Sherwood Nature Center for a close-up view of the wild animals. You can find different amenities along the beach as well.

13. Silver Stands State Park

Silver Stands State Park
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Another jewel found in Connecticut is the Silver Stands State Park with a huge recreation area. The park is the home to open spaces, salt marshes, the Charles Island bird sanctuary, and a beach. Here you find a wide selection of amenities from hiking trails, boardwalks, swimming, to enjoying a picnic. When the tide is low, you can walk to the bird sanctuary for a visit. Here you can see egrets and ospreys.

14. Waterford Beach Park

Waterford Beach Park
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Are you looking for a natural beach in Connecticut? Head over to Waterford Beach Park with a shoreline stretching for miles. Here you get a stunning view of sandy hills, dune systems, and tidal marshes. There are public facilities from picnic areas, restrooms, tennis courts, fishing permits, and more. Furthermore, you can enjoy a leisure swim while lifeguards look out for you.

15. McCook Point Beach

McCook Point Beach
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Another park with a beautiful beach is the one in Niantic Village found in East Lyme. Here you can also find the Hole-in-the-Wall beach. Here you can stroll the walking trails or walk on the boardwalks. There are restrooms with a picnic area. You can also rent the pavilion, and the kids can enjoy playing in the playground. You get parking at the beach and bluff. When standing at McCook Point, you get a stunning view of Plum Island, Orient Point, and Fisher’s Island.

So if you are planning a vacation this summer, head over to the 15 best beaches in Connecticut for a day in the sun.


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