Tasting the authentic Thai food at Bo.Lan Restaurant

Bo.Lan restaurant

Opening since 2009, Bo.Lan becomes one of the local Thai people’s preferred places to eat. The owners of this splendid Bo.Lan restaurant are a Thai chef Duangporn Songvisava and an Australian chef Dylan Jones. Both of husband and wife are extremely passionate about cooking that keep developing their food to achieve perfection. On top of that, Bo.Lan embraces the Thai authentic cuisines and want to share the delightful taste to other people. Hence, Bo.Lan provide only the first-class ingredient and superior taste of food to their customers.

They do this while also trying to preserve the environment from any harm. As a result, each vegetable, ingredient and meat is from local farmers and fishermen. Not only that, Bo.Lan’s owners also built their own garden of vegetables as an organic source to cook. Also, Bo.Lan restaurant is thoroughly committed in keeping the environment safe as well as the health of their customers. Hence, the chefs only serve you high-quality food with the organic ingredient and material to ensure that the customers of Bo.Lan only receive nothing but the best out of the best.

Bo.Lan Restaurant | Thailand

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Bo.Lan restaurant
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Bo.Lan is like a first-class restaurant that provides such an artistic vibe as soon as you reach this place. Each decoration from outside and inside of Bo.Lan is like a work of art that every artist wants to keep as their treasure. Most importantly, most of the furniture is made from wood and accompanied by the perfect lighting that totally show off the creativity of the designers when building Bo.Lan restaurant.

Bo.Lan restaurant
Source: nowjakarta

In addition, the sight at Bo.Lan is very eye-pleasing that will leave you in awe with how superior it looks with all tables and chairs staying in a perfect order. Not only that Bo.Lan illustrates an artistic look, but the atmosphere at Bo.Lan is also able to make you feel nostalgic too. The relaxing environment at Bo.Lan can definitely bring solitude to you. Above that, you may even receive a feeling of longing that you will find yourself admiring how expressive the design of this classic restaurant is.

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Additional Information:

  • Price Range: $5 – $80
  • Business Hour: 12:00PM – 2:00PM, 6:00PM-10:30PM
  • Type of place: Luxury
  • Location: 24 Soi Sukhumvit 53, Klongtonnua, Wattana Bangkok
  • Type of cuisine served: Thai

In conclusion, Bo.Lan restaurant always tries their best to bring both joy and satisfaction to their customers. If you want to receive an authentic taste of Thai food from talented chefs, coming to Bo.Lan restaurant seems to be the best option. Getting only the best and healthies food from Bo.Lan, you will not regret spending your time there. Not only that you get to enjoy the delicious food but your experience at Bo.Lan will be even better with the quick and friendly service from every staff. Over and above that, the tranquil environment enables you to feel even more satisfied with your life that make your experience even more delightful. Hence, we strongly suggest you to visit Bo.Lan restaurant whenever you are craving for Thai food to receive the best time ever.

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