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The Best Cafe in Toul Tum Poung | Good Cafe to save the day
Bars & Cafes, Cambodia, Phnom Penh

The Best Cafe in Toul Tum Poung | Good Cafe to save the day 

Cafe in Toul Tum Poung is known as the most famous cafe area in the city are located even though there are various coffee shops sprouting in Phnom Penh. What’s more, from place to pick up a premium breakfast/brunch and artisanal coffee with the variety of choices, Toul Tom Poung is home to some of the coolest coffee shops. Not to mention, there are conceptual and handful specialty cafes that offer quietude and comfortable for coffee-lovers.

Whether you are looking for the perfect instagrammable spot, a weekend brunch hangout, spacious layout where you can spend some quality time to get some work done, or the finest cold brew and appetizer, those Cafe in Toul Tum Poung deliver on all those fronts and more. So here are our top picks of the best coffee joints in Toul Tom Poung area.

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Best Cafe in Toul Tum Poung

- Cafe in Toul Tum Poung
Source: Pexels “Lina Kivaka”

Brown Coffee and Bakery


Despite the legion of new entrants into very competitive coffee shops’ market in Toul Tum Poung area, Brown Coffee and Bakery remains the standard. Nowadays, this local coffee brand is very trendy place among the younger crowd after school or for group meeting. Meanwhile, this place is also one destination that you can stop by for a morning pick-up-coffee before work. They serve the best coffee with the well blend and strength in taste. Not to mention, there are a wide array of beverages such as juice, smoothie, and frappe. Besides great drinks and the friendly services, they offer all day-breakfast/brunch fusion menu, pastries, and cakes. Moreover, the space is well-lit with the back to basic vibes, and the outdoor seating offers the perfect fresh-air extension.

Price Range: 2$ up

Open Hours: 6:00am-8:00pm

Service Rating: 4.8/5

Location: #174, Street 155, Sangkat Toul Tom Poung, 123110, Phnom Penh

Le Café

Source: Facebook “Le Café”

Le Lafe is one of the best coffee shop in Toul Tum Poung that you should check it out. It is totally different from other café shops since it is situated on the first floor above Le Marche. Basically, this shop is light with the white concept, large space looks and living room-like atmosphere where you can get your work done peacefully. Talking about the taste of their coffee is totally won’t make you disappointed. There are a wide range of drinks available there, as well as, many choices of pastries to have along with a cup of coffee. Have I mentioned yet that this spot is very photogenic and instagram-worthy? So choose your outfit wisely and pose like a pro for your gram. Additionally, they have the fabulous services since the staffs there are very polite and knowledgeable.

Price Range: 1.5$ up

Open Hours: 7:00am-10:30pm

Service Rating: 4.5/5

Location: #10, Street 456, Sangkat Toul Tum Poung I, 12310, Phnom Penh


- Cafe in Toul Tum Poung
Source: Facebook “CYCLO Café”

Not only the amazing name that they have come up with, this cafe in Toul Tum Poung has a huge success background. Started from selling coffee in a small band, and now they have expended to one of the stunning café shops that attracts many customers every-day. With the two floors, individual tables, long communal tables, a bar and a snazzy chesterfield chair at the entry, you will never be stuck for space. Not including, the interior design of the shop offers a causal vibe with the friendly atmosphere. Surprisingly, there are many different types of drinks available to be served with a very affordable price. Iced Cyclo Cafe latter and Hot Caramel are recommended since it is their signature drinks. In addition, you will fall in love with their customer services which is the kind of service that make you feel like you will come again next time.

Price Range: 1.2$ up

Open Hours: 6:30am-8:30pm

Service Rating: 4.6/5

Location: St 155, Corner 470, Phnom Penh

Zoo Cafe

- Cafe in Toul Tum Poung
Source: Facebook “Zoo Cafe”

Zoo Cafe offers you a unique experience like you are in a small zoo center. If you are animal lovers, I bet you have come to the right place. Besides the tasty coffee and other beverages, you will get to play with 10 different types of animal that do not exist in the wild in Cambodia. What’s more, this place has numerous workspace options that divide into two floors. You can go inside to play and take some photos with animals for a few minutes in the glass playroom at the center of the floor area. Don’t worry, this place is clean, and it only smells the aroma of great coffee that gives you the jungle vibes. Not to mention, they serve the menu all-day breakfast/brunch food, and Oreo Zoo Frappe is their best-seller drinks.

Price Range: 1.2$ up

Open Hours: 6:30am – 8:30pm

Service Rating: 4.5/5

Location: St 155, Corner 470, Phnom Penh

Jungle Café

- Cafe in Toul Tum Poung
Source: Facebook “Jungle Café Toul Tompoung”

Are you a type of person who love nature? This Jungle cafe in Toul Tum Poung will give you the new experience like you are in the Amazon Jungle. Just by glancing through this shop, you won’t feel like you are in the city since it is well covered with the big trees and greenery out-side. Practically, the indoor natural environment will fresh up your mood, and you can enjoy your drink with the baked goodie from there. Moreover, the baristas are very friendly, and they surely give you the very warmth welcome. Don’t forget to give it a try there to get a romantic jungle vibes.

