Blue Elephant, Bangkok | Thailand

Blue Elephant, Bangkok

Blue Elephant, Bangkok Thailand is located at 233 Sathon Tai Road, Bang Rak, Bangkok, 10120, Thailand. With branches in several areas around the globe, Blue Elephant, Bangkok, Thailand makes a fine dining choice for any travelers. Chef Nooror Somany Steppe creates this restaurant and luxury is the main theme. In addition, to match with the theme of the colonial era, Blue Elephant itself is set in a three stories colonial-styled mansion with a pale eggshell cover and white and blue trimmings. As a matter of fact, the white and blue trimmings match quite well with the Royal blue cutlery.

Undoubtedly it stands out brightly when surrounded by all the modern inventions such as skyscrapers and towering sky bridges. As for the vibe of Blue Elephant, Bangkok, Thailand, each of the rooms equipped with beautiful chandeliers, Thai crafts, teak-wood floors and wooden windows to add a sense of historical setting to the place itself. In addition to the interior design, the servers and plates are dress in traditional Thai clothings and taught Thai customs to make it an even more elegant dining experience. Therefore, the overall vibe of Blue Elephant, Bangkok, Thailand screams sophistication, elegance and luxury.

Blue Elephant, Bangkok | Thailand

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Price Range and Business Hours

 Blue Elephant, Bangkok
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An appetizer at Blue Elephant, Bangkok, Thailand starts from 200 Thai Baht while bottles of wine starts from 1400 Thai Baht and goes up to 24,000 Thai Baht. Though, people usually spend between 980 THB to 2,600 THB. There are two times for visitors to dine at the Blue Elephant, Bangkok, Thailand which is 11:30AM-2:30PM and 6PM-10:30PM, the store also operates all week.

Cuisine and Menu

 Blue Elephant, Bangkok
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Of course, with Chef’s Nooror Somany Steppe’s love for her country, Blue Elephant specialists in Royal Thai cuisine and they also have a menu for vegetarians! Blue Elephant, Bangkok’s menu consists of three tiers which are appetizers, soups and mains. It represents the way royalty dine and each dish is prepare with careful methodologies to ensure that their guests feel like royalties.

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The menu’s first tier name is “Thai cooking of Yesterday” that designed to make traditional thai dishes shine such as the Mieng Laab Nua, Laab Duck Leg Confit and homemade Thai desserts with Pailin chestnut, sweet jackfruit and fragrant jasmine ice cream.

The second tier called “Thai cuisine of Today” that consists of dishes to fit the modern’s day taste such as coming up with delicious and spicy Ginseng Crab’s Bird Nest soup, smoked fresh sturgeon salad with sour mango and topped with quality caviar. Not to mention the hot and spicy green papaya salad with fresh sweet prawns and homemade Southern anchovy dressing is to die for.

 Blue Elephant, Bangkok
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Lastly, Blue Elephant, Bangkok, Thailand has also come up with “Thai Kitchen of Tomorrow” which highlights the chef’s culinary fusions such as the gigantic river prawns with Lampoon Black Diamond Garlic and red and green peppers.

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