20 Best Towns to Visit in Michigan | United States

Prettiest Small Towns in America

While many people pay attention to visiting big cities when on holiday, we concentrate on the little Towns in Michigan that most people forget. These towns are gems forgotten. Therefore, if you are planning a trip Michigan, we have compiled a list of the 20 best small cities to visit in Michigan here to put on your itinerary list.

The Best Towns to Visit in Michigan, United State

1. Frankenmuth

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For some old-fashioned European atmosphere, you can visit Frankenmuth in Michigan. The town offers you amazing architecture that distinguishes the settlement from other mid-western cities in the vicinity. Take a weekend trip and wander through the streets to view the Bavarian-style in all its glory. Visit the Holz Brucke Bridge and the Heritage Park close to Weise Street. Here you will find different events taking place throughout the year. Furthermore, it is the home to the World Expo of Beer, and you can find loads of activities at the Oktoberfest as well. Sample some German foods at the Bavarian Fest and wash it down with beer.

2. Copper Harbor – Towns in Michigan

Copper Harbor - Towns in Michigan
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Head over to Lake Superior and visit Copper Harbor, a bustling community and home to some modern copper mines. Currently, the harbors used for recreational purposes and the ferry that connects the town to the Isle Royale National Park. Take a stroll to the mouth of the harbor and see the Copper Harbor Lighthouse or head over to the historic state park Fort Wilkins. The fantastic thing is you can enjoy nature or swim while there as well. So if you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will love the hiking trails and available with the birding festival taking place here.

3. Saugatuck

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If you are looking for the best town to visit in Michigan, you will love this small lumber town transformed into a port. The settlement you find situated at the Kalamazoo River. However, it is now an art colony for tourists. Let the art galleries charm you or walk to the harbor. Alternatively, you can do some shopping or relax at Oval Beach.

Furthermore, you can take the ferry for a tour of the river that starts at Wick’s Park and travels through the town’s side. Throughout the year, you can find many music festivals taking place as well.

However, if you prefer the outdoors, you can head over to Mount Baldhead, Allegan State Game Area, or Saugatuck Dune State Park. On the other hand, you can book in at the Bayside Inn that is a cozy place to be.

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4. Petoskey – Towns in Michigan

Petoskey - Towns in Michigan
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The town Petoskey originated from the Odawa people and means “Where the light shines through the clouds.” The settlements located in Northern Michigan and have a rich history. The town has loads of attractions found in the surrounding areas. If you are a nature lover, you will love the place. You can spend some time camping at Petoskey State Park situated on Little Traverse Bay. Enjoy the fascinating history of Petoskey and get waterfront views with the best nature observation available by visiting this town.

5. Hillsdale

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Hillsdale is famous for its tranquil Hillsdale College. You find the town nestled in South Central Michigan between rolling hills and luscious landscapes. Here you can enjoy more than just a bustling environment made available by the university. You can view the Victorian homes, cute cafes, eateries, grills, bars, and so much more. Head over to the courthouse or the college that are historical places to see. Take the Baw Beese Trail that ends at Sandy Beach Park. Alternatively, you can relax at the Baw Beese Lake or take your bike with and enjoy a relaxing ride.

6. Cadillac – Towns in Michigan

Cadillac - Towns in Michigan

The logging community has loads to offer and is one of the best destinations to visit in Michigan. Here you can venture outdoors to enjoy fishing or hunting, and it has loads of biking and hiking trails. You can swim in Lake Mitchell or head over for a cool down in Lake Cadillac. If you do not prefer the outdoors, there is still something for you to do. You can walk around the town for some shopping or visit the museum and Wexford County Historical Society. Now, if you want to give the kids a day of fun head over to Adventure Island amusement park that is suitable for all ages to enjoy.

7. Tecumseh

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On the River Raisin, you find one of the best towns to visit in Michigan. Tecumseh has a renowned railroad museum, and there are many antique shops to explore at the same time. Once finish exploring what the settlement has to offer head over to the cafes available for some brunch. If you plan to visit the place in January, you can visit the Ice Sculpture Festival. During autumn, visit the Appleumpkin festival and take part in the harvest festival. Here you can find many shops and restaurants to enjoy a glass of wine or beer.

8. South Haven

South Haven - Towns in Michigan
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South Haven is a shipping community and popular destination found of Lake Michigan and the Black River. Here you can find beautiful beaches to unwind and cool off. Furthermore, there are wine and farmlands, as well. You can head over to the Michigan Maritime Museum to learn about the town. However, if you prefer something more active, you can take the Kal-Haven trail to cycle or when cold snowmobile. During the summer, you can pick fruit at the blueberry festival. Alternatively, you can drink some beer at the pumpkin farm or spend your night at the restaurants with local music.

9. Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island
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For a relaxing island life, you will find Mackinac Island a gem. The island is a historic landmark that has nearly no motorized vehicles. Here you can enjoy the wildlife, forest, assorted birds, coastline, marine life, and limestone formations. Relax for a night at the resort and visit the town for the best food and shopping experience. While there do not forget to get the famous fudge made on the island, it is delicious.

