15 Best Places to Live in Louisiana | United States

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Louisiana State is the only place in the USA that has areas divided into parishes. If you looking for new best places to live in Louisiana, you come in the right direction. Here you find a unique legal system with colorful Mardi Gras celebrations. You can enjoy jazz to soul’s music with a wide selection of food flavors. Furthermore, it is the home to the world’s longest spanning bridge over water. The only problem is that it is a place with unpredictable weather. Here you can experience four seasons in a day. However, you can experience a laid-back lifestyle. So where should you stay? Let us show you!

Best Places to Live in Louisiana, United States

1. New Orleans

New Orleans
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Here we have the largest city with a wide selection of opportunities and activities. Furthermore, you can find some desirable neighborhoods to live in. You can rent a home for $1,200 in Marlyville-Fontainebleau with high educational standards. Another affordable place to live is in Lake Terrace and Oaks. The neighborhood has recreational pursuits available for all to enjoy.

2. Inniswold

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A part of East Baton Rouge Parish is Inniswold with a small population. Here you find a low crime rate with exceptional services. You can find loads of activities in the region with top-notch restaurants to rave about. Furthermore, the schools offer the best education, and commuting times are short. The housing prices are reasonable at $210k with rental costs averaging at $1,200.

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3. Brusly

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You find the neighborhood in West Baton Rouge Parish and will need to travel to reach amenities. Here you can enjoy fresh air in two local parks. The unemployment rate and crime are low. Here you can live with the family safe with a median monthly rent of $765.

4. Scott

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Another one of the best places to live in Louisiana is Lafayette Parish Scott offering you a load of places to live. Earnings are not high in the area but it remains a great place to live. Compared to other places, the living cost is low. Furthermore, it is an excellent place to live with clean air, parks, and so much more.

5. Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge
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Here we have a significant city with medical, industrial shipping, industries, and more. When you live in the area, you will have no commuting problems. Here the economy is booming and is one of the top ten places for young adults to live. On the other hand, the economic strength is excellent as you can find investors, entrepreneurs and young professionals here. Here you get public schools and some great places to play in.

6. Youngsville

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Here we have a small city in Lafayette Parish loaded with amenities and facilities offer you everything you need. Here the nightlife is a bit lacking and is more suitable for families. The majority of people living here own the properties and the average prices are $220k. Even the locals offer exceptional hospitality and the town is clean.

7. Westminster

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While not a highly ranked place compared to other neighborhoods, it remains a great place to live. Here you get easy access to the city and it has loads of opportunities as well. Furthermore, you get quiet areas to live and the graduation rate is high. In Westminster, you get two Universities and the crime rate is low. The downside is that the living costs are high.

8. Mandeville

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The town is on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain and found in the parish of St. Tammany. Here you find a long bridge crossing the water with a low rate and high graduation rates. The weather is pleasant, and you get an average income. Here you find restaurants, a fitness center, shops, and so much more.

9. Belle Chasse

Belle Chasse
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The town sits on the edge of the Mississippi River and is one of the most significant cities in Plaquemines Parish. The property prices are high from buying to renting. However, if you want to upgrade your home, this is the place to live. The rent is $1,200 and you can find some of the best schools in the vicinity as well. You can angle and some of the best fishing spots, shooting at the range, sports, eateries, and more.

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10. Metairie

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Between Lake Pontchartrain and New Orleans, you find Metairie that has a farming heritage. Here you find pastures and parks to enjoy the fresh air. Furthermore, you get a sporty vibe, as it is the home to the New Orleans Baby Cakes baseball team. However, you can enjoy more than sports, as there are shops, restaurants, and more.

11. Elmwood

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In Jefferson Parish, you find a modest town, Elmwood. The place is excellent for couples and single occupants to live. The safety is excellent and the city has a low crime rate. Here you find terrific amenities with exceptional weather. The schooling is not inadequate and more suitable for toddlers to teens. Unfortunately, the housing costs are high and you can expect to pay $1,075 for rent.

12. Prien

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A small town with rapid growth is Prien in Calcasieu County. Here you find natural attractions such as Lake Charles and Prien Lake. Furthermore, you get the right balance between solos, young, old, and families living here. For the best place to buy a home, you can get the best prices in Prien. The crime is low and commuting is excellent as well. Moreover, if you have a high median income, the cost of living is low.

13. Abita Springs

Abita Springs
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The small town you find in St. Tammany and is the home to the UCM Museum. Here you can enjoy a pint of beer at the Abita Brewing Company or visit a musical heritage site at Abita Springs Opry. The housing is affordable with a monthly rent of $1k. You can enjoy community events and remains a family-friendly place.

14. Destrehan

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Enjoy living in a safe and diverse town with cool amenities from bars, museums, to restaurants. You find Destrehan in St. Charles Parish and affordable to live. Here you can expect to pay $980 monthly rent. Furthermore, it offers you a haven, as the crime is low. Moreover, you find the best education, nightlife, and excellent work opportunities.

15. Lafayette

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Enjoy the best living from culture to vibrant places to visit. Lafayette is a gem with a long history and the heart of Creole and Cajun cultures. Here you can rent or own property at reasonable prices. The rent is about $800, and unemployment rates are low. You get short commute times, desirable weather, and clean air.

So if you are undecided about where to live in Louisiana, make sure to pick one of these places on the list.



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