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Best Cheap Phnom Penh Restaurant | Spent less and get the best food
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Best Cheap Phnom Penh Restaurant | Spent less and get the best food 

Phnom Penh is a capital city with diversity, especially when it comes to affordable food, where you can find in cheap Phnom Penh Restaurant. During your stay in Phnom Penh, you have plenty of choices to choose what you would like to eat. There are various types of restaurants, including Khmer, Western, and many other Asian foods you can choose from. Many restaurants serve delicious food with excellent quality.

Some people may think that it will cost a lot by dining in those restaurants. However, the fact is that there are many best cheap restaurants in Phnom Penh that you can afford to go to. It helps you a lot in saving for your trip here in Phnom Penh by knowing which restaurants are best-suited for you. It is also important to note that although most of this restaurant accept visa or credit card, it is best for you to carry cash with you.

Spent less and get the best food!!!!

Source: FLickr “Ver Argulla”

Feliz Restaurant & Bar


Price range: KHR 8,163 – KHR 24,490 / $2 – $6

Special dish: Khmer cuisine & Drinks in general

Feliz is a rooftop restaurant and bar located in a convenient spot in BKK area in Phnom Penh. The restaurant is best for dining with the scenic view for romantic couples, large groups, and any special occasion. You can sit indoors or outdoor, as you prefer. In addition to that, the waiters and waitresses are super friendly and helpful. They speak both Khmer (local language) and English that makes communication much easier for Cambodian and non-Cambodian guests. Thus, you will not be disappointed with the service received here. Besides, Feliz serves all-day meals from breakfast to dinner as well as other drinks with one of the cheapest and high standard restaurants in Phnom Penh you can find. The chef of the restaurant exclusively created a menu that gives you several options with five-star quality food. They offer special Cambodian cuisines that you should try while visiting Cambodia.

Special Things:

You can also find seafood and soups as well as many other foods from all over the world here. For vegetarians, the restaurant does have a special diet meal with high quality and taste. Another best part about this restaurant is that it takes into consideration the clients’diets. Apart from non-vegetarian and vegetarian, they also provide diet options for vegan and gluten-free. There is also excellent wine that you could go for or cocktails made by bartender expert that comes with fresh ingredients. Most importantly, the local and international beers are available here at reasonable prices.

Check this out to see the Best Phnom Penh Restaurants Which Provide The Best Food

Eleven One Kitchen BKK


Price range: KHR 12,195 (~$3) – KHR 28,455 (~$7)

Special Dish: Khmer Cuisine in general

Eleven One Kitchen is an environmentally friendly restaurant in Phnom Penh that is committed to serving high quality and healthy food. It has got a nice outdoor courtyard and a comfortable air-conditioned space indoor as well for dining. Also, like most restaurants in Phnom Penh, this restaurant provides a takeaway option based on your preference. However, its uniqueness is that they use biodegradable boxes and bags, completely non-plastic as their food packaging. The price of the food is very cheap, considering the quality and cost of packaging.

Interestingly, they also do caterings for any gathering events or special occasions. This cheap restaurant invests a lot in their staff so that they do their best to provide excellent service to their customers. It opens from 7 am to 9:30 pm, so they serve every meal during the day from breakfast to dinner. The main menu for the restaurant is Khmer cuisines that come with creative plating for every dishes. Apart from the beautiful looks of the food, the taste itself is incredibly delicious. Despite the fantastic food from the restaurant, they come with a cheap and affordable price. It is perfect for travelers who would love to try Khmer cuisine during their stay in Phnom Penh.

We Cheer Restaurant & Bar

- Cheap Phnom Penh Restaurant
Source: Instagram “dreyethereda_life”

Price Range: KHR 16,327 (~$4) – KHR 36,735 (~$9)

Special Dish: Ah Mok

We Cheer Restaurant and Bar is a locally owned cheap restaurant in Phnom Penh. It is a one-flat restaurant along street 136.

Similarly to the above restaurants, We Cheer opens all-day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Interestingly, customers would come to dine in the restaurant, but at the same time, they could also drop order through a phone call as well before even arriving. The restaurant serves delicious Asian, Khmer, and European food at an affordable price. The vegan option is also available there. Alongside, they do serve refreshing drinks, craft beers, and cocktails.