10. Traverse City

Traverse City - Towns in Michigan
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Here you can find activities throughout the year and a perfect place if you are a foodie. The town offers renowned restaurants with wine trails, microbreweries, and wineries. You can find different festivals taking place here from food, wine, to music. There are many hikes available to walk off the meal when done. You can do some sightseeing at the Sleeping Bear Dunes or nap on the beach. You can go fishing, hiking, biking, and so much more.

11. Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls
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The tiny town you find located at the coastline of Lake Superior. Enjoy a paradise getaway with a spectacular view of the waterfall. The settlement at Paradise is peaceful and makes for the best rural getaway. You can visit the Whitefish Point Lighthouse or the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum to learn about this historic town.

Furthermore, the surroundings offer you spectacular sceneries as the lands unspoiled to explore. When visiting, make sure to visit both the lower and upper part of the fall. Enjoy some time on the river by renting a canoe or walk for miles on the hiking trails. Moreover, you can stay for a day or two at the campsites available as well.

12. Ludington

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Here is another one of the best towns to visit in Michigan, Ludington, on the Pere Marquette River. Here you can find many lakes including Lake Michigan, to explore. Therefore, if you enjoy fishing or sailing, you will find this place one of the best destinations to be. There are many places to visit from Nordhouse Dunes, Ludington State Park, to Manistee National Forest. In town, you can walk to the lighthouse and watch the ferry that travels between Manitowoc and town. During the summer, stop at the beach or visit the Children’s Sandcastle Museum.

13. Charlevoix – Towns in Michigan

Charlevoix - Towns in Michigan
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For the best boating experience, you will love Charlevoix situated between Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix. The settlement has two stoplights, and the towns preserved giving you a small-town experience from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounding the township is forests and you can walk along the canal as well. You can enjoy some golf or spend time at the lake or Beaver Island for some nature. Furthermore, you can visit the Crooked Tree Art Center, parks, or the local fruit orchards.

14. Colon

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On the southern side of Michigan, you find Colon sitting between Palmer and Long Lake. The town is intriguing and a magical place to be. Furthermore, you can find the Abbott Magic Company and the burial ground of Harry Blackstone here. You can find weekly magician performances taking place here. Take part in the four-day “Abbott Magic Get together” that is a magic convention. View the high school’s mascot a white rabbit that wears a black top hat. Many shops are selling magic goods and you can unwind in any of the magical restaurants available as well.

15. Marshall

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Another historic place to visit in Michigan is Marshall town dating back to the 19th Century. Here you can find the Underground Railroad and take a walk downtown to visit different museums to learn about this town. Visit the Honolulu House built by the Supreme Court of Michigan. Stopover at the Dark House Brewery for a drink with the best brews available all year round. Alternatively, you can head over to the Backroads Saloon and talk about the good old days.

16. Ann Arbor – Towns in Michigan

Ann Arbor - Towns in Michigan
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If you prefer a vibrant and bustling town to visit in Michigan, visit Ann Arbor packed with history and culture. Here you can find indoor and outdoor attractions for the whole family to enjoy. You can visit the University of Michigan Museum of Art or head over to the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. You can go biking, hiking, or canoeing in Argo Park. If you prefer reading, you can find up to eleven bookstores available to browse. There is a theater to watch shows, and you can even watch a game of football. Alternatively, you can relax at the beach, parks, and other places to visit.

17. Holland

Source: west-michigan-drone

Enjoy a Dutch experience when visiting Holland in Michigan. Tiptoe through the tulips during spring and see the windmills when taking a walking tour. Here you can find different beaches to relax on the shores of Lake Michigan or do some paddle boating, sailing, and so much more. The town is one of the most romantic spots to stay and filled with history. You can visit the Holland Museum or attend the Holland Chorale for some music. Take the kids to the Critter Barn petting zoo or head over to Behm Blueberry Farm for some blueberry picking.

18. Lansing – Towns in Michigan

Lansing - Towns in Michigan
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For a central getaway, you can visit Lansing in Michigan. Here you can find loads of activities to do from visiting the State Capital Building to the Michigan Historical Museum. There is even something for the art lover to do by visiting the Eli & Edythe Broad Museum or the Contemporary Art at the university. Take a steamboat ride or walk around in the Cooley Gardens. There are dozens of wineries to visit or take the Makers & Shakers Tour to see different distilleries in the vicinity.

19. Manistee

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Manistee in Michigan is surrounded by water of Lake Michigan, Manistee River, and Manistee Lake. Therefore, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the place to be. Here you can launch your boat or enjoy tubing and paddling for miles. Learn about the towns logging history or stroll down to the Manistee Riverwalk with dining, shopping and entertainment for all. Alternatively, you can take a self-guided tour through the town and view the historic buildings or visit the Saturday Farmers Market. Here you can explore the farmers market, coffee shops, and so much more.

20. Escanaba – Towns in Michigan

Escanaba - Towns in Michigan
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On the northern side of Michigan, you find Escanaba with its magnificent shoreline, beaches, wetlands, and marshes. Drive along the Maywood History Trail and heave over to the lighthouse to learn more about this settlement. Here you can take part in water sports, fishing, cycling, hiking, and scuba diving. Take the ORV trail and view some of the shipwrecks from the boat with its glass bottom. During the winter, you can go skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing.

So if you live in Michigan, why not visit the 20 best towns in Michigan to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting any of these places today.


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