Price Range: 1.2$ up

Open Hours: 5:30am – 8:00pm

Service Rating: 4/5

Location: No.250, Street 155 + Street 480, Sangkat Phsar Deum Thkov, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh

La Chronique Café/ Bistro

Source: Facebook “La. Chronique”

If you are attracted to old and antique stuffs, this café in Toul Tom Poung  will surely turn to be your favorite coffee shop. Speaking of which, the design and atmosphere of La Chronique is like none other in Phnom Penh. This building design is based on French Colonial landmarks like the post office, and the view inside the shop will bring you back to 60s’ theme with the life style equipment and art.

There is also the rooftop on which you can enjoy the view and experience breathing together with nature. What’s more, they serve delightful coffee, all-day breakfast meals, and tasty pastries, yet Ice Latte and Green Tea Frappe are recommended. Last but not least, this place is a good choice to kick off you day with a little acoustic music background and the smell of the coffee that will give you a great concentration.

Price Range: 2.5$ up

Opening Hours: 6:30am – 8:00pm

Service Rating: 4.8/5

Location: #60, St.135, Toul Tom Poung I, Phnom Penh

Deja Cafe

Source: Facebook “Deja Cafe”

When the fun winds down, you might need a cozy coffee shop that you can catch up with your work. So how about give it a try at Deja Cafe? It is a cool, dark vibed, artisan cafe that serve a variety of drinks and Western dishes for breakfast/Branch, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, this place has numerous work space options where you can happily nosh, ship, and set your laptop up to surf the internet for hours. Ahhh, it is also a good place to start your morning by grabbing a cup of hot Latte with Facaccia Sandwhich. Good drinks, good food, affordable prices, friendly atmosphere, fast services, so what else could you ask for?

Price Range: 2.5$ up

Open Hours: 7:00am – 8:00pm

Service Rating: 4.5/5

Location: Toul Tom Poung I, St 450, 12310, Phnom Penh

Java Creative Cafe

Source: Facebook “Java Creative Café”

Just by hearing the name, you can feel how creative this cafe in Toul Tom Poung is. It is the loft-style cafe with the specious layout fills for both indoor and outdoor. The gorgeous plant, greenery, and ferns will hit you with the sense of clam along the best selection of music where you feel like home sweet home. Wash it all down with the shop’s milk-based coffee drinks and the Western fusion food with the on-point services will totally give you the greatest feeling. All in all, this is a must visit coffee shop in Toul Tum Poung area.

Price Range: 2.5$ up

Open Hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm

Service Rating: 4.5/5

Location: 53 Street 468, Phnom Penh 12310

Jars of Clay Cafe


Jars of Caly Cafe is family style Cafe in Toul Tum Poung that provide sustainable employment of vulnerable women. This is an awesome place to get decent meal and to escape from the heat and noise. Meanwhile, they have a small area down on the main floor and a large area upstairs that can accommodate good amount of people which is very convenient. In addition, the baristas there speak English very well and very attentive with the service that they provide. They serve you with the unique range of Western and Asia home-style cooking, delicious slices & cake, teas, coffees and healthy juice that you will never ever forget about their taste.

Price Range: 3.5$ up

Open Hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm

Service Rating: 4.6/5

Location: 155 #39b Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

365 coffee

Source: Facebook “365 COFFEE”

365 coffee is never a bad idea: There’s great food, a wide range of drinks, numerous workspace potions, friendly atmosphere where you can chill out and pass a few hours with a good high. This stunning café with the black concept offers you the mood lighting and artsy vibes. Meanwhile, the outside décor fills with the gorgeous plants, greenery, and ferns that make you feel like you are walking into a jungle. The staffs are very knowledgeable and friendly service, as well as, the best selection of great music.

Price Range: 2.5$ up

Open Hours: 7:00am – 9:00pm

Service Rating: 4.3/5

Location: Street 484 Corner St.97, Phnom Penh 12305

- Cafe in Toul Tom Poung
Source: Unsplash “Rizky Subagja”

As a sweet tooth person, Greentea Frappe will always be my go-to drink. So if you want to experience the best Greentea Frappe, Brown Coffee and Bakery would be the best place to get it. Nonetheless, Backyard Cafe is also a trendy spot to get a delicious smoothies bowl, and where you can pose like a pro for your gram. Anyway, we would suggest you to choose Java Creative cafe or Deja Cafe or Jars of Clay Cafe when you want to sit quietly and get your work done.

In addition, Jungle cafe and Zoo Cafe are recommended to the animal and nature lovers because it won’t make you disappointed. Last but not least, you probably need to check the 365 Coffee, Le Cafe, and Cyclo Cafe out for a cup of coffee on the sunny day. So what is your favorite coffee shop so far among those top ten best cafe in Toul Tum Poung?

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