10 Best Siem Reap Cafe Shops

Temple visiting during the day can be a little hot and exhausted, so why not taking a little break to explore some good Siem Reap cafe shops? Siem Reap might appear as a small and quiet town, but it has lots of hidden gems. Many Siem Reap café shops are perfect for the coffee lover and those who are looking for a place to chill out on a hot day. A variety of choices are available for you from a cute small hidden to a big fancy one. Each place has its unique character, but all are accompanied by a comforting atmosphere and a freshly roasted coffee. Here are our top picks of Siem Reap Cafe shops, find out the one that suits you the most.

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10 Best Siem Reap Cafe Shops

1. Brown Coffee Shop

Brown Coffee Shop - Siem Reap Cafe
Source: foodbuzz

Brown Coffee is a Cambodian based coffee franchise, which started up by local entrepreneurs. Located on the national road 6, it is one of the western Siem Reap Coffee shops. Giving a neat green appearance, its exterior is decorated by glass framed with dark wood and space very much filled with plants. Interestingly, as soon as you step into Brown Coffee, you find a very different interior that is urban minimalist in style with high ceiling, lots of open space with tables spaced nicely and tasteful decor and installations to provide character to the inside of the coffee shop. Brown coffee serves a variety of coffee and western food’s choice, as a breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Although this coffee store has a sophisticated vibe, its price is very affordable compared to the others. It ranges from 2$ to 10$. Their service is fast and the staff is very flexible. With the cozy atmosphere, it is suitable for you to chill out, get some work done, or catch up with friends during a hot day.

2. The missing socks laundry cafe

One of the cute tiny Siem Reap café shops that is totally different from your typical coffee shop. Just like its name ” laundry cafe”, it has the laundry shop concept. Once you walk in, the first thing you will spot is washing machines. Not just for decoration, those are self-service machines, and people actually do their laundry there. Giving the lovely atmosphere, people usually stop there for coffee and brunch. The shop serves a range of Western and Asian food, not to mention, their handcraft coffee and signature waffle are literally popular amongst the customer. Sit quietly on a busy alley close to the night market; this café shop is hiding amongst the restaurant and hostels in Steung Thmey, Svaydangkum Village Angkor Night Market Area. With the acceptable price, their food price starts from 2$, and 3$ is enough to wash a regular load of clothes. With great food and coffee to enjoy during the wait, doing laundry is no longer boring.

3. Peace Café

Peace Café
Source: cambodiafoods

A Siem Reap Café shop that nurturing your body and soul. Setting your feet into the place, you will find a lovely garden setting with numerous tables set up amongst the property trees. There are a handful of traditional tables in an outdoor-filed floor area as well, accompanied by bird song, the place gives out a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Their menu is a range of local Khmer and western vegetarian dishes, which we found to be quite good. Peace Cafe sits along the east side of the Siem Reap River, on River Road 172, Bang Don Pa Next Door to An Kau Saa Pagoda. Their price ranges from 2$ to 10$. What makes Peaceful cafe special is that they provide community programs such as meditation, yoga, and monks chat, helping customer healing their soul and find peace just like the name of the coffee store.

4. Sister Srey Café

Sister Srey Café - Siem Reap Cafe
Source: nadiasigit

Sister Srey café is an open concept store, located along the Siem Reap riverside, which is legit popular amongst travelers. They have a two-floor venture with the ground level as the informal cafe, second floor as a twiggy, a boutique reading lounge. This Siem Reap café has the laid-back hangout vibe, a good place to watch the world go by. They provide a warm and boundless happy vibe. Open until 19:00, this cafe shop serves breakfast, brunch or lunch, with a variety of food and drink include the vegan option. This café shop sits on the street of Religious Sangkat Old Market Bridge Mongkol Borey. With friendly service and delighted flavor, their menu starts at 3$. An interesting fact is Sister Srey Cafe gives back to the community by supporting young Khmer students who struggle to keep a balance between studying and supporting their family. They are helping them to have skills and knowledge to approach the world empowered and confident.

5. The Little Red Fox Espresso

The Little Red Fox Espresso
Source: afar

A western café shop that values local Cambodian music and art. Though located in a busy street, Hup Guan Street Mondul 1 Village Siem Reap, this Siem Reap Cafe shop has a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The small indoor café shop has the minimalist concept, decorated with an extravagant red curtain. It has a cozy environment with both indoor and outdoor seating with two levels. Featuring a variety of top-notch brewing techniques and a delicious wholefoods menu catering to everyone’s dietary needs, their price ranges from 2$ to 10$. The most unique character of this café shop is that they stools and a counter against the wall for the introverts and the team knows when to leave those who would like to enjoy their alone time.

