15 Best Lakes in Massachusetts | United States

Cochituate Lake

Massachusetts situated in New England and has beautiful hills, coastal plains, urban centers, and mountains. The Bay State has numerous bays along the coastline with some running into the Connecticut River, Charles River, and the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can find reservoirs and freestanding lakes to enjoy a day out or even a vacation. So if you want to enjoy the outdoors head to the following 15 best lakes in Massachusetts reviewed here.

Best Lakes to Visit in Massachusetts, United States

1. Cochituate Lake

Cochituate Lake
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The lake you find in Cochituate State Park comprising of three ponds all linked together. Years ago, it used to be a reservoir providing Boston with water. However, today it is one of the best recreational spots in Massachusetts. During the summer you can swim, boat, fish or sail and it has some great hiking trails as well. There are picnic areas along the shoreline available.

2. Onata Lake

Onata Lake
Source: berkshirerowing

Here we have a summer mansion with a charming lake dating back to the 19th century. Here you can swim, water ski, fish, and sail on the water. Furthermore, you find Burbank Park here as well to launch your boat or enjoy a picnic. There is a beach and walking paths to view the area. You see, the reservoir in Pittsfield divided into two basins that flow to the Housatonic River.

3. Wyola Lake

Wyola Lake
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In Shutesbury, you find a small lagoon called Wyola Lake. Today the reservoir is a popular place for boating, fishing, swimming, and so much more. Here you get a boating ramp and is a great place to canoe as well. During the winter, you can ski and snowmobile here in the park. You can enjoy the quiet waters while having a picnic at one of the spots around the lake.

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4. Chaubunagungamaug Lake

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You find the lake in Webster and have a shoreline that stretches for miles. The name of the reservoir originated from the Nipmuc language, meaning the lake divided by islands. Here you will find eight islands with one included with a house. There are two marinas and the surrounding area offers hiking trails and wildlife.

5. Quabbin Reservoir

Source: masslive

The fabricated reservoir is one of the largest water supplies in the country. Here you can enjoy a stunning view of the lagoon that flows to the Wachusett Reservoir. While it supplies Boston with water, it is also one of the best recreational areas available. Here you can hike, cycle or do boating. The only problem is that you cannot swim here.

6. Quinsigamond Lake

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Close to Worcester, you find the gorgeous lake and home to eight islands with Drake Island that is state-owned. Here you find many rowing competitions taking place regularly. You can fish, swim, and sail on the lake. You see, the recreational activities along the western edge of the lagoon with restrooms, parking space, and picnic areas.

7. Ashmere Lake

Source: stonehouseproperties

The state-owned lake is small and found in Berkshire County. The lagoon is home to summer camps, vacation rentals, and homes. The reservoirs surrounded by countryside and a popular fishing spot. Here you can fish for black crappie, brown bullhead, and more. Furthermore, you can canoe or kayak here as well.

8. Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake
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The lake used to be Baptist Lake and used for baptism in the 19th century. Along the shoreline, you will see houses and parks with swimming spots and lifeguard training. The natural lake you find in Newton and offer you a serene atmosphere to come and relax.

9. Otis Reservoir

Source: stonehouseproperties

The reservoir formed by flooding has three ponds nearby for recreation. Here you can fish, ski, sail, boat, and swim. For a relaxing vacation, you can head here as the lakes stocked with different fish species. Along the shore, you will also find private cottages while the Tolland State Forest is on the edge of the lagoon for hiking and camping.

10. Attitash Lake

Attitash Lake
Source: wikipedia

Another popular summer destination in Massachusetts is the Attitash Lake. Here you find two beaches lined with boat docks and cottages. Furthermore, it is the best place for fishing all year round. You can swim, boat, and do other activities in the area. There are a car park and ramps for your boat. During the summer, there is a boy’s camp along the shore.

11. Monomonac Lake

Monomonac Lake | 15 Best Lakes in Massachusetts
Source: thecrazytourist

Here we have another lake created by damming from the Millers River. The artificial lagoon sits between Winchendon and New Hampshire Town. Here you find a warm water fishery to angle for different fish species. While the lake lies in the state of New Hampshire, both countries enjoy spending their summertime here.

12. Lake Boom

Lake Boom
Source: Wikipedia

The depth of Lake Boom is seven meters and has four basins making up essential parts of Hudson and Stow. For a summer retreat, this is the place to be. You can enjoy a picnic along the shoreline and during the summer, they have kid summer camps here.

13. Lake Massapoag

Lake Massapoag
Source: creativevision-foto

Lake Massapoag means large water and surrounded by natural scenery. The spring lake you find in Sharon and dates back to the 18th century. Today it is famous for its resorts and hotels. Here you can sailboard and swim at the large beach.

14. Lake Quannapowitt

Source: facebook/Town of Wakefield, MA

In the Greater Boston area, you find a spectacular lake called Quannapowitt. Here you can enjoy a walk in the surroundings or do in-line skating, jogging, to cycling. The lagoon known as the Reading Pond offers you a spectacular shoreline. Unfortunately, you cannot enter the lake. Furthermore, you cannot fish here as it is contaminated and you can only breathe in the fresh air.

15. Walden Pond

Walden Pond
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The lake is protected, and part of the Walden Pond State Reservation found in Concord. Here you can enjoy a picnic, fish, boat, and swim. The surrounding areas are great for hunting, hiking, and camping.

As you can see, there are some great lakes in Massachusetts for you to enjoy a relaxing time with the family. So next time you need some peace why not go to one of them, you will not leave disappointed.


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