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You came to Siem Reap of seeing the magnificence of Angkor temples. However, after spending a couple of days roaming around the ruins, we know you might be looking forward to doing something else. Many tourists who visit do not acknowledge the abundance of the natural world that Cambodia has to agree to give. And for delving deeper into biodiversity experiences, Boueng Pearling is seen as one of the top spots in Asia.

If you’re a nature lover, a bird hunter, a conservationist or just a nature lover, this stalking ground rendered a bird sanctuary named Boeng Peariang located not too far from the Angkor Archeological Park of UNESCO is a perfect place to experience the incredible wildlife in Cambodia.

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Boueng Pearaing Bird Watching

Boueng Pearaing Bird Sanctuary

The Boueng Pearaing Bird Sanctuary is just 30 minutes away from Siem Reap neighborhood. It is home to around 175 rare rural, mountain and waterbird species along with Spot-billed Pelicans, Milky Storks, Grey & Purple Herons, Black-headed Ibis, Greater Adjutants, and many others. The bird sanctuary was once a hunting ground, where birds were killed and eaten or smuggled to be sold on the rising black market worldwide. The sanctuary was developed to serve as a bird reserve because of the local community’s initiative to protect the mammalian habitat.

Boueng Pearaing
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People living in the Chreav Village are enlightened about the importance of wild animals and are now acting as guides and animal rangers protecting the sanctuary against poaching. The bird reserve is approximately 208 hectares in size comprised of swamp forests with freshwater where mangrove plants grow around. This bird sanctuary in Siem Reap is partially funded by ADB (Asian Development Bank) and approved by the Environment Ministry.

The Bird Sanctuary Experience -Boueng Pearaing

Boueng Pearaing Bird Sanctuary is the only year-round avian wildlife where visitors can get a glimpse and experience a wealth of species of mammals’ waterbirds in their natural environment. It’s a wonderful opportunity to discover more about the various bird species, ecosystems, breeding, nestling, and how the Chreav community works closely to reserve the bird sanctuary.

A tour to Boueng Pearaing Bird Reservation promises a true feel of authentic country life and wildlife interactions in Cambodia. Forested rice paddy sectors, water buffaloes loving their baths, Cambodia is known for its red dirt roads and the happy faces of the natives welcome you on the way to the wildlife sanctuary. Moreover, When you approach the sanctuary, you will also be met by a local expert from the Boueng Pearaing Center in which you will stroll through the village of Chreav to see the residents’ contemporary life and learn more about Boueng Pearaing’s sustainable ecotourism initiative.

Boueng Pearaing
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Mount the engine boat and ride around the river to see the uncommon waterbird species, wandering about their rare species easily. Take the opportunity to contact your local guide for more details about the Bird Conservation. The tour typically takes about two to three hours and is best witnessed at sunrise or sunset. Moreover, If you want to spend an extended stay in the sanctuary, you may coordinate it in the village too. The best time to visit is February to May, as migratory birds migrate to the mammalian sanctuary.

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat  -Boueng Pearaing

Navutu Dreams, Siem Reap’s only resort & wellness escape endorses the local people in Chreav Village’s efforts to preserve the area’s wildlife. Their wellness resort is genuinely committed to green living and feasible practices, so they are helping to raise awareness and encourage eco-tourism projects such as the Boueng Pearaing Bird Reservation in Siem Reap. They have compiled a tour for our visitors and visiting tourists which can help preserve the bird sanctuary. Just by touring Boueng Pearaing’s bird sanctuary, you already can help support the project, as all the funds raised from the ticket prices go away to charity.

Boueng Pearaing
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Expenses & Services at Navutu

If you already have a couple more months left to live in the temple town till heading on and you are interested in visiting the Boueng Peariang Bird Sanctuary, the Navutu Dreams team would have been more than pleased to arrange all of this for you. The trip is priced at U$45.00++ for every passenger, a total of two including a local guide, accommodation, a picnic basket, a visit to the Chreav Village, and a 45-minute river cruise around the bird sanctuary. If you are a visitor lodging at the resort & spa retreat, you may contact the concierge to schedule a bird watching experience for you.

Boueng Pearaing
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That’s an up-and-coming birdwatching site based around a protected reservoir only south of the Tonlé Sap where huge numbers of storks, uncommon pelicans, and ibis can be seen. It is an accessible and affordable option to Prek Toal birdwatching as it sits just nearly an hour south of Siem Reap city centre. Service charges go towards conserving and supporting the community.

More over, If you love animals and birds, preferably the best option would also be the Boueng Pearaing bird sanctuary. The boat expedition slowly cruises around some of the potential wetlands of Tonle Sap and enables you to observe numerous threatening water birds that transitioned around Tonle Sap Lake from different sections of mangroves. The trip is motivated by a brief walking tour at the regional market through cars passing lovely big rice paddies sprinkled with palm trees.

In conclusion, enjoy the nearby area admired by its calmness while taking lessons about bird rearing, migration from your local guide and especially witnessing how the conservation area & birds are being carefully safeguarded.


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