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Canvas Bangkok Thailand

Canvas is a restaurant in Bangkok that has been opened since April 2017. Fascinatingly, itis influenced by both international and national cuisine. Therefore, it offers Thai food with modern techniques which can ensure a new and exciting experience to you. On top of that, it also has the best chef from Texas, executive chef Riley Sanders, who had a lot of experience working with several professional chefs. With an intense passion in cooking, Chef Riley traveled to Thailand to learn all about the great food and ingredient and invent such a mouth-watering and tasty food for Canvas. Moreover, the menu of this restaurant changes according to the seasons. The ingredient is organic and bought mostly from the local farmers in Thailand. As a result, you can always get the finest ingredient in your cuisine every time you dine at Canvas.

Canvas Restaurant, Bangkok | Thailand

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Canvas restaurant totally fits into the artistic category. As soon as you step inside, you will be surprised at how elegant it looks. The beauty of the interior conveys a sense of luxury which leads you to admire the creativeness of the designers. Furthermore, the fancy vibe you get from Canvas allows you to feel like you are in some kind of restaurants for royalty. The elegance of Canvas restaurant is incredible that you cannot exactly express it with words.

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Not only that, but Canvas also offers you tables at the counter if you want to witness how the professional chefs cook your food. You will unable to stop staring when you see how delicate and smooth the chefs are when cooking. Hence, this is such a great and unique experience for you.

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On that other hand, if you prefer more privacy, you can also choose to dine upstairs. The environment from above is totally peaceful; so, you can enjoy having a relaxing conversation with your partners or beloved people that dine at Canvas restaurant with you.


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Additional Information:

  • Price Range: $40 – $100
  • Business Hour: 6:00PM – 9:30PM
  • Type of place: Luxury
  • Location: 113/9-10 Soi Sukhumvit55 (Thonglor), Klongton Nua, Wattana Bangkok
  • Type of cuisine served: Asian & Western

In short, to get the most unique experience of elegance and luxury, visiting Canvas restaurant is a must. You can find the best Thai cuisine with western techniques that makes the food even more delicious and new to you. Moreover, this restaurant brings the finest ingredient of each season to their customers. So, when you are at Canvas, no matter which season it is, you can always have the cuisine that has the highest quality ingredient. Above that, it offers the peaceful atmosphere with the loveliest ambiance. It does not matter how stressed you are, the perfectly beautiful and calming environment at Canvas can wash away your worries. Additionally, the incredible service at this restaurant is an extra point. You should totally visit Canvas whenever you are craving for Thai food in Bangkok. The experience you receive will be really amazing that you will want to come back again.


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