Irrawaddi Myanmar Gallery Restaurant

Source: Instagram “roissant_cc”

Price Range: KHR 8,163 – KHR 16,327

Special Dish: Burmese Cuisine

Irrawaddi Myanmar Gallery Restaurant is the best cheap restaurant for Burmese food in Phnom Penh. If you would like to try Burmese and have not had the chance to try yet, Irrawaddi Myanmar Gallery is a must. This restaurant locates in Boeng Keng Korng area, and it is opened for lunch and dinner. The place is quite small, but it is clean and indeed a cozy home. You can choose to dine in or take away your food as you prefer. There are many galleries on the walls of the restaurant you may find fascinating. The staffs are amicable and attentive. And as for the menu, there are a variety of Asian and Burmese food options for you to choose. They also have unique vegan options available and drinks. Most importantly, the food is delicious, and they cost you very little.

Viking House

Source: Instagram “Viking House”

Price Range: KHR 8,000 ($2) – KHR 25,000 (~$6)

Special Dish: Stir-Fried Vegetable Noodle on Hot Pan

Viking House is the best vegetarian restaurant in Phnom Penh with the cheapest price you will ever find. It is not easy to find a dining place with healthy food and cheap price, so you should never miss out this best cheap restaurant in Phnom Penh. The restaurant serves all-day meals and will be the best for lunch gatherings, especially students and employees. The only dining experience you can find here is indoor with air-conditioning, and the seats are all very comfortable.

However, the service is quite slow around lunchtime since there are too many people coming in at the same time. But the waitresses also keep update with you about your food orders. At Viking House, you can find Asian food, Western food, and the ingredients of the food mostly are made of from fruit and vegetable. Although it is vegetarian, the restaurant has come up with a very creative menu. They have plenty of options to offer, including vegan noodle soups, stir-fried vegetable, fried rice, and some vegan western food like burger or sandwich. The food does have a very rich flavor, and the price is cheap and suitable. With only $2, you can get a full plate of healthy food. So the best part is the affordability of the food that can save yourself a lot of money, not to mention having a healthy diet.

Sovanna Restaurant

Source: Facebook “Sovanna BBQ”

Price Range: KHR 8,000 ($2) – KHR 30,000 ($7.5)

Special Dish:

    • Breakfast: rice with grilled pork
    • Dinner: BBQ and Khmer Soups

Sovanna Restaurant is a recently renovated restaurant bit its quality of food and price are still the same. The restaurant locates on street Abdul Carime (21) near the East Independent Monument Park. The place is very convenient for customers who drive because they have security to help with car parking and motorbike parking. So you those who do not want to eat out because it is difficult to find a spot to park, this restaurant is for you. The waiters and waitresses as active and attentive; they will greet you right away when you enter the restaurant. You can also order your food right after you sit down. In the morning, Sovanna Restaurant serves typical Cambodian breakfast like rice and noodle soup with coffee, tea, and other drinks.

You may notice many office workers go for breakfast there in the mornings. As in the evening, the restaurant serves BBQ that has grilled beef and pork, tender, smoky and slightly sweet, are the standouts. They also have Cambodian home-cooked soups and stir-fries food on the menu. The best one is the fish soup (Sngor Chrouk Trey) that comes with lemongrass broth, lime juice, and fresh herbs. Moreover, what makes it convenient for this restaurant is that they have pictures and English translations on the menu that makes it much easier for customers.

So here they are! A list of the best cheap restaurants in Phnom Penh, Feliz Restaurant & Bar, Eleven One Kitchen BKK, We Cheers Restaurant & Bar, Irrawaddi Myanmar Gallery Restaurant, Viking House, Sovanna Restaurant. It is very affordable to almost everyone, while at the same time, offer high quality and healthy food. Do not forget to drop by these restaurants during your stay in Phnom Penh if you would like to try Khmer, Burmese, and other Asian and Western food in Cambodia. These are also the best options for tourists who wish to save more money or have a tight budget. Each of them has their unique serving style, dining environment, and taste, even though most of them seem to serve similar cuisines.

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