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Best Phnom Penh hotels
15 Best Phnom Penh Hotels around Top Cambodian Markets 

There are many benefits of staying near a tourist attraction, and therefore this is the reason why most people choose hotels around the most popular tourist attraction areas. When staying at some of the best Phnom Penh hotels located near tourist attractions, travelers save up…

The Best Cafe in Toul Tum Poung | Good Cafe to save the day 

Cafe in Toul Tum Poung is known as the most famous cafe area in the city are located even though there are various coffee shops sprouting in Phnom Penh. What’s more, from place to pick up a premium breakfast/brunch and artisanal coffee with the variety…

12 hours in phnom penh
12 Hours in Phnom Penh 

Visiting Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a can’t miss experience. It is the capital city that remains peaceful yet uncovering by the extensive cultural and historical attractions. Do you know what makes Phnom Penh special? It offers you the exquisite experience with the unique food, a…

luxury hotel in phnom penh
Top 12 Best Luxury Phnom Penh Hotel with Top Customer Review 

How do you choose your accommodations when going abroad? Wait… let us rephrase that. How do you choose where to stay in Phnom Penh?  Well, some of the visitors choose their accommodations based on the reviews that are posted regularly about these hotels. We are…

Shopping in Phnom Penh | Where to shop like a local 

In the city that is covered with high-class restaurants and international hotels, it is not surprising that Phnom Penh will offer you unique shopping experiences. It may not be able to compare with some shopping destinations in Southeast Asia, such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or…

tonle sap
The Great Tonle Sap Lake 

The Great Tonle Sap Lake  The Life Support of Cambodia If Cambodia was a beautiful lady, Tonle Sap Lake would definitely be her precious heart. And did you know that Tonle Sap lake was once an ancient crust created by tectonic movement? Now what is…