10 Best Things to Do In Hialeah Gardens | Florida

Hialeah Gardens is a city in the state of Florida, USA. If you are traveling across the States and Hialeah happens to be one of the spots you want to visit, then surely, you will want a little preview of what is in store for you. So, here are the 10 best places to go to during your stay in this tranquil city:

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Best things to do in Hialeah Gardens, Florida

1. Amelia Earhart Park

Amelia Earhart Park
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Amelia Earhart Park is a highly popular place in Hialeah. The green space has biking trails, a football field, a pony rink, a tree fort, and a petting zoo. There is also a lake in the middle of the park stretching 90 acres and this is not to be skipped if you love to play water polo and other water sports. The name is of the park is also historically significant as it comes from the pilot who left Hialeah for her life’s final flight from Miami.

2. Bucky Dent Water Park -Things to Do in Hialeah Gardens

Bucky Dent Water Park -Things to Do in Hialeah Gardens
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This water park is beloved by children and adults alike. Along with the main water park, there is also a public swimming pool for you to cool off from the Florida heat. There are also slides stretching over 30 feet as well as a zero-depth swimming pool. Snacks and drinks are also available if you get hungry after a day of fun activities.

3. Miami Lakes Park

Miami Lakes Park
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Miami Lakes Park is another one of Hialeah’s beloved natural spaces. It is a cross between a park and a sports facility. The playgrounds are suitable for all age groups and if you are lucky, you might even get to watch a baseball game in action. There are also basketball courts and picnic areas all over the park if you want to relax and have something to eat.

4. Bright Park  

Bright Park
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This 4-acre park is not the biggest one in Hialeah but you still can take part in a myriad of activities. There are playgrounds for children of all different ages, as well as fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts that can be rented if you want to play. There is also a public pool if you want to cool off in the Florida heat as well as walking trails for strolling and exploring this small park.

5. Garden of the Arts

Garden of the Arts
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Another spot for art lovers out there, Garden of the Arts is a relatively new but highly popular for being one of the most beautiful open spaces in Hialeah. The park is a fusion of an art gallery and a museum. The swatches of gorgeous landscapes are even more beautified with murals, sculptures, and art installations. You can bask in all the serenity by strolling along one of the many trails. There is also an amphitheater here that hosts live events throughout the year.

6. Hialeah Fountain 

Hialeah Fountain 
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The Hialeah fountain is one of the most iconic and highly picturesque spots of the city. Located at the heart of Hialeah, this fountain consists of an impressive two-tier fountain next to an arched bridge. This is a very common meeting area for the locals. There grassy patios around the fountain where you can relax and take some good photos to add in your travel blog.

7. Leah Arts District

Leah Arts District
Source: miamiherald

If you are an art enthusiast exploring Hialeah, then Leah Art District is the place for you. Hialeah has a vibrant and distinct art scene known for its gorgeous & colorful murals painted by local artists. The district also hosts arts and cultural events to promote the works of artists in Hialeah to the wider region.

8. Tom Sawyer’s Play Area

Tom Sawyer’s Play Area
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If you visit Amelia Earhart Park, then you should stop by Tom Sawyer’s Play Area at the same time. The play area is on an island where you can go from a bridge in the park. The island is known for being shrouded in Cyprus trees and Oak trees. The island is also filled with play areas. If you are looking for some adventure, this is the place for you. The area is also kid-friendly as it has climbing areas, swings, and slides.

9. Flamingo Plaza

Flamingo Plaza
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Flamingo Plaza is the hotspot for retail therapy in Hialeah.  It is well known for its thrift stores that are all located around the same area. You can buy bohemian chic outfits and antique memorabilia along with things like toys, books, records and pretty much anything. You should leave plenty of time if you want to go hunting for buried treasure, as you will find a plethora of stores here.

10. Places To Eat   

Places To Eat
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There are many restaurants in Hialeah, which are known for their predominantly Cuban cuisine. What are some places you can go to? Let us find out:

Stephen’s Restaurant is like a New York deli and it is decorated in a retro style. The menu includes delicacies like corned beef, traditional pastrami, matzo ball soup, Rueben sandwich, mac & cheese and many more.

The population of Hialeah comprises of a decent number of people with Cuban roots. So naturally, this city is known for its unique cuisine. The Epicento Café is a well-known restaurant serving Cuban food for years and you certainly should not miss the chance to dig into their menu when you are in town

As you explore further into the city, you will find several more exciting places to create beautiful memories during your stay in Hialeah.


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