10 Best Things To Do In Stratford | Connecticut

Stratford is a city in the state of Connecticut, USA. If you’re traveling across the States and Stratford happens to be one of your spots, then, surely, you will want a little preview of what’s in store for your upcoming Instagram posts. Here are 10 best places to go during your stay in this tranquil city:

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Best Things To Do in Stratford, Connecticut


1. Boothe Memorial Park and Museum

Boothe Memorial Park and Museum
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Stretching 32 meters, Boothe Memorial Park and Museum is a public park located on the Housatonic River bank. It was found by brothers Stephen Nichols Boothe and David Beach Boothe to preserve the architecturally and historically significant buildings. The park includes a carriage house, windmill, rose gardens, chapel, trolley station, and also Connecticut’s last highway toll booth, clock tower museum, and blacksmith shop, outdoor concerts and so on.

2. Short Beach  

Short Beach
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Short Beach is a scenic, sandy community beach. You can swim, fish, beach comb and do a lot more fun activities. There are picnic areas, calisthenics courses, playgrounds where you can play a variety of sports like volleyball, basketball, softball. These are on the south of the beach.

3. Long Beach

Long Beach
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Stretching 1.5 miles, Long Beach is a coastal barrier beach located among the waters of Long Island Sound and the Lewis Gut. The public uses the eastern end of the beach for swimming, sailboarding, and fishing. Maintenance of the shorebird nesting area is done in the middle of the beach.

4. Roosevelt Forest  

Roosevelt Forest
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Roosevelt Forest is a public forest stretching 401 acres. It has playgrounds, picnic spots, benches, strolling trails, a pond, and wildlife viewing spots. Established around the 1930s, this exquisite forest boasts lush flora and fauna. The Enchanted Forest Ultra Trail Run is one of the many events happening in the forest all year round.

5. Stratford Point & Lighthouse

Stratford Point & Lighthouse
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Stratford Point Light, built in 1822, is a lighthouse located on the bank of the Housatonic River. The Coast guard is currently housed by the tower and it helps in navigation. The privately-owned Stratford Point surrounding 27 acres is open for public bird-sighting on weekdays.

6. National Helicopter Museum

National Helicopter Museum
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The National Helicopter Museum was founded by Robert McCloud and Dr. Raymond Jankowich in 1983. It showcases the history of the helicopters, Stratford’s aviation industry along with tales from the nearby regions. More over, Museum exhibits include the innovations from early engineers to today’s modern helicopters. Other exhibitions of the museum that are notable include a functioning cockpit of the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter, small gas turbine engines of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook, Huey, and many others.

7. Connecticut Air & Space Center  

Connecticut Air & Space Center
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The Connecticut Air & Space Center was found in 1998 by George Gunther. It displays vintage aircraft, memorabilia, and aviation artifacts.Moreover, The Center occupies two buildings at the complex previously known as the Stratford Army Engine Plant. The Center showcases the history of the Stratford Army Engine Plant via a marvelous display of archives and exhibits, including 14 aircraft on display and eight engines that were built at the plant.

8. Academy Hill 

Academy Hill 
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Academy Hill is a place in Stratford preserving architecturally and historically significant buildings of more than 300 years. The district is bound by well-known streets such as Elm Street, Main Street, Broad Street, Main Street, White Street, East Broadway, and Judson Place. Greek Revival and Victorian villas, town-houses from the federal period, suburban houses from the early-20th-century, and 17th to 18th-century homesteads are architecturally important buildings of the area.

9. Stratford Antique Center

Stratford Antique Center
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If you’re an avid shopper willing to spend money on antiques, this is the place for you. The Stratford Antique Center is a long-running multi-dealing antique store in the city. More than 200 dealers sell all sorts of collectible treasures, like antique appliances, ceramics, furniture, signage, clocks, tableware, luggage, jewelry, paintings, fabrics, paintings, photography, vinyl, books, comics, glassware, lighting and many more.

10. Places To Eat 

Place to eat
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A vacation isn’t just right without an eating spree. What are some places you can go to? Let’s find out.

  • Gaetano’s Deli is an Italian deli offering mouthwatering lasagna and gourmet sandwiches prepared with imported and domestic cheeses and cured meat.
  • Biagio’s Osteria is another Italian restaurant serving a menu of daily five courses as well as a regular menu of innovative and traditional Italian cuisine. Its signature dishes are antipasti of calamari fritti, Sicilian eggplant, and lobster bisque soufflé.
  • The Riverview Bistro offers an exclusive dining experience consisting of a state-of-the-art dining room and a picturesque outdoor view along with classic dishes served in a creative manner. The dishes include fresh seafood, pasta, steaks, burgers and wraps, fresh salads accompanied by decadent desserts and handcrafted cocktails.
  • Station House Wine Bar and Grill is a unique New York City-style bar and restaurant serving both Italian and Japanese cuisine to create a fine dining experience. This innovative restaurant also hosts live shows every evening to entertain their guests.
  • The Wells Hollow Creamery is a family-run dairy farm and ice cream parlor just a minute into Roosevelt Forest. It offers over 50 different flavors from Amaretto Cherry to Vermont Maple Walnut served in cones and cups accompanied by sundaes and shakes. There are also zero fat flavors, frozen yogurts, and sorbets.


it’s best not to provide more spoilers of all the fun stuff you can do while exploring Stratford. As you stroll or drive through the city you’ll find out yourself.



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