Chatime Milk Tea, Phnom Penh | Cambodia

Chatime Milk Tea, Phnom Penh| Cambodia

Chatime is one of the brand milk teas located almost everywhere in the world including Europe, Asia, and America. Located over 18 places in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, It is the easiest milk tea outlet to find near you. Boeung Keng Kang, Toul Kork, Chbar Ampov, Stueng Mean Chey and every mall are some of the areas you can find and taste the drinks of Chatime. The shop decoration is simple and modern. If you go inside, you will find a relaxed atmosphere while the service is very friendly and helpful. They also provide a good space for you to park your car and motorbike without any fees being charged.

Chatime, Cambodia
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Type of Drinks:

Chatime is one of the famous worldwide drink chains with a recipe from Taiwan. On the menu, you will find milk tea, tea latte, fruit tea, fresh tea, coffee, and fresh juice.

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Chatime’s popular drink in Cambodia is milk tea and fruit tea that comes with various types of mix ingredients. Their tea, bubble, and other ingredients are imported directly from Taiwan to guarantee original flavor and the best quality of drinks for the customer. All the ingredients are always freshly made which results in a more fragrant and robust tea flavor. What is great about Chatime is that they always offer a new type of drink during different seasons. You will find new and updated drinks from time to time. The price of each drink in Chatime is also very reasonable.

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Another interesting thing that Chatime offers is delivery for the drinks. You can order drinks with a quick phone call and get your drinks soon after that.

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Why Chatime Cambodia?

The drinks here are suitable for all groups of ages, from kids to the elder because the drinks are healthy and customers can customize the sugar level of the drinks. If you go there in the afternoon, you might find it a bit busy and packed with people. But do note that some branches are busier than the others. There will be a long line of people ordering their drinks but the waiting is worth it. Some Chatime branches provide a decent space for students to work on their assignments or have a meeting.

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  • Price range: $1.8 – $2.8
  • Working hour: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

The unique taste of milk tea at Chatime, which originates from Taiwan is worth all the money spent. As the name suggests, Chatime is not only a milk tea shop, but a place where customers can get together, chat, and have a nice time with their friends. They also offer a lot of drinks choices with different price ranges and sizes. Here, customers can customize their own drinks with types of drinks, flavors, toppings, and sugar levels. It is also very convenient to find one of their shops in Phnom Penh. They have opened a number of branches distributed around the city. Customers can also find Chatime in almost every mall in the city.

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