10 Best Café Spots in California

Coffee is something that kind of propels us every morning to get up from the bed and start the day. It might even be a lifeline to many of us. While coffee is becoming universal with chain shops like Starbucks, the appeal of sitting in a quiet corner of an authentic coffee shop never fizzles out. You can find such café spots in almost every corner of California. Some of these café spots are serving in California for years. To make you fall in love with Californian cafés we have picked out some of the best cafes here. Let’s check them out!

10 Best Café Spots in California

1. Alfred Coffee and Kitchen

Alfred Coffee and Kitchen
Source: malktime

With their tag line “But first, Coffee,” Alfred Coffee and Kitchen are probably the most sought after coffee spots in California, one of the reasons being that they attract several celebrity visitors.

Situated in West Hollywood, this hip coffee spot serves some mind blowing coffee as well as delicious food. Though the price is a bit high you might find it worth it given their classy service and good food. One more thing—if you find yourself in Alfred, don’t forget to taste their almond latte.

2. Reveille Coffee Co., San Francisco 

Reveille Coffee Co., San Francisco 

Reveille coffee is committed to serving good coffee and showing the customers a good time. They will give you a complete coffee experience with their hospitality and service. You can get standard coffee, rich Cappuccino, espresso, pastry, and sandwiches. Their breakfast menu consists of egg sandwich, shakshuka, frittata, biscuit, and different side items. The coffee and dishes are affordable and made with care. You can easily spend an evening in this lovely cafe spot in San Francisco.

3. Lofty Coffee, San Diego

Lofty Coffee, San Diego
Source: ediblesandiego

Lofty Coffee is both a coffee spot and a bakery. Their motto is providing a friendly gathering space for the community. They provide breakfast, brunch, and lunch.  They serve organic and fresh items, making Lofty Coffee a popular spot for health freaks living in San Diego. Seating on their patio under the sun and seeping a cup of finely brewed coffee or munching on a freshly baked croissant should absolutely be on your to-do list for your next visit to California.

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4. Copa Vida, Pasadena

Copa Vida, Pasadena
Source: thedashofdarling

Cop Vida is from Copa Dot, a Costa Rican coffee producer. They serve both hot pressure drinks and cold pressure drinks. You can also expect breakfast, lunch, pastry items, and salad for both deliveries and pick up service.

The exposed brick wall interior and the sweet smell of coffee draw in many coffee lovers at Copa Vida. This Gourmet coffee spot is perfect for a quick outdoor office meeting or for some meet up with friends.

5. Saint Frank, San Francisco

Saint Frank, San Francisco
Source: workfrom

Saint Frank’s coffee is bound to bring some joy in your life. Named after Saint Francis of San Francisco, this coffee shop is devoted to its motto, to bring joy to people’s lives. The interior is of blond plywood and white tiled floor, filling the room with light and brightness.

At Saint Frank you can expect to find almond macadamia milk latte, various drips, and pour-over espressos in their menu. If you find yourself at Saint Frank, don’t forget to try an espresso with a shot of Kaffe tonic. You will be amazed by the fizz it adds to the taste.

6. Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco

Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco
Source: Wilkes

Sightglass coffee has five cafés in San Francisco with the one at SoMa being the original branch. This upscale coffee shop is very suitable for a hangout with friends or for touching up some office work in quiet.

You can find espresso, cold brew on the tap and pour over drinks here. Their coffee comes from all over the world, even from Guatemala. They also serve croissants and pastries for breakfast. The interior is spacious with a separate mezzanine floor and a renovated old-house vibe. Sightglass Coffe also offers classes where you can develop coffee making skills.

7. Blue Bottle Coffee, Los Angeles

Blue Bottle Coffee, Los Angeles
Source: Wonho Frank Lee

Blue Bottle Coffee has several cafés situated in and around Los Angeles. All of their shops offer the freshest of coffee, but only after they have been brewed for at least 48 hours.  Don’t miss out on their New Orleans-inspired cold brew, served with milk and chicory. They also serve assorted pastries, cookies, avocado toast and many other delicacies for lunch and breakfast. Altogether with good coffee and a friendly atmosphere, you will have a pleasurable experience at Blue Coffee.

8. Timeless Coffee, Piedmont Avenue 

Timeless Coffee, Piedmont Avenue 
Source: Emilie Raguso

Timeless Coffee is a quaint little café at Piedmont Avenue. You won’t find the regular commotion of an eatery here at Timeless Coffee; it’s certainly the place to go to enjoy some espresso in quiet. Thanks to their in-house roaster, they’re able to create some classic and delicious coffee. They also serve breakfast and lunch with a full vegan menu, which consists of maple donuts, pumpkin cinnamon buns, and almond croissants among other delicacies. You can also try out their menu for chocolates and desert.

9. Verve Coffee Roasters, Los Angeles

Verve Coffee Roasters, Los Angeles
Source: glassdoor

Verve Coffee Roaster in the art district of Los Angeles takes inspiration from global cuisine in its menu. This 7000sft café has its signature verve coffee for you to taste and take home. Along with the usual espresso, Cappuccino, macchiato, latte, and mocha there are also other drink assortments and food. Their seasonal menu covers breakfast, lunch, and brunch. They have both indoor and outdoor seating spaces where you can enjoy your coffee.

10. The Sidewalk Café, Venice Beach

The Sidewalk Café, Venice Beach
Source: Sarah Oliver

Sidewalk Café at Venice beach has been a renowned landmark for many years. It is a great place to have some delicious food and enjoy the view of the beach with its pleasant hustle and bustle. The menu at this café consists of homemade soup, appetizers, famous sidewalk burgers, sandwiches, tacos, pasta, salads, etc. All of their sauces are homemade with a distinct and unique taste. You can have breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner here at this Venice beach café.

In conclusion, the cafes of California are there to give you the quintessential California culinary experience Exploring these cafés is also a good way to get an insight into the city while visiting it. No matter what your purpose is, Café Spots in California are not going to disappoint you.

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