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15 Best Phnom Penh Hotels around Top Cambodian Markets
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15 Best Phnom Penh Hotels around Top Cambodian Markets 

There are many benefits of staying near a tourist attraction, and therefore this is the reason why most people choose hotels around the most popular tourist attraction areas. When staying at some of the best Phnom Penh hotels located near tourist attractions, travelers save up on traveling expenses and gets to experience a city’s culture at its rawest form. Cambodia is known for its rich culture and thick roots in traditionalism and the way of the past, hence its traditional markets gathered many interests from outsiders who want to experience the different types of the traditional market all over the world.

Each place has a story of its own and even old markets can tell millennials different tales and stories it has gone through. Which is why most investors chose to build some of the best Phnom Penh hotels around these attractive tourist places. To be frank, some of the best Phnom Penh hotels are located around three traditional markets: Central Market, Russian Market and Night Market. Honestly, there are many benefits of staying at hotels near tourist attractions which is saving money, comfortable accommodation, eye-opening experience, and sight-seeing opportunities.

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15 Best Phnom Penh Hotels around Top Cambodian Markets

3 Most popular Cambodian Markets

You can ask anyone and they will tell you that there are many many traditional markets in Phnom Penh, however, you will hear the term “Russian Market”, “Central Market” and “Night Market” majority of the time. This is because these three markets are considered to be the top and most popular market in Cambodia as well as the market that attracts the most tourists every year. As a result, most businesses flock to these areas in hopes of reaping the benefits that were sowed by the market and hence many hotels businesses have been born and some of it went on to become the best Phnom Penh Hotels.

Best Phnom Penh Hotels around Central Market

Known originally by most people as Psar Thmei, this traditional market has been recently constructed after years of hardships that it went through and resembles a dome shape. It is well-known for its architecture and the fact that it offers a variety of Cambodian delicacies. Psar Thmei or Central market has proven its superiority by having hundreds of stalls selling things from clothes to flowers to food and even fresh live seafood in the evening. No wonder, millions of tourists visit this market every year and it is close to some of the best Phnom Penh hotels on our list for this article.

1. Le Grand Palais Boutique

le grand palais boutique
  • Location: No 16, Street 130, Sangkat Phsar Thmey I, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: +855 (0)23 966 699 (or) +855 (0)23 977 677‏
  • Email:
  • Price: $67-$120
  • Nearby Places: Central market, riverside, Royal Palace and National Museum.
  • Services:
    • Khmer Restaurant
    • Skybar with Western Food & Cocktails
    • Rooftop Pool
    • Conference Room & Meeting Facilities
    • 24 h Front Desk & Security and Room Service
    • Free Wi-Fi in Rooms and Hotel area, Parking for in-house guests, one-way airport picks up (starts from 2 nights stay booked through a website)

2. Lavanya Boutique Hotel

Lavanya Boutique Hotel
  • Location: Phnom Penh 21, 136th Corner 49th St., Daun Penh Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: 023 221 276
  • Email:
  • Price: $50-$100
  • Nearby Places: Royal Palace, Vattanac Capital, Wat Phnom and Central Market.
  • Services:
    • Free Wi-Fi access
    • Bar & restaurant
    • In-room dining
    • Valet parking
    • Tour Service

3. Diamond Hotel

Diamond Hotel
  • Location: 172-184 Monivong Blvd., Sangkat Phsar Thmey II, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • Telephone: +855 (0) 23 217 221-2
  • Email:
  • Price: $35-$80
  • Nearby Places: Riverside, Royal Palace, Central Market, Sorya Shopping Centre, and Psar Tapang.
  • Services:
    • Diamond Restaurant
    • Diamond Lobby Bar
    • Room service
    • Baby-sitter service
    • Guest Relation – Concierge & Information desk
    • Airlines/Bus /Boat Ticketing service
    • Limousine/shuttle bus service
    • Parking lot, 24 hours security
    • Major credit cards are accepted VISA-Mastercard
    • Money exchange

