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Code padlocks are a step ahead in terms of safety and protection compared to normal padlocks. Gone are the days of carrying your keys when you head out. Whether it’s for one’s home, suitcases, bikes, or lockers, now all you’ve got to do is remember your simple code and you’re done.

Technology nowadays has improved to such an extent that you can now set or change codes, set a fingerprint detector, or even use a Bluetooth feature in your code padlock! Purchasing one isn’t a hassle either, and that is exactly what this article is about to teach you. So read our reviews to find out which is the right one for you.

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Top 10 Code Padlocks of 2020

1. Puroma 4 Digit Combination Lock

Code Padlocks: Top 10 of 2020

Allowing users to set nearly 10,000 combinations, the Puroma 4 Digit Combination Lock is one of the most popular padlocks in its price range. Not only is this code padlock extremely durable, but it is also very easy to operate and the embedded codes are quite visible.

  • Many people have praised the padlock for its exceptional reliability and longevity.
  • This padlock can be used in a bunch of different places such as your beloved toolshed, locker rooms, schools, and so on.

2. Master Lock 1535DWD Combination Padlock

Code Padlocks: Top 10 of 2020

Master Lock is one of the top padlock brands, and their 1535DWD combination padlock has been turning heads due to its robustness and simplicity. This 4-digit padlock can be reset into a variety of different combinations, and it is very difficult to unlock.

  • The complex shape of the lock prevents it from being bypassed using traditional lock picking tricks.
  • You will also discover an unusual reset button that can only be accessed with a coin.

3. ANVIL TSA Approved Luggage Combination Lock

Code Padlocks: Top 10 of 2020

ANVIL TSA Approved lock is one of the most commonly used combination padlocks in the market, due to its functionality and ease-of-use. This is a great padlock to use if you want to secure frequently used items such as luggage, briefcase, lockers, and cabinets.

  • Constructed from strong metal ores, the code padlock is very durable and long-lasting.
  • It can withstand daunting weather conditions.
  • Users will be able to create 3-digit combinations that are very easy to reset.

4. Master Lock 1500iD Lock

Code Padlocks: Top 10 of 2020

Similar to the 1535DWD, Master Lock 1500iD has also built a solid reputation for being a top-notch combination padlock that can be used to safeguard a plethora of objects. Unlike many other padlocks, the 1500iD can be found in a variety of vibrant colors.

  • Its exemplary Speed Dial mechanism makes locking and unlocking hassle-free.
  • The padlock’s outer casing has been built from superior quality materials, making the lock very strong and resistant to breakage.

5. Desired Tools 4 Digit Combination Lock

Code Padlocks: Top 10 of 2020

Ideal for relatively less strenuous tasks, the Desired Tools padlock comes with a 4-digit combination that is great for day-to-day use. The code padlock performs spectacularly, and you will be able to keep your personal effects safe from thieves and home invaders.

  • The design of the combination lock makes it very simple to operate.
  • The padlock has been constructed from a blend of zinc alloy and steel for heightened durability.

6. Lion Locks 1500

Available in four attractive colors, the Lion Lock 1500 is a highly dependable code padlock offering a total of 10,000 combinations. The padlock comes with a typical 4 digit combination, and it works well in terms of defending regularly used objects such as suitcases, toolbox, mailbox, and lockers.

  • This well-constructed padlock is very tough and can withstand being tampered by tools such as a hammer and saw.
  • Users can easily reset the passcode, and a bunch of difficult combinations can be selected.

7. Dshall Combination Disc Code Padlocks

The Dshall Disk Padlock has gained massive popularity for its build quality and remarkable protection. Capable of resisting extreme environmental conditions, the code padlock has been primarily built from stainless hardened steel with anti-corrosion properties.

  • This padlock is great for protecting industrial items such as storage units, tool sheds, truck containers, and so on.
  • Nearly 10,000 combinations can be set using this heavy-duty padlock.

8. FJM Security SX-790 Disc Padlock

If you are looking for strong code padlocks for safeguarding your outdoor objects, make sure to check out the FJM SX-790 Combination Disc Padlock. This robust padlock can be set to 10,000 attainable combinations, all of which are challenging to decrypt.

  • Work shed tools such as hammers are generally ineffective in tampering with the padlocks.
  • You can be at peace knowing all your belongings will be safe.

9. KeeKit 5-Digit Combination Code Padlocks

Code Padlocks: Top 10 of 2020

KeeKit Combination Padlock is a unique 5-digit code padlock that can be used to create an astonishing 100,000 combinations and has remarkable durability. This sturdy padlock is perfect for both interior and exterior usage, and you can easily secure lockers, gates, toolboxes, storage, and much more.

  • The long-list of combinations is nearly impossible to decrypt, and the padlock cannot be taken apart by thieves easily.
  • The padlock has great longevity due to being made from a blend of zinc alloy and steel.

10. ORIA Combination Code Padlocks

Code Padlocks: Top 10 of 2020

ORIA Combination Lock is a praiseworthy 4-digit padlock that is equally lightweight and robust. Constructed from zinc alloy, the padlock has a premium feel to it and can be used to form about 10,000 distinct combinations.

  • The code padlock is believed to be resistant to unexpected environmental influences and exhibits anti-corrosion properties.
  • You can easily use this lock both indoors and outdoors, and it is ideal for lockers and storage units.


You will find numerous code padlocks in the market that differ in shape, weight, and functionality. Some padlocks are better suited to interior use, while others are great for safeguarding bikes, truck containers, and so on. Purchase a coded padlock that is easy to operate, and can last a long time.


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