Explore top 10 Best Place to Visit in Myanmar

10 Best Place to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is slowly becoming a favorite place for travelers. Going through urbanization, you will see a mix of bustling cities and ancient ruins in Myanmar. Myanmar is a country with a significant number of pagodas, temples, and shrines. The country is also rich in culture and heritage.

You will find old colonial structures, ancient ruins, incredible temples, and pagodas all across Myanmar. The scenic beauty of the country is worth seeing as well. The exciting part about visiting Myanmar is that you can enjoy all that the country has to offer all around the year. If you’re trying to escape the busy everyday life to somewhere green, or want to party somewhere else, there’s a place for you in Myanmar. Here is the 10 best places you can visit in Myanmar.

10 Best Place to Visit in Myanmar

1. Bagan

Places to visit in Myanmar
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One of the other 10 best place to visit is Bagan. The reasons why Bagan is one of the famous tourist destinations in Myanmar. Not visiting Bagan will result in your trip to Myanmar being incomplete. Bagan is home to over 2000 astonishing stupas. You will find these stupas spread across the landscape. And, this is truly a sight to see. The best way to experience the beauty of Bagan is by riding a hot air balloon. Take a hot air balloon during sunrise and see how the warm light of the sun makes the stupas look that much vibrant. Besides pagodas, you can visit the local market, enjoy delicious foods, and cycle through the villages on an electric bike. The cuisine here is equally compelling.

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2. Yangon – Place to Visit in Myanmar

Places to visit in Myanmar
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Another on the 10 best list of the best place to visit in Myanmar is Rangoon. Previously known as Rangoon, Yangon was the former capital of Myanmar. Despite Yangon not being the capital, the city is bustling and exciting. The city offers its travelers with many things to do and see. You will find everything here from parks to temples. Walking down the paths of Yangon, you will discover colonial buildings, museums, art galleries, markets, temples, and a lot more.

Visit the Chinatown in Yangon and go shopping and an adventure to try the cuisine there. You can find street food stalls to rooftop bars in Yangon. Some of the famous religious site in Yangon includes Shwedagon pagoda and its golden stupas, find Buddha hairs ta Botataung pagoda. You can also find souvenirs here and Burmese cuisine. More information at: Things To Enjoy In Yangon | Myanmar!!!

3. Mandalay

Mandalay Myanmar
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Mandalay is Myanmar’s second-largest city, making it one of the 10 best place to visit in Myanmar. From the hilltop, you can see the golden stupas of the pagodas peaking out through the greenery. Mandalay was once the royal capital. Besides religious sites, you can find markets and another exciting place to visit and things to do. If you have time, you should visit the Royal Palace of Mandalay. Check: 10 Best Things To Do In Mandalay | Myanmar!!

4. Inle Lake

Inte Lake Myanmar
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Once people used to visit to tour to Inle lake. The Inle lake is gorgeous with attractions like floating villages, pretty gardens, and majestic temples. You can find ancient Pagodas here. Besides Pagodas and monasteries, you can ride the boat, visit the floating market, and stay in a floating village. Check out: 10 Best Things To Do In Inle Lake Region | Myanmar!!

5. Ngapali

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If you want to relax, then you should go to Ngapali. Ngapali is a famous beach location in Myanmar. The beach is on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. You will find fishing villages, beaches, and coconut palm here. Besides relaxation, you can try kayaking, fishing, even scuba diving. On land, visit the gold course and seafood restaurants. Climb up the Tilawkasayambhu Buddha at the peak of the hill to enjoy a fantastic view of the Bay of Bengal.

6. Mrauk U – Place to Visit in Myanmar

Mrauk U - Place to Visit in Myanmar
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Mrauk U is another important archeological site in Myanmar. It is an abandoned city with small yet modern temples. The temples are made of stone instead of brick. On the outskirt of Mrauk U, you will find villages, rice paddies, and panoramic views. Everything here was once a part of the Arakan dynasty. All the pagodas here were built during the time of Arkansas, which is why it is on this 10 best places to visit here. More at: 10 Best Things To Do In Mrauk U | Myanmar!!!

7. Bago

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Bago is also known as Pegu. This city was once the capital of the Mon Kingdom. If you’re looking for a place to learn about the culture of Myanmar, then Bago is the place to go. You will find ancient palaces, temples and can witness the rice making industry in Bago. Bago offers a genuinely local experience to its visitors with nothing other than Burmese cuisine and only a few hotels for visitors. Here you will the famous reclining statue of Buddha. The details of that statue are mid blowing.

8. Kyaiktiyo

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Kyakitiyo is famous for its golden rock and glided pagoda. If you’re visiting Myanmar, this is another place you don’t want to miss. On the edge of the cliff, you will find a golden rock hanging with all its beauty making it one of the best places to visit in Myanmar. It is said that the stone is held in place with the hair of Buddha. The views from the Mon State mountain is breathtaking. Be sure to visit Shwedagon pagoda and Mahamuni temple while you’re in Kyaiktiyo.

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9. Ngwe Saung – Place to Visit in Myanmar

Ngwe Saung - Place to Visit in Myanmar
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Ngwe Saung is the most visited place right after Yangon. On the shore of the Bay of Bengal, this is a very sophisticated destination. If you’re looking for a get-away destination, the Ngwe Saung is the place for you. The white sand and the fantastic ocean beside the palm trees will soothe your eyes and soul.

10. Pyin U Lwin

Pyin U Lwin - Place to Visit in Myanmar
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Between Mandalay and Hispaw, lies Pyin U Lwin. Pyin U Lwin is also known as Maymyo. Pyin U Lwin is a multicultural area, thanks to the area being close to China. You can get around the place on a bike or foot. What makes this area unique is that it has more to offer than Pagodas, which is why it is in this 10 best place to visit in Myanmar. Enjoy botanical gardens, strawberry fields, and coffee bean plantation here in Pyin U Lwin.

In conclusion, Myanmar is, without a doubt, a beautiful country, which is slowly becoming a favorite place for traveling. With the ancient ruins, pagodas, temples, and other religious sites, you will find a fusion between the old and new in Myanmar. Be sure to visit Bagan and Yangon on your trip to Myanmar.

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