Top 10 Best Gear Ties

Gear Ties

If you believe that your cables, earphones or chargers come to life like the toys from Toy Story when you’re not looking, we understand you! That explains the coiled mess, right? 

You obviously couldn’t have made this big a muddle all by yourself!

Using gear ties can save up a lot of time when you’re looking for a specific thing but it’s almost impossible to extract from the pile. Gear ties can help you organize your home, office space and even your garden. They can be put to good use in camping too! 

Here’s our list of top ten gear ties to get you started!

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Top 10 Best Gear Ties

10. VELCRO Cable Ties 

VELCRO Cable Ties

 No need to rummage in a wiry mess that looks no less of a crow’s nest.  A pack of VELCRO one-wrap cable ties can help you organize and save a lot of time. This set of five fasteners can be reused. You can reposition them after they have served one purpose. 


  1. Color-coded for easy management of your wires or other accessories. 
  2.  Available from a set of 5 ties to a huge set of 60 ties.
  3. The adjustable strap has a secured hold that doesn’t break easily.



 This set of three colored wires of three different sizes make sure that you never waste a moment combing out the wire you’re desperately looking for. This set of gear ties have steel in their core for extra strength and silicone outside for greater flexibility. They come in 4″, 6″ and 12″ sizes to ensure better usability.  


  1. It can be bent easily to form the desired shape.
  2. Durable rubber exterior for extra safety.
  3. It comes in three colors for ease of organizing.

8. Fironst Twist Ties 

Fironst Twist Ties

Does the sight of tangled wires and cords disturb you? This set of magnetic twist ties can be used as excellent cord winders for easy cable management.  The ties are made of environment-friendly dust-repellent soft silicone. The design is compact and lightweight too.


  1. The soft silicone is very flexible. They won’t tear or lose their shape in a long time. 
  2. The magnets are fully sealed and embedded. Low chance of falling out or demagnetizing. 
  3. It can be used for organizing earphones, chargers, USB cables, etc. 

7. Andalus Gear Ties 

Andalus Gear Ties

These reusable and flexible rubber ties can be used on multiple occasions when you’re at the home, office or simply going for any outdoor activity like camping, hiking, mountaineering, etc.  This set of all-purpose durable ties can help you tidy up or fasten similar things quite easily. On top of that, they’re waterproof; so you can use them in your garden or garage as well.    


  1. Each gear tie can carry 110 pounds.
  2. Made of good quality soft foam and have a metal wire in the core for durability.
  3. They’re 17 inches long. 

6. SYOSIN Twist Ties

SYOSIN Twist Ties

Looking for heavy-duty gear ties at a low price to organize your accessories? This set of ties has multiple features and will go a long way!   This set of reusable ties come with an easy-adjustment property. They serve a multitude of purposes with a staggering lifespan of 2 to 5 years.     


  1. These soft twist ties are UV resistant. They don’t lose their functionality while used outdoors. 
  2.  They are 12 inches long.
  3. They have around ended for safety and don’t slip off.  

5. UST Gear Snake 

UST Gear Snake

 A set of these gear ties make sure that you never run out of help when you’re handling camping equipment or hunting gears.

These wires are made of durable foam-rubber with a bendable steel core. You can easily cut them to a preferable size with a knife or scissors.  


  1. It can be easily stored in a backpack.
  2. These wires will not slip, stretch or rust.
  3. Working in darkness is made possible with these glow-in-the-dark ties.

4. Nite Ize Twist Tie 

Nite Ize Twist Tie

 This reusable gear tie can be a perfect solution for securing plants, training vines, plant structures and more. It will last for multiple seasons.  It is made of premium quality foam. It can be used both indoors and outdoors as it has a highly durable, UV resistant and waterproof design.     


  1. It’s 20 feet long and can be cut to size.
  2. The soft rubber exterior is easy on plants.
  3. You can easily reposition them.

3. TIPU Gear Ties

TIPU Gear Ties

Tidy up your home, office, campground, yard and more with a set of twist ties by TIPU. Now make organizing much easier with color-coded ties of four sizes!    These gear ties are very durable since they come with a strong wire on the inside and a soft rubber coating on the outside. 


  1. Efficiently maintains any shape you give it.
  2. They don’t leave marks on objects’ surface after elongated use.
  3. UV resistant, waterproof and reusable.

2. XDKJ Gear Ties 

XDKJ Gear Ties

Tidy up and reorganize easily and effectively with this set of reusable twist ties available in four different colors and sizes.    The durable rubber coating prevents scratches on your items.


  1. Colorful rubber exterior is UV resistant.
  2. The ties are reusable.
  3. Each set contains 16 ties of four sizes.

1. Nite Ize Gear Tie 

Nite Ize Gear Tie

Tired of those single-use zip ties and cable ties? These gear ties are not only reusable but also durable.     These rubber twist ties are made of good quality materials. They can be of great use in camping as well as in your home or yard. 


  1. Waterproof and UV resistant.
  2. Includes twelve 6″ gear ties.
  3. High flexibility.

To conclude, we hope that we helped you find a suitable gear tie set to keep your belongings in order.


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