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To get the best experience, you need the best snorkel gear to brighten up the underwater world for you if you are planning a vacation away from home. The leisure time is widespread and brings you close to the fish and coral. With a pair of flippers, you can swim with ease.

Furthermore, the goggles help you see better while the snorkel enables you to breathe under the water. So how do you pick the right snorkel gear packages?

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Best Snorkel Gear to Buy in 2020

10. CRESSI Palau


For the best snorkel gear package to start your adventurous trips, the CRESSI Palau will outfit you and your family. You can find the package available in a wide selection of sizes and colors.

In the package are fins, a snorkel, mask, and a carry bag made of mesh. Therefore, the gear is ideal for any beginner wanting to try snorkeling.

Each of the items is made with quality material. The mask has a two-window design conforms to your face making it watertight.

For a perfect fit, it has an adjustable buckle! The snorkel is one of the best and has a valve that closes to prevent water from entering it.

Even cleaning the snorkel is a breeze with the purge valve to expel excess water.

  • Made with hypoallergenic silicone material
  • Comprise of the mask, snorkel, fins, and mesh bag
  • Available in six colors and different sizes
  • The snorkel has a large purge valve to remove water
  • The fins have a short blade for traveling

9. U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkel Gear

U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkel Gear

The snorkel gear from U.S. Divers offers you the best value. You get a form-fitting splash skirt with splash top forms a durable mask to keep out water.

The mask has a two window structure providing you with a clear view of the majestic underwater world. You have a separate nose section for ear pressure when swimming.

Therefore, you can use it for free-diving, and the snorkel has a splash-resistant top. The full-foot pocket fins help make your feet feel comfortable moving through the water.

Furthermore, you get a handy carry bag to keep all your snorkeling gear together in one place.

  • Four pane mask made with tempered glass
  • The fins have an open-heel with full pocket fins
  • The snorkel is a submersible dry top snorkel
  • You get a gear bag with strap included

8. Seavenger Snorkel Gear Package

Seavenger Snorkel Gear Package

The Seavenger snorkel gear you can buy in packages for adults and juniors. In the value pack, you get the fins, snorkel, mask, and carry bag.

The mask has a single lens design with a low profile bringing the goggles close to your face. Furthermore, it comprises a silicone skirt conforming to the face to keep water out.

The dry snorkel is flexible and fits securely in the mask while the fins provide you with a fast-paced swim. On the other hand, you can pick your favorite color from 12 shades, as well.

  • The mask has a single lens made of tempered glass
  • The fins designed with an open heel and shortfin
  • The dray top snorkel has a splash guard
  • Include a mesh carry bag

7. SnorkelStar


In the set, you get an adjustable fin, mask, snorkel, anti-fog spray, and dry bag. The fins adjust to fit both adults and kids making it perfect for the family to use.

Furthermore, the mask has a polycarbonate lens to experience magical underwater scenes. Moreover, it has a separate breathing chamber keeping the airflow away from your eyes.

On the other hand, the snorkel has a long tube with a natural breath one-way valve with a floating ball.

  • The mask has a polycarbonate lens with a separate breathing chamber
  • Include anti-fog spray with a dry bag
  • The fins adjust to fit adults and juniors
  • The snorkel has a one-way valve with a floating ball

6. Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Gear

Phantom Aquatics

For the best snorkel gear, the Phantom Aquatics is the one to have. In the set, you get the mask, fins, and snorkel to enjoy the underwater without problems.

The fins have a jet vented design, and the skirt of the frameless mask has a silicone design for a comfortable fit. The straps adjust with ease for a secure fit to keep the water out.

Furthermore, the snorkel is semi-dry and comes with a one-way purge valve. To add to the features, you can get the set in vibrant colors, as well.

  • The mask has a two-pane tempered glass structure
  • The open-heel fins adjustable as well
  • Include a semi-dry top valve snorkel with mesh carry bag

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5. Zeeporte

Zeeporte - Snorkel Gear

For your snorkeling trip, the Zeeporte offers you everything you need from the mask, snorkel, to fins. The façade has a four window design offering you the best view of the sea while swimming underwater.

The snorkel comes with a dry-top valve to prevent water from moving through to your mouth. Furthermore, the trek fins allow you to move quickly through the water.

The fins have an open heel with an adjustable fit to make sure you have a secure fit.

  • The snorkel mask has a four window design made of tempered glass
  • The dry-top snorkel has a top valve with a purge valve
  • Trek fins included with open-heal and adjustable straps
  • To keep your snorkeling gear together, you get a quick-dry mesh bag with shoulder strap

4. Advanced Combo Snorkel Gear

Advanced Combo Snorkel Gear

For the best snorkel gear available in different sizes and colors, pick the Advanced Combo set from Seavenger. The snorkeling mask has a single-window design with a silicone skirt and adjustable strap.

Even the snorkel has a splash guard with a dry top and a one-way purge valve. With the fins, you can swim fast through the water and has a stylish design.

The fin is soft and flexible with open heel design and adjustable straps.

  • The mask has a single-window lens made with tempered glass
  • The snorkel comes with a one-way purge and splash guard
  • The fins are flexible and soft
  • You get a travel bag included

3. SealBuddy Maui

SealBuddy Maui

As with all the snorkel packages on the list, you get all the essential gear you need to enjoy a fun-filled underwater trip. Furthermore, you get a year guarantee included, as well.

