15 Best Places to Live in California | United States

South Redondo, Redondo Beach, California, United States

One of the most relaxed states to live in the United States is California. The place sizzles all year round even in winter. Here you find fashion, Hollywood, Silicon Valley to different spots making it one of the best places to live. You can surf, sandboard, and ski all in one day. Furthermore, it is a populated state with a large economy. You get the best health care and education when moving here. However, where should you stay? We have compiled a list of the 15 best places to live in California here for you.

Best Places to Live in California, United State

1. San Diego

San Diego
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The city offers you a diverse culture and is the largest metropolis in California, with L.A the largest. Here you find ideal climates during the summer, and the nightlife is exceptional. For the best night time events, you need to visit the Gaslamp Quarter. The main problem here is that the cost of living is high as an average home value at $465,000.

Furthermore, it depends on the suburb you choose to live as you can find some stunning places inland and on the waterfront. Moreover, employment prospects are good. If you can afford the rent, this is the place to live in California.

2. Irvine

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The city is not huge but has a population of 240k people. Irvine, you find in Orange County and a wealthy city to live in. A fact is that this town has everything going for it. You have a strong economy with loads of jobs available.

Furthermore, the town is connected with a rail system to Los Angeles. The educations top-notch and many people come from afar to study at the University of California. Moreover, it is one of the safest and greenest cities to live in. However, the homes are expensive, and most of them run in the seven figures.

3. Palo Alto

Palo Alto
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Here we have the birthplace of Silicon Valley with high-tech companies and Stanford University. Palo Alto is another small town with a population of 66k inhabitants. You find a diverse community, as many people around the world come to study here. You get the best private schools and eateries in the Bay Area. Here you can enjoy to work and play, as the nightlife is bubbly with all the bars available. The town is not cheap, and you can expect average home prices too expensive.

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4. Mountain View

Mountain View
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Here we have the home of the tech-giant Google. Mountain View offers you steep prices when in need of a home. The suburb is Silicon Valley’s economic, cultural, and political hub. Here you have a low crime rate with high-quality schools, making it an excellent place for families to live. Within the urban setting, you will find loads of work and recreational spaces. The rent is about $1,800 a month, but the cost of living is made possible by high-paying jobs.

5. Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach
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Another small town in California is Manhattan Beach, with a population of 35,000. Here the cost of living is high, so you will need to have a high-paying job. Furthermore, you will find all the amenities in the city up to par and perfect. The town is on the coast and has exceptional education institutions comprising of public and private schools. If you love outdoor activities, this is the place to be.

6. Davis

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Near Sacramento, you find the community Davis with a 66k population. The suburb is small but has one of the biggest campuses. The house prices are average and offer a reliable education system. The graduation percentage is high and each school provides a complete college preparatory course. Here you have a sprawling park to enjoy different activities. You will always find something to occupy you from shopping, theater, to outdoor concerts.

7. Lake Forest

Lake Forest
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South of Irvine, you find Lake Forest with a similar lifestyle. Here you pay a fraction of the price for a Median home. Furthermore, it is one of the ten cities offering job seekers the best jobs. Moreover, the school offers a tailor-made program for teens to help them study after completing school. Here a young family can enjoy hanging out at the Pretend City Children Museum with their baby. You can find plenty to do in this city.

8. Sacramento

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For an affordable move, you can live in Sacramento, which is an inland suburb of California. Here you can live in tree-lined streets with great food, wine, and beer scenes. Furthermore, the population is under half a million and offers you an exciting life. Here you do not find a coastline but there are many outdoor activities to keep you busy. Here is a river with parks and hills for hiking. You can swim, sunbathe in Folsom Lake, and do different watersports.

9. Redlands

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Another one of the best places to live in California with affordable housing prices in the Redlands. The education level is high and the public schools rated stable. Here you find professionals, sales providers, service providers, to office workers. The city has a family-friendly community and there is something to do for everyone living here.

10. Murrieta

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In the Riverside County of California, you find Murrieta, a town with a couple of thousand people living there. Here you find affordable housing with a wide selection of activities. The villages surrounded by vineyards and natural woods. Furthermore, it is close to Los Angeles and ranks as one of the safest cities to live. Here you have two hospitals with three golf courses and other amenities.

11. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara
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A magnificent place for you to call home in Santa Barbara, offering picturesque scenes. When living in the American Riviera, you have a stunning harbor, coastal plains, and famous mountings surrounding you. On the southern sides, it is more dense and populated but the rental of homes costs less. The main concern is that the cost of living is high and something you should consider before moving here.

12. Yuba City

Yuba City
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Another small town found in Stutter County, California, is Yuba City. The median home value is $197,200, which remains an attractive price. While it does not stand up against places like Manhattan Beach and Irvine, you have loads of entertainment. Here you have a waterpark, shopping, restaurants and other attractions. Therefore, if you are an outdoors person, you will love living in Yuba City.

13. Clovis

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For the best place to live in California, Clovis is highly recommended. Here you find public schools, a diverse nightlife, and low crime when it comes to safety. Here you find loads of family activities from parks to trails. A popular event is Big Hat Day that takes place in April. You get the farmers market and a growing town where you can raise your kids without feeling stressed.

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14. Newport Beach

Newport Beach
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Another town in Orange County in Newport Beach and remains a great place to live in California. Here you have public schools, health, fitness and much more. The downside is the high cost of living as house prices are high. You can expect to pay $2,000 for the median home a month. To make up for the high prices, the crime rate is low and you get access to stunning beaches as well.

15. Folsom

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Another fantastic place to live in California is Folsom and is worth being on the list. Here you stay in a modern suburb that is not too far from Sacramento. Your child can attend one of the private schools offering a high education rate. Even job seekers can find something to do here. You can live in a wide selection of homes available and there is plenty of activities to do here. For the best fresh produce, make sure to visit Folsom Farmers Market offering you the best food around town. You can swim or do watersports at Folsom Lake as well.

As you can see, California has some great places for you to stay. The important thing is to check the list and decide which one will work best for your living style and needs.


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