Chim by Siam Wisdom, Michelin star restaurant in Bangkok | Thailand

Chim By Siam,Bangkok

Chim by Siam Wisdom, a Michelin star restaurant 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand, is where you will be able to taste authentic Thai traditional food in a romantic atmosphere. Famous for its beautiful setting in a traditional Thai house. This restaurant is also known for being imaginative and creative with their dish making a perfect combination of traditional and modern Thai dishes. As they said Great Thai food is like a fine wine, its tastes change as you take the time with each bite. Each dish is served with care and each flavor is distinct compared to the others. This place offers impeccable services; the hostess is always there ready to explain each dish, adding their special touch.

Chim by Siam Wisdom,Bangkok | Thailand

Chim By Siam
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Environment and vibe

Chim by Siam Wisdom
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The restaurant set in a traditional Thai-style wooden house. Their design incorporates the whole place into nature. With its divine decoration and greenery plants making the place look classic yet very relaxing. The dining space is set up indoor, but with its glass ceilings and tree through design, you will feel the romantic and chilling vibe as if you dine outdoor. With live music played by the musician in the evening, Chim by Siam wisdom’s atmosphere could not be more romantic.

Type of Cuisine at Chim By Siam:

Chim by Siam Wisdom
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Chim by Siam wisdom mainly serves Thai food. The meal comes in 3 sections of the set menu, ancient, classic, and modern menu. Each menu has its own unique charm. Their ancient menu offers ancient Thai food, mostly royal cuisines with a bold yet refreshing taste. While their classic menu offers mostly regional food that has gone through some upgrading process to make it suitable for such a fancy restaurant.

Their modern/fusion menu offers the dishes from a combination of ancient and modern cuisine that taste superb. Chim by Siam wisdom makes their cuisine from scratch with high-quality ingredients. Though the process may take a little time, it is definitely worth the wait. Besides their traditional food, Chim by Siam Wisdom also serves drinks and Thai traditional desserts, and their staff is pretty knowledgeable about the wine.

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Additional Information:

Price range

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Compared to its fancy vibe and heavenly taste, Chim by Siam Wisdom is quite reasonable, ranging from 34$ to 95$ per person. Their price varies from the set you choose, and each includes 6 to 7 courses per set.

Business hour

Chim by Siam Wisdom opens for lunch and dinner daily, from 11: 30 – 2:30 pm and 5 pm to 11 pm.

Type of Place

Chim by Siam Wisdom is a fancy restaurant which is suitable for those who are looking for a good spot for a relaxing and romantic dinner date, or for a lunch meet up with friends or business partners.


Their address is 66 Sukhumvit Soi 31, Bangkok 10110 Thailand.

Chim by Siam Wisdom is A good choice if you would like to experience Local Fine Dining Michelin Star restaurant in Bangkok Thailand. Offering a comprehensive a la carte menu that you can choose for appetizers, soups, and various main dishes. The cheerful and courteous staff reflects the style and character of Chim by Siam Wisdom. Professional service is something clients appreciate here, their service receives a 5/5 rate. They work professionally ensuring you will have a comfortable time dining in their place. Both food and service are impeccable, your experience there will be priceless.

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