The snorkel mask has a four

window design with a concave nosepiece to plug the nose. Moreover, you can buy the mask in two sizes.

On the other hand, you get a dry snorkel for deep swimming with customizable snorkel fins. The fin has adjustable straps with open heel design available in different sizes.

  • Include dry snorkel with adjustable fins
  • The snorkel mask has a four window design
  • Made with tempered glass
  • One year warranty

2. Promate Black Snorkel Gear

Promate Black - Snorkel Gear

For a budget-friendly snorkeling combo pack, the Promate Black offers you everything you need. Included is the single-lens mask with an adjustable buckle to give a firm fit on the face.

Furthermore, the snorkel has a splash guard to prevent watering from entering the tube and is a dry snorkel. On the other hand, it has a purge valve as well.

The fins are lightweight with the rubber foot pocket and comfortable for long swims. Moreover, it has an open heel design with customizable straps.

  • Lightweight designed fins with open heel and adjustable strap
  • Dry snorkel with splash guard and purge valve
  • The mask has a single-window design
  • Include a mesh bag

1. IST Orbit Snorkel Gear

IST Orbit - Snorkel Gear

The IST Orbit is a modern snorkeling gear package comprising of four pieces. Included is the snorkel, fins, mask, and carry bag.

The snorkeling mask has a single-window design with a strap to adjust the mask. The dry top snorkel has a natural shape with a purge valve.

The trek fins have an open heel construction while the carry bag keeps all your snorkeling gear together.

  • Single windowed mask with adjustable strap
  • Durable fins with open heel design
  • The dry top snorkel has a purge valve
  • Include a carry bag

Snorkel Gear Comparison Table


Snorkel Gear Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have browsed through our selection of the best snorkel gear to buy, which one should you choose? Furthermore, when you have selected one, how do you take off your snorkeling set to make sure it lasts a long time? Here you can find all the answers you need.

Should you rent or buy your snorkel gear?

Here it all depends on how often you plan on snorkeling. If you are only going on a one time trip, many of the tours include the gear.

However, these sets are not always high-quality. You can end up with a leaky mask or end up with a scratched window making it unable to see the panoramic view beneath the water.

The same applies to leaky snorkels and in honesty who wants to wear flippers that someone else used. So the best solution if you’re going to prevent this is to buy the best snorkeling gear online.

So if you want to purchase your snorkeling gear, consider the following:

The Snorkel Mask

The mask needs to give you a perfect fit, and this is where the skirt or portion lining plays a vital part in preventing water from entering the cover.

It helps if you got an airtight suction and it should conform to the face to prevent leaks. The best option is to try out different snorkeling masks and to breathe with it.

Furthermore, it should not fit to tight, and men who plan on snorkeling clean shaved should fit the mask in the same condition as well.

Moreover, pick one made with durable material that will not tear with time, and for the best seal, choose one made with silicon.

The lens quality

You do not want to end up with a snorkel mask leaving you with no visibility. The majority of these lenses comprise glass or plastic.

For the highest-quality lens, look for one made with impact-resistant glass. These days you can find one made with a single-window to four windows providing you with a better view of things beneath the water.

The biggest problem you will face using a single pane mask is that you put in prescription lenses if needed.

The Snorkel

You need a snorkel that can help you breathe with ease and there are three types available:

  • Classic – the snorkel has an oval opening and suitable for experienced snorkelers. The air flows through smoothly in and out of the tube, and water can also pass through it as well. You can find some of these snorkels equipped with a purge valve that blows the water out.
  • Semi-Dry Snorkel – the snorkel is semi-closed with a slanted top comprising different slits and vents. The snorkel diverts most of the water and does not cause any breathing problems.
  • Dry Top – the snorkel has a float valve and closes when you submerge into the water, restricting the flow into your mouth. However, some people have found it restricts their breathing.

While the above snorkels are different types you can buy, you need to consider the snorkel barrel as well. The snorkel needs to be flexible. Some of them have a J-shape while others form around the head of the mask.

The recommended length of the tube needs to be between 15 and 17-inches, but other measures are available, as well. Choosing one comes down to preference.

The Fins

For any diving or snorkeling, you need an excellent pair to increase your speed. The only other decision you need to make is to decide if you want a closed or open heel design.

The open heel fin has an adjustable design to provide a secure fit, but it does leave your heel vulnerable. So if you want your heel protected the full-foot flipper keeps it protected but is not adjustable.

Furthermore, the size is essential as well as once you get into the water, your feet shrink. Try to fit a pair on and move around your feet to see if any hard spots are rubbing against your feet.

Are you uncertain about the size then opt-in getting a size smaller? It is better to deal with a tight fin than one falling off your feet.

How to prevent your snorkel mask from fogging up

The best solution is not to remove the mask during your trip. You can make use of de-fog drops to prevent condensation, as well.

When you receive the mask for the first time, removes the protective coat and clean it with the de-fog drops. Alternatively, you can make your solution with one part, no tears, baby soap, and three parts water.

After cleaning the mask, rinse it with water and leave to air dry.

We hope that our buyer’s guide helps you to find the best snorkeling gear for your next trip. The important thing is that choosing the correct one all comes down to preference.

We love the CRESSI Palau combo set as it is a top snorkeling gear package with fantastic features. However, if you prefer something different, all the other packages offer you incredible quality and features, as well.

Enjoy your snorkeling trip, and have fun!

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