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Overview of Bou Sra Waterfall

The Bou Sra Waterfall is one of the most impressive falls in Cambodia. This triple-drop waterfall has a 12 m upper tier and a stunning lower tier with a 20 m drop of thunder while the last tier is 4 m. Getting there is now a journey of 38 km, 45 minutes east of Sen Monorom, along a largely sealed path. When you walk through Bousra Eco Park, the famous Bousra Waterfall can thrill your senses. Initially, the only way to see the falls was by staying simply on the platform right in front of the spectacular waterfall. It allows visitors to see from above or below just in front of the drops for perfect waterfall staged photos.

An Overview of Bou Sra

Bousra Waterfall - Look from the top
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Bou Sra Eco Park or Bou Sra Waterfall opens from 7.30 a.m. yr.-round around 6.30 pm. The authority suggests accessing the park at 5 p.m. to the last tourists to ensure they have ample time to explore the views where Zipline action stops at 3.30 p.m. You don’t have to make any reservation in advance on casual days. With an advance order, the authority will handle earlier deliveries and later departures. The authority recommends a minimum of one hour for your tour. If you want to experience your barbecue, ziplining and swimming with nature’s drop, you’ll probably have to stay most of the day. Bou Sra Eco Park is mainly a self-guided tour that enables tourists to go directly to their points of interest.

“What if it’s rainy?” The rainy season normally is from June – October. Genuinely, it does rain here and it doesn’t stop at times! They provide raincoats for rent, and their walkway is built to provide you with places to stop under shade. Wearing comfortable walking shoes, shorts or casual trousers, and a waterproof jacket or raincoat are suggested.

When you walk through the waterfall path, you can thrill your senses at the waterfall that line the route. Initially, the only way one might see the fall was by dangling simply across the side of the mountain, gazing through trees and grasses, not very tempting to take a picture. With the design of the Waterfall, visitors have viewpoints from the platforms above, below and in front of the falls for great photo opportunities in the waterfall. The adjacent waterfalls to Nam Lea Mountain are in the forest.

The fountain in Mondulkiri is the most popular waterfall, where tourists also come to Mondulkiri once they arrive. Taking shots from zip-lining all over the waterfall with a range of 300 m and a height of 100 m just above waterfall as well as from the bridge’s front view of the waterfall can be found for better picture possibilities. Bou Sra waterfall is a spectacular sight when you’re in the field of Bousra Eco Park.

You may need Trekking Backpacks for the trip.

What’s Interesting

The Three-Stage Bou Sra Waterfall
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Bou Sra’s gross property area is 119 Hectares with 3 Waterfall Stages as in,

First Stage: The waterfall is 8 -12 meters above sea level and 15 meters wide in monsoon season and 10 – 15 meters wide in winter months.

Second Stage: During the rainy season the decline of the waterfall is 15 -20 meters high and 20 meters long and in the dry season it is 18 -25 meters above sea level and 13 meters long. The second phase is from the first point at 150 feet.

Third Stage: The last stage of Bou Sra Waterfall is just higher than two steps. This stage is not possible because it is in the dense jungle.

The Communities in Bou Sra

Bou Sra Waterfall - Mayura Zip line
Source: Mondul K Resort

Over 1,058 residents in the 369-ha district of Bou Sra, agriculture the major occupation. There are motels, bars, souvenir shops, small cable cars, two elevators down to the waterfall foundation, a theme park and some sleeping huts all over the area. The resort is under the ownership of Sor La Investment Co., Ltd. Under the conditions of the 90-year lease and site lease signed on November 27, 2008, the Royal Government of Cambodia had granted this corporation an expenditure of US$ 6 million in the region of over 400 ha. This waterfall is among the most amazing places in all seasons for keen visitors.

The dual drop waterfall is very common among the locals who see it as a place for swimming and picnics. The top-level is about 10 m tall, and the lower level goes back down to the gorge by 25 m. It’s a picturesque and beautiful environment and offers excellent photo choices. Near the station is Pichinda, the ethnic Phnong community which has a tiny guesthouse. At the falls some treats are accessible but if you want something more serious, bring food. You may then turn northeast towards Bou Sra. If you’ve never traveled north on this path before, you will be shocked that it’s becoming rougher just behind the first hill than most.

The road gets a little better after that but always requires a lot of focus. The lane is littered with dark grooves, most likely left by big vehicles. Once you get stuck in some of those, it leaves you even with very few choices than just going in the hopes of not getting stuck. Yet the earth is firm and offers the tires a good handle. The wood is rather dark, almost impenetrable in some areas. You have to restart the bike numerous times and if it still struggles, there are many ways to navigate such particularly heavy bikes while you are moving at a steady speed.

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In conclusion, there is still a longer route to Bou Sra than the road back to other waterfalls. However, the road gets harder every day. So, meeting someone there who can repair the bikes is very difficult. It’s not only prominent among foreign tourists, but Cambodian communities often make a point of visiting this unique and valuable waterfall and heading out to appreciate the spray and landscape at a picnic lunchtime. The trail leads with a pond to the base of one wide slide, and a small stream to another waterfall.


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