10 Cheap eats in Singapore

Who doesn’t love to dine in restaurants? Whether you call yourself a foodie or not, dining out is unquestionably everyone’s favorite pastime. Without fine dining at any restaurant, every trip seems incomplete.

Trying out local delicacies is again a compulsory part of traveling to new countries. It’s feasible when we get these at a lower price. If you are traveling to Singapore, eating outdoors may seem a bit expensive. But if you know where to head, you can enjoy the leverage of having the best food at a cheap price.

Find out where you should embark on to enjoy the cheap eats in Singapore from the following. In this article, we’ve put together 10 cheap eats in Singapore for your convenience.
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10 Cheap eats in Singapore

1.  Hawker Chan

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To begin our list of the 10 cheap eats in Singapore, we recommend you head to Hawker Chan, one of the classiest restaurants at affordable prices. It is a fully air-conditioned restaurant that offers plenty of delightful dishes.

You can flavor some of the best Singaporean dishes here, including char siew noodles for $4.50, pork rib for for $5, and chicken rice with soya sauce for $3.50. They also serve some Thai cuisines, so you must step into this restaurant to try out varieties of food at a very lower price.

2. Jin Ji Braised Duck Kway Chap

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Next up, we would recommend you to eat at Jin Ji Braised Duck Kway Chap. Their unique food items will surely give you an amazing experience. The most famous item of this restaurant is duck rice balls bento.

This item is basically a dish of rice bowled into balls, served with tender cooked duck, pickled vegetable, kway chap along with runny yolk eggs. You can get this mouthwatering platter only at $8.

3. Casa Verde

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One of the best places for your dining out in Singapore is the restaurant, Casa Verde. This amiable restaurant is placed in a Botanical Garden. Apart from the amazing views, the price range it offers is also very reasonable.

You can enjoy fine dining while sitting next to the beautiful lavish garden. Viewing amazing natural beauty while eating will surely soothe your mind. It serves both local and western dishes at a very reasonable price. No doubt this is one of the restaurants you should stop by in sangapore.

4. Tsui Wah

source: wiki media

Tsui Wah is a striking restaurant where you get the most delicious food at a very affordable cost. This amazing restaurant serves Hong Kong cuisine mostly. Tsui Wah’s most highlighted item is the wonton noodles, soaked with delicious fish broth and juicy meat parcels. 

You’ll need to spend only $9 to satisfy your tummy with these delicious noodles. You can also get the signature chop bun made with pork only at $8. Moreover, before you leave you can feel refreshed by sipping a cup of tea, which will cost you only $3.

5. Maddie’s Kitchen

source: maddieskitchen

Maddie’s Kitchen is a great restaurant with good quality food at reasonable prices. You should hop in there on your visit to Singapore to try out some local dishes. You get the most reasonable prices here compared to the restaurants nearby.

You can taste the delectable seafood soup for only $6, Assam fish curry rice for only $7 and a few other tasteful dishes and drinks down for $10 or less. No doubt this is the ideal place for your food venture.

6. Dumpling Darlings

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Dumpling Darlings is the haven for dumplings lovers. Though they only serve dumplings and noodles but with great varieties. Dumpling platter starts from $7; you can choose among more than a dozen flavors of dumplings but the price remains the same.

One of their signature dumplings they serve is the pierogis with stuffed smoked bacon, caramelized onion, truffle potato, sriracha cream, and cheddar. Once you get here, you should try it out.

7. Chilli Pan Mee

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Chilli Pan Mee is another best place for spicy curried food with the best inexpensive costs. This restaurant is named after its best-served item Chilli pan mee. It is a spicy noodles dish that will surely test your lenience of spiciness.

Alongside the noodles, it comes with spicy roasted anchovies, savory fried shallots, shredded mushrooms, and a runny yolk egg. And you get this legendary item only at $7 here. This is one of the must-try recipes that will surely captivate you.

8. Mrs Pho

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If you are a pho lover, good news! Singapore offers the best Vietnamese restaurant Mrs Pho which is sure to meet your cravings for pho. Varieties of pho is available including beef pho for $10, chicken pho for $9. 

If you are a vegetarian, no need to worry, Mrs Pho also offers oodles of pho for them which will again cost them below $10. A day tucked up with Vietnamese pho will absolutely give you an amazing eating experience.

9. Ah Lock & Co.

source: openrice

Ah Lock & Co. is one of the finest restaurants where you can eat and chill even when you are on a budget. To maintain the cheapest cost, it does not sacrifice its quality and flavor. 

A must-try item of Ah Lock & Co. is Hakka tofu bowl which will cost you around only $7. Hakka tofu bowl is basically fluffy rice served with meatballs, flavorsome mani cai and meat paste stuffed with tofu. Also, you can try their signature tea soup at only $1.50, this is probably something you have never tried before.

10. Moonstone Bar

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To suggest the top 10 cheap eats in Singapore, lastly, we would recommend you to step in Moonstone Bar. This amazing restaurant serves basically Indonesian cuisines. When you get there, you must try Bakmi Ayam Mason.

Bakmi Ayam Mason is an Indonesian noodle bowl atop with braised mushrooms, poached egg, minced chicken, along with tofu crisps. Once you are in Singapore don’t miss satisfying your taste bud with this amazing dish by spending $10.


In Conclusion, no country trip is complete without checking out its restaurants. Since Singapore is an expensive destination, you have amassed the 10 cheap eats in Singapore so that you can go around trying food without worrying about money. 


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