Top 10 Best Things to Do In Brooksville | Florida

Brooksville may not have the beautiful beaches the state of Florida is known for, but it certainly has a historic charm. There are plenty of magnificent museums and national monuments for you to visit. Besides, there are dense woodlands sprawling with a variety of wildlife, wonderful lakes perfect for fishing or paddling, and farmlands open to the public for berry-picking. Unlike Miami, this city never gets too crowded. If you are looking for a tourist destination with a quiet atmosphere and rich cultural heritage, then visit Brooksville on your next vacation.

Here are 10 things you can look forward to in Brooksville:

Best things to Do In Brooksville, Florida

1. Experience Brooksville’s Rich Culture in Hernando Historical Museum

Hernando Historical Museum
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Situated close to the May-Stringer House, is a place to indulge in high-culture. The four-story museum was originally built in 1855. At present, this museum showcases over 11000 known artifacts. Some of these exhibits are remnants of the American Civil and Vietnam Wars. There is a separate war room for demonstrating these pieces of history. Visitors will also notice some of Dr. Sheldon Stringer’s old medical equipment in this museum. In addition to all this, the museum also houses a communication room from the early 1900s.

2. Pick Berries and Pumpkins at Brookville’s Different Farmlands

Brookville’s Different Farmlands
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Brookville has plentiful farmlands and ranches that are open to the public during the berry season. For example, you will be able to pick blackberries in Sweet fields farm as well as a variety of other fruits and vegetables such as melons, beans, tomatoes, and the likes. Moreover, you can discover sunflower mazes during springtime. You will be able to visit the pumpkin patch to extract pumpkins in the fall. Similarly, another farm called JG Ranch has an amazing selection of strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries for you to pick.

3. Hike At Withlacoochee State Forest

Withlacoochee State Forest
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Spanning 157,000 acres of land, the Withlacoochee State Forest has plenty in store for wandering travelers. This forest has many scenic routes and trails for you to take a refreshing bike ride. You can even hike here if you choose to! Moreover, there are abundant river trails in this forest, meaning you can even bring your kayak or canoe along for paddling. These dense forest waterways and trails are truly a sight to behold!

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4. Go Wine-Tasting At Sparacia Witherell Family Winery And Vineyard

Sparacia Witherell Family Winery And Vineyard
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Brookville may not be France, but it is well-known for producing some of the best wine in the country. Situated almost 275 feet above sea level, the Sparacia Witherell Family Winery and Vineyard implement biodynamic farming methods that focus on sustainability. The owners prefer using hybrid grapes and locally-grown muscadine grapes to make their wine sweeter. Visitors are allowed free entry into the wineries tasting room on certain days of the week. On Sundays, wine-tasting is accompanied by live music and barbecues.

5. Swing Away At Hernando Oaks Golf And Country Club

Hernando Oaks Golf And Country Club
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If you like playing golf, make sure to visit Hernando Oaks Golf and Country Club while you’re in Brooksville. Many believe this place to be Florida’s most remarkable country club. This club boasts an 18-hole course ready for championship events. You can play here regardless of your age and proficiency; no one will judge you! You may have to book your Tee time in advance on the country club’s website. The same goes for reserving seats at the club’s highly sought-after restaurant.

6. Spend A Relaxing Time At Tom Varn Park

Tom Varn Park
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If you are looking for somewhere a bit less adventurous than Withlacoochee State Park, Tom Van Park offers everything to make your family outing worthwhile. There is a play area for children complete with swings and a baseball field. Furthermore, you will find numerous pathways for going for a walk after lunch. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to witness one of the many events and festivals organized in the park.

7. Become Wonder-Struck At The Sight Of Historic Locomotives At Russell Street Train Depot

The Sight Of Historic Locomotives At Russell Street Train Depot
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Dating back to 1885, the Russell Street Train and Depot has become one of Brooksville’s most important historical landmarks. It has been converted to a railway museum in 1991 showcasing some of the most interesting locomotive artifacts you will find in Florida. Moreover, you will get the opportunity to learn about 19th Centuries historic railway companies such as the Florida Southern Railroad and the Atlantic Coast Line. Traverse the depot’s freight room and learn about railway technology from the olden days. This enlightening experience is truly worthwhile!

8. Arrange A Picnic At Mckethan Lake Recreation Area

Mckethan Lake Recreation Area
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Located near Withlacoochee State Forest, this huge lake is a great spot for chilling with your loved ones. The 57-acre lake is known to have three picnic spots. There is nothing more pleasing than having lunch with your family along this magnificent lake. A pathway has been constructed surrounding the lake to allow vehicles to reach different picnic spots. If you’re fortunate, you might even be able to spot wildlife such as deer or hawk.

9. Purchase Fresh Fruits at Boyett’s Grove

Boyett’s Grove
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While traveling across Interstate 75, be sure to drop by Boyett’s Grove to have a spectacular time. Opening in 1960, this place sells some of the best fruits Brooksville has to offer. You get to observe how fruits are prepared for retail stands in traditional picking methods.  Furthermore, this place has a wildlife feeding park and aquarium. Adolescents will enjoy touring the dinosaur cave and playing at the miniature golf course. You will also get to appreciate some wonderful art pieces in Boyett’s grove art gallery.

10. Become Amazed At Frazier Farms

Frazier Farms
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Brooksville may not have any farmer’s market, but it does have plenty of farmlands and ranches that sell fresh produce to the public. Frazier Farms is one such place. Although sweet corn crops are their specialty, they also sell a diverse selection of organic produce such as melons, honeydew, gourds, and cantaloupe. One downside to this farm is that they only sell their items on certain seasons. This farm also regularly hosts festivals that children are likely to enjoy.

Brooksville is certainly different from other regions of the sunshine state. However, it is still an amazing place to visit if you want to spend a quiet vacation with your family. You won’t find any of the hustle and bustle of bigger cities here, making it an immaculate tourist destination.


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