6. Temple Bakery and Coffee

Temple Bakery and Coffee
Source: trip

It is extremely popular amongst the local youngster. This is one of the most stylish Siem Reap cafe shop located on the Siem Reap riverside. This café shop has three-level with each level offers a different kind of vibe, nevertheless, the interior concept is classic and vintage which giving the customer a sense of comfy and nostalgia. More than just a café shop, it is a bakery, restaurant, cocktail lounge, and sky bar. Although with the glamorous outer appearance, the menu is surprisingly affordable. Start from 3$, they offer both Khmer and Western cuisine. This café shop sits on Street 25 Archbishop Mondulkov. Attracting point of this place is that it allows the customer to experience different kinds of feelings in one day, switching from a bakery shop to a sky bar.

7. Central Bar and Grill

Central Bar and Grill - Siem Reap Cafe
Source: siemreap

Another Siem reaps Coffee shop to have an open concept with the blending interior of the colonial era and industrial-chic design. This Siem Reap Cafe offers both comforting and breezy feeling, with shady terrace seating outside, and retro diner-style banquettes beneath tall bi-fold windows inside. This lovely café shop located Corner of Street 11 and Street 9, Old Market area, Siem Reap. They have a selection of local, western food and drinks with price starts at 3$. Central Bar and Grill sit in the middle of pub street, the popular tourist attraction, is perfect for people watching as well as enjoying breakfast, a morning coffee or a full meal.

8. Bayon Pastry School

Bayon Pastry School - Siem Reap Cafe
Source: happycow

A unique Siem Reap Coffee shop that provides free vocational training for underprivileged women of Cambodia. This place located in a peaceful garden in the heart of Siem Reap. It has the setting of peace and nature with dinning seats looking out over a beautiful garden. The coffee shop offers both local and western cuisine, as well as delicious hot and cold drinks. The Pastry School and the Coffee Shop are located in Taphul Village. From Caltex station, continue on Taphul Road and turn at the first small street on the right. Their price is acceptable starting from 3$. The charming point, they serve freshly baked pastry, their croissant is a must-try. The café shop itself also has French pastries or traditional Khmer desserts class available for booking for those who want to learn with their amazing Khmer chef.

9. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café
Source: siemreap.net

Hard Rock Café Angkor is one of the fancy Siem Reap Cafe shops. This café shop has the old colonial-style interior design that well complemented by the vintage painting and lively music that gives out the vibrant atmosphere. This glamorous café shop is huge and has two stories with indoor and outdoor seating. Their upstairs offers an enchanting view of the Siem Reap River, which is perfect for you to relax and appreciate the beauty of our little town, Siem Reap. Their menu has the combination of International cuisine and South-Eastern Asian meals topping that up with a delicious dessert cocktail. Hard Rock Café located on King’s Road Angkor 7, Makara St, Siem Reap. A little pricey from the rest café shop we have mentioned, their food price starts from 5$. Nevertheless, giving the environment and taste, it really is worth it. Not to mention, Hard Rock Café Angkor boasts various offers and discounts for different meals.

10. Foot Print Café

Foot Print Café - Siem Reap Cafe
Source: cleangreencambodia

This lovely Siem Reap cafe shop is hiding away from busy sight and tourist traps. It was built in a modern, stylish, book-lined interior. Complimented by the small green outdoor seating area and amazing setting music playlist, this place gives out a relaxing and replenishing atmosphere. They offer a great deal of variety of meals and snacks both local and international as well as freshly made smoothies, juices and of course coffee, cocktails and tea. Footprint’s first café is located on Street 26, a small walk from Siem Reap’s beautiful river and their price range from 3$ to 10$. Foot Print Café’s vegan food is a must-try, it is affordable and has a delightful flavor.

Our 3 favorites Siem Reap Cafe shops are Brown coffee and bakery, the missing socks laundry café, and Central Bar and Grill. Each café shop has it owns charming points as one is fancy, the next one is lovely, and the other is lively. However, all of these Siem Reap café shops provides a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. They provide the perfect spots to hang out and chill on a hot summer day. Not to mention their foods taste great and the price is suitable. There is no better way to spend a hot summer day than chilling in the café shop.

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