10 Best Beaches in Singapore

Because of being situated on an Island, Singapore naturally has some of the most immaculate coastlines in the world. Tourists will likely find several lively beaches perfect for sunbathing or swimming. The consistently warm climate of Singapore ensures that the popular shorelines are always crowded throughout the year. 

If you’re lucky, you might even be able to attend some exciting beach parties on your memorable visit to Singapore. In this article, we take an in-depth look at 10 best beaches in this sprawling city-state.

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10 Best Beaches in Singapore

1. Tanjong Beach

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Tanjong Beach is one of Singapore’s earliest artificial beaches and it is in the Southern part of Sentosa. This crescent-shaped coastline is hailed for its shallow water and many palm trees scattered throughout the region. You will find long stretches of soft white sand naturally to take a soothing stroll.

Amazing beach parties are regularly arranged by Tanjong Beach Club on this beach. Additional amenities include a large beach-side swimming pool, a generous handful of lounges, and affordable bike rental services.

2. Sembawang beach

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Sembawang beach is positioned beside the Straits of Johor and is among Singapore’s handful of natural beaches. This beautiful 15-hectare coastline is much smaller than other popular beaches in Singapore, such as Changi beach and East Coast Beach. However, this lovely place has undoubtedly gained an immense amount of recognition for its historical and cultural significance.

Between 1938 and 1968, this magnificent coastline was once one of Singapore’s primary naval base. If you are genuinely interested in this historical region’s glorious past, drop by the Sembawang memorial and Kampong Wak Hassan.

3. Changi Beach

source: wikipedia

In the Eastern part of Singapore, this massive beach is popularly believed to be one of Singapore’s most-visited beaches. This is where families and body-builders gather around the weekend to spend their leisure time.

Next to the beach lies the spectacular Changi Beach Park offering many hiking trails ideal for jogging or a short stroll. As you relax on your beach chair, you will undoubtedly notice the several humongous planes that bring a great number of vacationers to this outstanding metropolis.

4. Punggol Beach

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In the famous Sentosa Island, Punggol beach is considered being one of Singapore’s hidden gems. Unlike many other well-known beaches, Punggol Point is less crowded and has remained untraversed. 

However, its majestic waters and serene atmosphere is unmatched, naturally making it a great place to visit for vacationers seeking a quiet time. To reach this divine shoreline, you can take an MRT to reach comfortably to the Punggol Station and hop onto Bus 84.

5. Kusu Island

source: wikipedia

If you are hunting for peaceful beaches like our previous entry, you should consider taking a trip to the astonishing Kusu Island to explore the beaches native to that region. The translucent waters and sandy coastlines are encompassed by dense foliage. 

You will also find a marvelous Turtle Sanctuary packed with playful turtles. There is also a paved path ideal for a short walk, and this lovely island has several incredible dining outlets offering mouth-watering cuisine.

6. Pasir Ris Park

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Unlike other convention beaches of Singapore, Pasir Ris Park is packed with exhilarating activities for eager tourists. Spanning roughly 70 hectares, you will notice an enormous mangrove swamp featuring many trails for trekking.

Besides that, the park also has a stable where you can rent a variety of horses for riding. Children can also learn how to ride a pony. The center of the mangrove swamp boasts a three-story tower that provides a great vantage point for bird-watching.

7. Siloso Beach

source: sentosa

If you’re looking for beaches that are brimming with activities, then you must visit Siloso Beach on your trip to Singapore. This beach is occupied by many clubs that offer a diverse selection of watersports to the willing public. 

Some of these clubs include Ola Beach Club, Coasts, and the well-known Sand Bar. These clubs will allow you to enjoy a steady donut ride or blast through the open waters on a swift jet ski. Thrill-seekers will also get to try the 450-meter long MegaZip to get an incredible view of the shorelines below.

8. East Coast Park

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The East Coast Park is renowned for its impressive beach and its wealth of activities. Other than enjoying the gentle breeze of the shorelines, you can also take a relaxing walk along 15-meters of white sand.

You can join friendly locals in their tai chi classes. There are a few rental services that offer cycles and rollerblades to explore the beach. In the evening, you will notice several families enjoying a delightful barbeque at the barbecue pits.

9. Lazarus Island

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Unbeknownst to many locals, Lazarus Island possesses the best beaches this bustling city-state has to offer. This island never gets too crowded, and it exudes a pleasant tropical vibe inviting tourists who are looking for a calming experience. 

The combination of soft sand, deep blue water, and a quiet atmosphere make it a great place for visitors seeking solace and solitude. You will also find several hawker centers nearby serving delicious seafood and other delicacies.

10. St John’s Island

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St John’s Island is visited by almost all vacationers at least once. This enthralling island is perfect for tourists planning a beach holiday, for its abundant resorts. You will find a variety of shells on the ground as you stroll on the beach. On top of that, this island is hyped for its huge cat population.

You will find these adorable furballs in almost every corner of the island. Finally, you will discover a few caves and passages along the shorelines, ideal for spelunking.


In Conclusion, Singapore isn’t short of extraordinary beaches that will blow your mind! You will find lively beaches that frequently organize exciting parties. Alternatively, there are peaceful and quaint beaches, ideal for meditation and yoga. To make things even better, all the beaches have praiseworthy food courts nearby.


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