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Best Phnom Penh Taxi You Should Ride | Exploring The City
Asia, Cambodia, Phnom Penh

Best Phnom Penh Taxi You Should Ride | Exploring The City 

We believe that everyone has the same fear and worries when traveling abroad: their source of transportation. Most of us often spend most of our time researching the type of transportation in a particular country which we are planning to visit soon. Many of the countries are advanced and equipped with underground trains, trams and other means of transportation. Of course, this means of transportation is often very convenient and cheap. However, because we are foreigners and most of the time, we are visiting a country for the first time, getting around by train can be hectic. Compared to the previous decade, Phnom Penh taxi industry has greatly improved with lots of transportation available and affordable.

In contrast, Cambodia may not be equipped with fancy transportation medium, however, our Phnom Penh taxi is one of the cheapest and most convenient means of transport. As a result of development projects, the transportation service is improving and evolving. This means that there is a huge potential market and it is becoming a hotspot for developers to invest in the transportation industry. The main players in the transportation service are Grab, Passapp, Phnom Penh Taxi Service and some of the newer companies such as Tada.

If you are in town right now, check out how to spend 12 Hours in Phnom Penh !!!

1. Passapp


This Phnom Penh taxi service is available in six provinces in Cambodia which includes Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, Kampong Cham, and Kampot.

  • In order to get a ride, passengers must go through four steps. Set Pick up location, select service, set drop-off location and confirm the booking.
  • App: Available for free on App store and Google Play.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Contact: 016 789 123
  • Customer Experience: Due to strict rules and regulations, Passapp drivers are prohibited from displaying unethical behaviors, therefore, ensuring a safe and happy experience. Not only is it safe, but customers find it very easy to hail a ride for a very affordable price.
  • Passapp’s services included different ranges of transportation such as rickshaw, Khmer Tuk tuk, SUV and classic taxi. It is diverse and suits everyone’s needs. In addition, it is very convenient and cheap, making it available anywhere and everywhere.

2. Grab

Grab - Phnom Penh Taxi

Grab taxi is a famous Phnom Penh taxi service that is preferred by many due to its cheap price and multitude of promotions. Moreover, it is an international brand that was developed by a Singaporean company. Therefore it is no surprise that this brand has extended its services to the food, ride-hailing and many other things. Similarly, it is available in most South-east Asian countries and therefore it is the epitome of convenience.

  • How to get a ride? Book a ride (pick-up location and drop off location), get a driver, track your driver and arrive safely.
  • Website:
  • App: Available on App Store and Google Play.
  • Email:
  • Customer Experience: Easily said to be even cheaper than Passapp at times, Grab is quite literally grabbing their passengers’ hearts with their low price, convenient and easy to use app and flood of promos. This Phnom Penh taxi service is safe and customers rated their experience as good and great.
  • In contrast to Passapp, Grab offers a variety of services. They offer GrabSUV, JustGrab, GrabTuktuk, GrabRemork, Bike and even renting! The perfect selection for those of you who want a personal driver to bring you anywhere and everywhere. This Phnom Penh taxi service is a top choice for travelers due to its international relations and ease of use.

3. Phnom Penh Taxi Service

Phnom Penh Taxi Services and Car Rentals

Quite a contrast from our two previous choices, this Phnom Penh Taxi Service specializes in private taxi service. Therefore it means that you can book a pick-up service from the airport and you can get dropped off at your destination. Moreover, this Phnom Penh Taxi service allows free cancellation at any time.

  • How to get a ride? Go to the website, specify the departure time, pick up location and drop off location and lastly type in the number of people.
  • Website:
  • Contact: 087 808 181
  • Customer Experience: Safety is their most important priority and this is exactly how they have been able to garner the trust of their customers. Phnom Penh Taxi Service only trusted and reliable suppliers and planners to ensure that their guests have the best experience. In addition, they have been praised for their punctuality and diligence.
  • As a result of their difference, their services are also different from Grab and PassApp. They offer tours, shuttle transfers, car rental with driver and airport transfers. So they are more associated with helping tours and visiting travelers conveniently travel from one province to another one.

4. Tada

Tada - Phnom Penh Taxi

Officially the first ride-hailing service that operates a zero commission aimed to ensure that both their drivers and passengers are happy. Tada is a global ride-hailing brand and it translates to “Let’s ride”. In addition, it is very easy to recognize for its bright yellow exterior and strict code of conduct. Therefore it ensures that drivers operate in a happy environment which means that their customer service is also excellent. This is because the company does not take any commission and instead gives awards to drivers whenever the passengers rated the ride as excellent.

  • How to get a ride? Ride request, driver matching, riding, and pay & feedback.
  • Website:
  • App: Available on App Store and Google Play
  • Customer experience: As a result of happy drivers, there are no behavioral misconduct and no passengers ever complained about TADA’s services and instead rated it as very good. This is actually a cycle that has been created in order to ensure that there are always a good experience and relationship between each TADA’s drivers and their passengers. On top of it, the app is fairly easy to use and we would suggest visitors to use this app to ensure that there is an almost happy experience.
  • Tada offers the same services as Grab and Passapp with their ride-hailing services in similar style rides. They have Tada remork and apps that are easy to download, use and pinpoints the exact location.

5. Zelo

Zelo - Phnom Penh Taxi

Another one on our list of Phnom Penh taxi, Zelo is one of the newest public transportation services to emerging in Phnom Penh. With its eccentric theme and services, Zelo is potentially a successful upcoming start-up tech. Although its logo is minimalistic and neutral, the inside of the app is very colorful and attractive.

  • How to get a ride? Choose ride, confirm locations, confirm booking and ride.
  • App: Available on App Store and Google Play
  • Customer Experience: Since it is fairly new, some of their drivers are not that skilled and therefore can make small mistakes. However, do not let that stop you from using this Phnom Penh Taxi service as it is still fairly good. But all we can ask for is for our readers to have patience whenever there are mistakes. The reason why is simple, because we are humans, and no one is perfect.
  • Zelo offer services in the form of different vehicles: remorque, tuk-tuk, classic cars, and SUV. Riders have a variety of choices that they can choose based on their situations and mood. Some people might be more inclined to choose an SUV during rainy seasons than to choose remorque. However, when it is dry, they might want to ride tuk-tuk for it is cheaper and more convenient.


Do not worry about your means of transportation when visiting Cambodia! We might not be as advanced as other countries, but our transportation services surely beat everyone else! In addition, Phnom Penh and other provinces thrive on Phnom Penh taxi and transportation business is booming here! Therefore with lots of demand, the supply went up thus leading to the creation of Phnom Penh taxi service. Our rides are spacious and available anywhere and everywhere! As a consequence, you can hail rides within minutes no matter how far or near you are! Someone somewhere is available and ready to give you a ride! In addition, all of this is done with just one click on your mobile phone. Oh, how technology has advanced! We love anything cheap, comfortable and convenient! Because that is the way to travel with ease and you should too! You can go out of your comfort zones without fear of getting lost or getting into a hassle. As a team, we aim to create a mess-free zone where everything you need is at the tip of your fingertips.

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