4. The Panda Hotel

The Panda Hotel
  • Location: #2c-3c, St.53, Group 24, Sangkat Phsar Thmey 3, Khan Daun Penh Cambodia
  • Telephone: (855) 23 213131 / 87 313134
  • Email:
  • Price: $35-$60
  • Nearby Places: Riverside, Royal Palace, Central market, Vattanac Capital, Sisowath Quay.
  • Services:
    • Electric elevator
    • Restaurant
    • 24-hour room service
    • Massage therapy on-call
    • Car rental and sightseeing
    • Major credit card accepted (visa, master)
    • Laundry service
    • Outdoor parking
    • Pick up and transfer service

5. Paradise Hotel

paradise hotel
  • Location: 213, Monivong Blvd, Monorom, 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: +855 23 880 539 (or) +855 23 883 738
  • Email: /
  • Price: $30-$80
  • Nearby Place: Independent Monument, Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, National Museum, Phsar Thom Thmey Market and Sorya Mall.
  • Services:
    • Shuttle service
    • Airport shuttle (additional charge)
    • Shuttle service (additional charge)
    • Designated smoking area
    • Air conditioning

Famous Russian Market

The Toul Tompoung market is another popular tourist and thus it is no surprise that it is bustling with movement and enthusiasm every day. In addition, what makes this market intriguing to foreigners is that it sells a variety of souvenirs and items in addition to one side selling fresh produce and fruits, the other side houses tiny stores full of delicious food and snacks. Perfect opportunity for visitors to experience the way of life in Phnom Penh city. As a consequence of Russian’s market popularity, there are some of the best Phnom Penh hotels located nearby.

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1. Double Leaf Boutique Hotel

Double Leaf Boutique
  • Location: #32, Street 123, Tuol Tom Poung I, (Russian market area), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: (+855) 23 226 288 / (+855) 23 226 299
  • Email:
  • Price: $55-$90/ per night (or) $120-$140 for 2 days (or) $350 per week
  • Nearby Places: Russian market, Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, Boeung Trabek Plaza and Toul Tompoung Pagoda.
  • Services:
    • Restaurants
    • Swimming pool
    • Spa and tours, and travel

2. Richelieu Hotel

Richeleu Hotel
  • Location: 26 St.123/440 Toul Tom Poung1, Khan Chamkarmorn Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: 092 270 766
  • Price: From $40
  • Nearby Places: Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Sovanna Phum Art Association & Art Gallery, Moha Montrei Pagoda, Kids City Asia, Aeon Mall, Olympic Stadium, Phnom Penh Tower, Wat Lanka
  • Services:
    • Free WiFi
    • Airport shuttle
    • Non-smoking rooms
    • Spa, and wellness center

3. The Frangipani Living Arts Hotel and Spa

The Frangipani Living Arts Hotel and Spa
  • Location: #15, Street 123, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: 023 223 320
  • Email:
  • Price: From $50
  • Nearby Places: Santepheap Garden, Russian Market, ONE Day Spa & Beauty Salon, VIP Sports Club, Champei Spa & Salon, Silver Pagoda
  • Services:
    • Room service
    • Car hire
    • Dry cleaning
    • 24-hour room service, and Bicycle rental.

4. House Boutique

House Boutique
  • Location: No 76, Street 57, Phnom Penh (Between Mao Tse Tong and Boeung Keng Kang Market)
  • Telephone: +855 (0) 23 220 884
  • Email:
  • Price: $20-$30
  • Nearby Places: Boeung Kang Keng market, 51 areas, Independence monument, and Russian market.
  • Services:
    • Restaurant
    • Green bar
    • Reception service
    • Room service, and cleaning service.

