Cambodia Shooting Range – Your Adrenaline Release

Cambodia Shooting Range

Thinking of experiencing the real guns in Cambodia with multiple locations of shooting range. You can let your adrenaline out of yourself here!  Although some tourists love walking tours or art museums, other tourists prefer swim-up bars or hopping down to waterfalls. Then there’s this odd maniac who just needs a rocket launcher that blows up an animal. Too much to choose from! Unfortunately, this is because there is a spot in Cambodia in which even the toughest shooter in the universe would have little luck bagging a target.

Shooting Range in Siem Reap

Cambodia Shooting Range - Siem Reap
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Out of many shooting ranges in Cambodia, the Siem Reap Shooting Range provides tourists with the exciting experience of shooting pellet rifles while on vacation in this mountain town. Based beyond Siem Reap city center, this outdoor venue can handle up to 20 players at a time which includes various paper targets built close to 25 meters high.

People visiting can choose between a wide variety of machine guns, rifles, and pistols including 38 revolvers as well as AK47, M60, and M16. The cost varies according to the firearm and amount of ammunition you have selected, and the most common one is the AK47, which requires US$ 60 to shoot a full 30-bullet clip. This shooting range also provides free pick-up as well as drop-off options when you’re paying more than US$ 100. There are also bazookas with grenade arms powered by rockets on the exhibition which you might get to shoot with higher prices each round.

In Siem Reap, this shooting range is in an ancient, run-down house, and the weapons are treated comparably. Much of the guns are relics of Cambodia’s oppressive Khmer Rouge regime, so don’t anticipate the current military equipment. Most of the AK47s feel and look as though they had already been through battles.

Officials are on guard to protect guests, but there is not much throughout the way of emergency procedures or appropriate shooting methods other than shooting this way and holding your head squarely on the bottom of the rifle. However, at the Shooting Range, they consider it as a fun and healthy encounter. You need to wear the given ear mufflers since the shots resound very, very harshly.

Private education is also expected to be provided at extra costs to reasonable gun owners seeking to improve their abilities, but the authority wonders how much private tutoring one will gain. You can still take photos or record even if, during your stay, you do not intend to engage in the shooting of a pistol.

Located across the road leading to Prasat Banteay Srei, the Shooting Range is accessible through Angkor Archeological Park is just a 30-minute ride via tuk-tuk. Generally, foreigners have to get Angkor Pass to be on Angkor premises, but it’s not the case here if you will travel through the castle grounds and visit the firing range only.

Firing Range in Phnom Penh

Shooting Range - Phnom Penh

Talk of great irony; this range is situated not too far from the sobering heritage site of Phnom Penh, Killing Fields, where over 100,000 Cambodians had been buried after being slaughtered by Khmer Rouge throughout their terror campaign in the 1970s.

Love shooting but aren’t so successful at it? Perhaps you’re suffering from the jitters, have a vision problem, or you have been living in Massachusetts frightened of weapons. On entry, consumers have a wide selection of firearms to choose from, varying from AK-47s and large weapons to pistols, explosives, even rocket launchers. There is simply no need at all to think about accuracy.

Talking about the aims, you will be provided with guns to choose from the collection. You may choose anything tiny, like a duck, to loosen up. When you go for a machine gun, that would be $100. Not on the budget? Then it’s safer to go with the gun: which is just $15. On a lower budget even? Okay, then you can observe a calf walk over a minefield.

If you rather project your pent-up frustration on some misguided rocks and trees, these Cambodian shooting ranges won’t stop you. 

Here are two of the main attractions in the Shooting Range:

Rocket Launcher

Check out your wish list in the Shooting Ranges in Cambodia! Fire an Actual Rocket Launcher to blow up a propane tank, petrol tank, or even a hut made of straw! This is the ultimate test of your shooting capabilities as well as precision. Only the Cambodian shooting range can provide this opportunity!

Hand Grenade

Have you ever worried about throwing out a real grenade? You can now. This will cost you $80 for a grenade explosion. You can throw it on dry ground or in a pond that depends largely on the year or season. That’s the sophisticated benefit that most shooting ranges can provide in Cambodia!

Packages the Shooting Ranges Provide

There are three packages from Phnom Penh Shooting Range such as Jungle Fever, Mekong Madness and Create Your Own indoor. The packages serve based on booking priority and welcome to capture unlimited photos as well as record clips. Attendees need to book their entry providing their NID or copy of their Passport. The authority provides every attendee with dedicated staff for safety reason and they also offer ear & eye safety measures, t-shirt as a souvenir, water bottle, beer, and round-tour transportations. The prices for these three packages are US$199, US$369 and US$25 respectively.

In conclusion, the Cambodia shooting ranges are attracting tourists from around the globe largely. Cambodia is now becoming a popular spot for shooting activities and tours as they deliver some fantastic indoor as well as outdoor shooting packages. They’ll always invite you to shoot specific weapons on rentals. The Authority also offers all paying bookings with free round-trip travel.

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