Top 10 Best Bike Travel Cases in 2020

Bike Travel Cases

Spending your bucks on a good travel case is the best form of investment to do if you own a bike. Whether you intend on riding around the country or across the globe, a travel case will let you have peace of mind, by protecting your bike by all means. But choosing the right case for your bike can be a hell of a challenging task. But we have taken this responsibility upon us to help you choose the best one!

So, without any further ado let’s have a look at ten best bike travel cases available online.

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Top 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

10. Douchebag the Savage BagTop 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: Don’t let the name of this bag fool you as it does a pretty good job when it comes to protecting your bike. 

Design and Quality: This bag incorporates high durability, flexibility, and compressibility to protect the most vulnerable parts. 

Product Features: It has an adaptable fork-holder and heavy-stress webbing as a shield to your bike.

9. Pro Mega Bike Travel Case Top 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: This gigantic bike case fits best for bulk-sized bikes.

Design and Quality: It has a layout of tough-plastic with an aluminum frame. The size of the bag makes it easy to pack. This bag, given its size, doesn’t weigh that much. 

Product Features: It has multiple zip pockets on it to fit in your essential gear and accessories.

8. BIKND Helium V4 Bike CaseTop 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: This bike case from BIKND is convenient to carry around. 

Design and Quality: The bike has inflatable foam, the best material to ensure optimum security. But what stands out for this bag is its size. It is the smallest bike case available in the market with maximum protection. 

Product Features: It features 4 swivel wheels and two big foldable compartments.

7. B&W International Bike Guard Top 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: This bike case hails from B&W and reduces the unnecessary bulk of a hard case.

Design and Quality: This bag is made out of polypropylene materials which are 12 times stronger than ABS materials. Moreover, it is eco-friendly, waterproof, and scratch-resistant. 

Product Features: It features two fixed wheels and two rolling wheels. To ensure extra security here’s an option to attach a TSA pad-lock to the case

6. Thule Round Trip Pro Bike Case Top 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: Thule Pro bike case will protect your bike if you want to transfer it overseas. 

Design and Quality: This lightweight case is constructed with durable aluminum ripstop nylon and can be used for all types of bikes.

Product Features: It offers four wheels, five handles and two 29-inch cases for ample storage. Given its flexibility, it folds up easily while not using it.

5. Scicon AeroTech Evolution Hard Case Top 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: This case has been specially designed for race bikes.

Design and Quality: Even though this bike is bulky, it is durable enough to use in the long run. 

Product Features: It has TSA approved locks for safety and a suspended frame system to hold it firmly in place.

4. Thule RoundTrip TransitionTop 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: Thule manufacturers one of the most protective bike cases in the market that are ideal for long trips.

Design and Quality: Combined material of ABS plastic and aluminum has made this a sturdy case to use during transport.

Product Features: This case features multiple functions that can be used as a holder or stand. The installment of this case is super easy so you won’t have to splurge extra money buying tools and equipment.

3. Evoc Bike Travel BagTop 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: This bike travel case from Evoc is one most versatile tackle box you can get yourself.

Design and Quality: While making this product, Evoc took extra care to pick the top-notch quality material for the safety of your bike. It has a hybrid style that blends the benefits of a rigid shell case with soft bag properties. 

Product Features: The bike cover is covered by 10 mm padding and rubber enhancer. A full-tilt case, a zip pocket on the front side, multiple handles, and tire pockets are included in this bag.

2. Scicon Aerocomfort Bike Travel Case Top 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: Scicon’s Aerocomfort bike case was made with the input from trail riders and sprinters.

Design and Quality: Made out nylon material, this bag has soft padding and sturdy parts to secure the bike. This case is so lightweight that you can easily skip the charge of oversized baggage while traveling overseas.

Product Features: The four-wheeled design allows smooth maneuvering even in the busiest airports. It has eight roller bearing wheels to take turns in corners. It also includes a zipper, two mesh pockets, and a TSA padlock.

1. EVOC Road Bike Bag Pro Bike CaseTop 10 Best Bike Travel Cases

Product Description: This bike case made it to the top of the list as it hails from the leading brands Evoc and got a high score in consumer satisfaction. 

Design and Quality: To save your bike from every possible harmful thing, it has sturdy aluminum slide rail all over its body. The lid made from high-quality polycarbonate to make it pressure-proof.

Product Features: Bikers who have purchased the bag mostly rave about it as it is super easy to pack. When not in use, it can be easily roll up and store in a safe spot. If you tend to travel every day, make sure to check this case out.

To sum it all up, having a travel case is inevitable for every biker. With too many options to choose from, buying a bike travel case can be a bit challenging. Now after reading this, we hope you have found one for you that best fits your demands.


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