5. Anise Villa

Anise Villa
  • Location: 18 Street 400, Beoung Keng Kang 1 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: (855) 23-225-400 | (855) 12-985-400
  • E-mail:
  • Price: $130-$200
  • Nearby Places: Toul Kork, Wat Phnom, Russian market and Olympic market.
  • Services:
    • Pool
    • Spa
    • Gym
    • Restaurant,
    • Bar, library, and private art collection


Spontaneous Night Market

Psar Reatrey is a popular it-spot for young Cambodian and travelers alike. It is an open-spaced area filled with rows of stalls that sell items from accessories to other garments. Extremely liked place for travelers to explore the nightlife in Phnom Penh. There are five of the best Phnom Penh hotels located around this night market, which are De Art Hotel, Harmony Phnom Penh Hotel, Riverview Cambodia Boutique Hotel, Moonsoon Boutique Hotel, and Point Boutique Hotel.

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1. De Art Hotel

De Art Hotel - Best Phnom Penh Hotels
  • Location: No 9, 10, 11, 12, 106 Preah Moha Ksatreiyani Kossamak Ave (106), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: +855 23 6 2222 98
  • Email:
  • Price: $25-$40
  • Nearby Places: IBIS bus station, Royal Palace, National Museum Phnom Penh, Independence Monument, Central Market, and Wat Phnom Penh.
  • Services:
    • De art restaurants
    • 24-hour mart and club

2. Harmony Phnom Penh Hotel

harmony phnom penh hotel
  • Location: 25, Street 148, Sangkat Phsar Kandal I Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh Kingdom of Cambodia.
  • Telephone: 855 23 967 068
  • Email:
  • Price: $75-$115
  • Nearby Places: National Museum, Wat Phnom Penh, Central Market, Riverside.
  • Services:
    • Transportation
    • Pool
    • Laundry service and concierge.

3. Riverview Cambodia Boutique Hotel

Riverview Cambodia Boutique Hotel - Best Phnom Penh Hotels
  • Location: #463 Corner of Sisowath Road, Street 258 Sangkat Chaktomuk, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: +855 96 358 9973
  • Email:
  • Price: $80-$110
  • Nearby Places: Phnom Penh Night market, Choeung Ek Genocidal Center, Khos Pich Night market and Phnom Penh Ferry Terminal.
  • Services:
    • Foreign exchange service
    • Car rental service with driver
    • Dry and Laundry service
    • Complimentary in-room fruit
    • Airport pick-up and drop-off service is available (Surcharge)
    • Complimentary daily buffet breakfast

4. Monsoon Boutique Hotel

Monsoon Boutique Hotel - Best Phnom Penh Hotels
  • Location: #53-55 E, Street 130, Sangkat Phsar Kandal I Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: (+855)23 989 856
  • Email:
  • Price: $20-$30
  • Nearby Places: National Museum, Central Market, Royal Palace Phnom Penh, Vattanac Capital, Chaktomouk Hall, Cambodian Independence Monument, Aeon Mall, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum and Russian Market.
  • Services:
    • Cleaning
    • Receptionist and wellness facilities

5. Point Boutique Hotel

Point Boutique Hotel - Best Phnom Penh Hotels
  • Location: #10 130th St., Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Telephone: +855 23 210 003 / +855 70 800 003
  • Email:
  • Price: $40-$150
  • Nearby Places: Riverside, Royal Palace, Grand Central Market, Cambodian National Museum, Night Market and Wat Phnom.
  • Services:
    • Luggage storage
    • Tour service
    • Receptionist

Author’s Recommendation

  • All of these hotels are great options for everyone, however, we have picked our top 3 personal favorite hotels out of this list of best Phnom Penh hotels. These hotels are The Frangipani Living Arts Hotel and Spa, House Boutique hotel and lastly Lavanya Boutique hotel. We feel like these three hotels really stand out from the rest of the best Phnom Penh hotels due to their design, motives, and principles. Take House Boutique hotel, for example, it is extremely unique from the rest due to it being environmentally friendly and sustainable whereas the Frangipani hotel is known for its architecture and view. The Lavanya Boutique is located to many tourist attractions which helped on saving expenses.
  • Some of the tips we can offer to you is that choose your hotel based on what market you want to visit most of the hotel which is located somewhere that is accessible to everywhere. In addition, choose the hotel that benefits you guys the most!

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